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Saturday, 4 December 2021


One of the worst things about getting old is the way your body handles booze.  I don’t get drunk anymore. But lord… do I ever get hung over… nowadays I might be able to do two or three without feeling it in the morn. But any more than that… gah! 🀒

It doesn’t taste the same to me either. I used to be able to enjoy the peat and aromas and the long finishes of my favourite single malts… but not anymore. I think my body chemistry is changing. Scotch and cigars are an acquired taste; but picking them up was soooo easy all those years ago. I dunno if these tastes are something I am losing or I am just casting away.  It’s true that there are seasons to your life, and your perspective changes with them. Part of me will miss those nights by the campfire after a day with the rods or rifles, a good stoagie and a drink… but the curmudgeon in me is happy to let them pass. 

But every once in awhile old appetites return like those odd warm chinooks that come in the dead cold of winter… and they remind me of better days, when we were better people living in better times.

I’ll be looking forward to that drink at Christmas, and again at New Year’s. 😊

Remember those Christmas calendars they gave to the stupid kids?
For every day before Christmas, there was a little trap door
on the calendar with a chocolate in it.

I wonder if they can do that with booze for adults?


  1. I was always a lightweight. Never cared for the hard stuff. God knows I tried to keep up with the rest of you. Invariably the results were wretched.

  2. You're losing your sense of smell. Age related trauma.

  3. Sure, pick your poison:

  4. The last business day before Christmas was always a mad dash around town for Dad. He was a building contractor, and a visit was required to every lumber yard, parts house, and sub-contract outfit in town. Every visit came away with a different bottle of hootch and made up his supply for the coming year. It was a different world back then.

  5. Depending where in the frozen north you are, you might be able to find advent calendars with beer, rum or whiskey locally. We get ours at Sherbrook Liquor (this is NOT a paid endorsement) but you may be out of luck already - they sell out fast