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Saturday, 4 December 2021

I’m STILL Mad About It!


The Firearm Blog has a JewTube channel, and the pretty boy they have as a host on it is a real piece of work. He was gushing like a bubblegummer schoolgirl about that new Highpower that just came out. Up here in my neck of the woods those things are a dime a dozen and as about as interesting as drying paint. The fag on OyTube goes, “the Browning HiPower is everything the 1911 should have been…” I got so damned mad - I had to take pills, a double double of scotch… and go lay down or I would surely have blown a gasket! Hang the Firearm Blog, and that bitchy faggot that speaks for ‘em!!!


The 1911 is out in front of the HiPower by a country mile. If we are gonna talk about guns that would be better off being something else… when John Moses invented the HiPower, he pooped the bed and quit halfway. It would be far better to say the CZ75 is what the HiPower should have been.

If ya gotta go old school, and ya have to squat to pee and gotta go with a 9mm… the CZ is the best way to do it. I wonder if this one belongs to the Feral Irishman?😉👍


  1. I read somewhere that the CZ basically came about when Frantisek Koucky mashed up the ergonomics and linkless barrel of the Hi-Power with the inside rails of the SIG P210. And the inside rails on the P210 came from the French MAC mdl 1950 that came from the previous french 1935 pistol.

  2. May I suggest one of these froggie rigs to fix what ails you.

  3. You're blaming the wrong person for the High Power.

    Dieudonné Saive is the man you want.

    Browning died before the High Power was barely begun and so much of it was because he'd signed over the patents for the 1911 to Colt.

    I think, perhaps, that since Hi Powers are "a dime a dozen" familiarity breeds contempt.

    But if you really can get a dozen for a dime, where do I send my dime? Do you prefer US or Canadian coinage?

    1. Back in the Before Times, in the 80's wehen IPSC was starting to take off around here locally, the guys would build their guns from milsurp high powers. The old Canadian variants had that adjustable sight on the rear that was graduated out to something ridiculous like 1300 yards as I recall - and the smiths would mill those off and slick them up for the game. They were actually pretty cool as I remember, but of course nowadays, custom race guns are a dime a dozen now. Even bums like me have match guns these days...

  4. Calm down, Monsieur Filthie. You've been indoctrinated against the Hi-Power. It's accurate and reliable. And that fella on YouTube can't help how he looks. He seems like a decent sort.

  5. Late to the party but +1 on the CZ 75

    Ersatz Naugahyde