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Wednesday, 8 December 2021

The Impending Shitstorm

So the latest threat to the world is war with Russia? Over the Ukraine? My backchannels are cluttering up with that noise and I dunno what to make of it. I personally wouldn't worry about that one. Joe Biden can't force Americans to take a flu shot... I doubt very much they will flock to his banner if he were to pick a fight with Russia. Cripes - last week it was China grabbing Taiwan. But whadda I know? Maybe it will happen.

We have huge problems right here at home. Our money will stop working soon. You can't shut your economy down and take a chop saw to your supply chains and expect no consequences. You can't run a national economy on ballooning debt. You can't turn your country into a dump for human trash from the third world - and expect Americans and Canadians to thrive AND take care of them. You sure as hell can't go to war with a country like China, or Russia with a pozzed military compromised by queers, trannies, and affirmative action flunkies. Something is going to give. Soon. This is the hell of preparing, though. Any number of scenarios present themselves, and all will require different prepper strategies.

I would not say I am a big fan of Terrance Popp. I get uneasy around the special forces milvloggers because some of those guys have been through the brown stuff and have knocked a few screws loose during the trip. Popp got it twice; after serving his country he came home to a messy divorce and went through the wringer of the family courts. He’s a woman hater… but one can see how he got there. He is a men’s rights advocate for the most part, and councils young servicemen with wise advice served with profanity and rude jokes… which redeems him in my estimation. Here he does what is perhaps his best work to date: a survivor who actually lived through the collapse of a former east bloc country.

It’s worth your time if you have it.


  1. Mr. Filthie- This is a pretty doggone good vid. I'll dance at your wedding, if you like! Thanks.

    1. That was an EXCELLENT vid. Or was it Tex? Not to knock Pop - but, dammit, in the old days, newspapers and the mass media did stuff like this. Nowadays, they are all propaganda, all the time - and guys like Pop have to create good content in their own basements. Our culture and society are on the negative side of the arc now. Brace for impact...

  2. I have adjusted my prepping strategy to try and have enough food and water to last about a month. As you point out, there are a number of events that can occur. Those events could last anywhere from a few days, to a few months or even years. I am a realist when it comes to prepping. I figure any event that lasts longer than a month will likely require me to fight off roving gangs who want what I may still have. If the gang is large enough, and armed well enough, they will likely prevail in either taking what I have, or in destroying it. Remember, there are those who have a mindset of "if I can't have it, nobody can", and they would just as soon destroy what you have than leave you alone and move on to an easier target. That is why gardens and livestock aren't a viable option in a long term event of social unrest, unless you are in a remote area. It is also a good reason to stock up on fire extinguishers too, in the event that they attempt to burn you out.

  3. You can almost hear the ringmaster shouting "NOWWW... in the CENTER RINNNG!..." This is a distraction. Keep your eyes on rings one and three...