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Thursday, 16 December 2021

Incoming Distress Call

 Political Sewage Analyst and fellow stubfart - BCE - sounds the alarm:

Mike at Cold Fury is in serious Medical trouble. I started a gofundme for him. Can you repoast/write it up… I got Wirecutter, Art Sido, and all the ‘usual criminals and suspects’ on board:
and the go fund me:
Many thanks!

Cold Fury, eh? I’ve passed by his blog in the past; I know I used read him a lot way back when. Hope Mike is back on his feet soon. Keep us posted, BCE.


  1. Thanks Glen! Very grateful! Hope you have a great Christmas and may the paper in the thunderbox be eternally soft!

  2. Must be a narrow slice of the interwebs I'm reading as nearly all of my favorite blogs are posting this fundraiser. I've put in my donation even though I don't trust GFM any more than I trust Paypal. I'll just hope that my donation makes it through to BCE and Mike. I did drop their "standard" 15% tip down to 5%. I'm sure the platform makes plenty of moolah anyway.

  3. "Hope Mike is back on his feet soon"
    If what I read is correct... he won't be. Ever.