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Monday, 27 December 2021

Sorry Joe...

 Will the retard running this blog please stand up?

Jeez - with some guys the blog seems to double up and post comments twice. Be darned if I know what is going on with that. Then it started posting responses on different threads. Coulda swore I put Eaton Rapids Joe on the toilet roll... but I guess I forgot...? Good help is so hard to find. You're up there now Joe - sorry for the oversight.

It's -33℃ at the castle today... and I have nothing to read! Some of you tards are rather truant with your writing (not mentioning any names, Mike... or STxAR)... don't think your truancy hasn't been noticed!!! I will be watching you all very carefully in the coming year - so don't try to pull anything.



  1. No worries Mr Filthy.

    Love your blog. I never know what I am going to see when I pop over.


  2. Sent you some info on meat damage and caliber energy.
    If you are into Sci-Fi, I'll send you a book written by yours truly.

  3. Yea I've been slacking... just don't have anything of worth to report.

  4. @polimath if you shoot a coal burner you can eat to the hole. Slow and steady wins the race.

    I have been recalcitrant. My apologies GF. I reckoned you were busy and didn't figure my one blog reader would notice.

    I am working on my tan right now. It's been the 80's the last four or five days. And after a cold snap, that just eats my energy. I have been flapping my arms and gums trying to get some of this warmth to you. But I'm not making headway.

    I'll have a question for you soon.