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Tuesday, 28 December 2021

The Future Is Friendly


Awhile ago I took umbrage at that horrible fiendish battle bot - the Terminator. The morons put dentures on it! Gawd, it’s no wonder those creepy Hollywood Pedos can’t sell movie tickets or tell a story. Quartermain saves the day once again: he put boobs on the robot instead! All he needs to do is get a vag on it, and we are off to the races! Can you imagine it? Instead of a blood thirsty battle bot chasing you around with RPGs and crunching human skulls underfoot… imagine Quartermain’s porn-bot: it loads the truck and drives ya out to deer camp. It sets up the tent, starts the fire, pours you a drink… and then goes out to stalk and shoot the deer. Then it brings the carcass back to camp, cleans it and cooks supper! At no point does it talk or nag! 


No crazed insanity, no painful abuse involving frying pans or rolling pins, no expensive divorce. Quartermain’s a visionary and no bones about it! I want one that can rub my smelly feet for hours on end…


What a glorious way for the human race to end!πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘


  1. Sounds like the plot to an old movie.... Cherry 2000.

  2. Probably. The first time I saw it was when one of the crime thinkers in the old internet 'manosphere' discussed the implications of perfecting the sexbot. To be honest, I can think of five guys that would dump their wives for a functional sexbot in a flat second.

    I am blessed with a great wife, and all too often take her for granted...