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Wednesday, 15 December 2021

Here We Go…


 I was taken to task awhile back because I am not a fan of the trendy retro “bearded” axes favoured in the past by bloodthirsty berserk norsemen, and by gay hipsters in skinny jeans today!

The good hawk has its blade on one side, wide and heavy enough for chopping chores as well as warfare; and a hammer head on the other side suitable for driving nails. What a beauty, eh? 

I tried to split the difference with mine, I got one of those belt axe kits from the turkeys at Track Of The Wolf in the States.

They look cool, but they are too heavy
for general purpose extended chores.

You wouldn’t want that riding around on your belt all day.

A belt axe or hawk isn’t just any old axe you decide to hang on your belt; it’s a specific piece of kit meant to be portable and useful in a number of roles.

I suppose this one has a bit of a beard to it.
But that is nor wherein its beauty lay…
it’s that squared off hammer head
that makes it as useful round the farm as it is on the


  1. the benefit and the problem with the beard is that it can hang on stuff, like when you sink it in your enemy's skull. its harder to pull out for a swing at his buddy. then again it can be used to toss his body to the ground so you can get that swing at his buddy coming up behind him. guess it evens out, but i like mine w/ less hook.

  2. Yep. The belt axe/hawk is a very different tool than the war axe. I think there is a lot more momentum in the viking one too - which might be good when they go up against armoured Saxons, Picts, Franks and other olde world turdies....

    For stubfarts like me - I like the idea of being able to pound in tent pegs and maybe drive a spike. I don't want the hassles that go along with boutique ornaments either. If it rusts a bit, I just want to shrug and polish it off and get back in business...

  3. I'm not certain, but I think the knife is an Edgemark 482 Bowie knife. Sure resembles it.

    Our rurals are a bit too brushy and trees are mainly hardwood species so a heavier axe is needed for persuasion to cut wood, machetes for brush. Those are handsome tomahawks.

  4. A number of German knife companies out of Solingen made a copy of that knife. I own one made by Richter.