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Friday, 3 December 2021

The Yule Assault Begins Again

I guess Seth Rogan and the usual hollywood suspects are out again in force to ruin Christmas. Apparently he made some offensive children’s Christmas special that offends trad/Christian Americans. I laughed like hell when the wanks on Blab lit him up for being a shitty Jew. The moron couldn’t figure out where all those awful ‘nazis’ suddenly came from. I couldn’t be bothered with it or to get involved or keep track of who said what. I think for the shitlibs involved, it’s like everything else. They’re just out to annoy people. It’s how they get their jollies. Mom used to tell me that if you didn’t react to the goading and prodding, those people would get bored and go try to drive somebody else bonkers with their chit. My experience is that they will consider you a challenge and just try harder to get under your skin. I eventually just got tired of it all and kicked any shitlibs in my circle out. Any ‘discussions’ or ‘debates’ with them now start and end with “Fuck you and the pig you flew in on. I’m not drinking your Koolaid, I’m not joining your cult, and I’m not sharing my space, time, or oxygen with you…” And I walk away.

I guess Christmas this year is to be a white guilt trip. Santa is a white hate symbol,  and Christmas traditions must be pished on as a way of punishment for white people. Apparently they did a Christmas tree lighting party at the White House and it turned into some kind of protest about white people stealing Indian land.

That’s about all the thought I am going to put into that matter, Lefty. Now go do something useful like falling down a flight of stairs.

For the rest of you… I hope your Christmas shopping is done, and that you have a wonderful traditional family Christmas lined up.


  1. Santa Inc - The Most Hated Show On TV?


    PS: Seth Rogan ruined the Green Hornet.

  2. I'm dreaming of a white Christmas...

    Naturally, all of us white folks will be vilified because we're WASPs. Protest all you like, but you might want to consider that a wasp can sting.

  3. I have never been impressed with Seth, to be honest.

    But... how do ya ruin The Green Hornet, Quartermain? That on sucked even back in the 60's when we were kids...

    1. It wasn't that bad... Seth Rogan's Green Hornet could get his ass kicked by a geriatric Mrs. Peel. In other words, he made the Lone Ranger's grand nephew look like a wimpy little hipster.

  4. A geriatric Mrs. Peel. Now there is an image for you. Probably still pretty hot in the tight leather though.

  5. I'd debated long and hard about whether or not I was going to put the lights up on the house this time around. It's a chore I dread, and we've no company coming this year. But the more I thought about it, I realize that's what TEPTB (E for Evil) want. They want you to live in fear, and if they can't get that, they want you depressed and gloomy. So tomorrow I get up on the ladder, staplegun in hand, and will have the roofline lit up tomorrow night. Most years I have them up by Thanksgiving (but won't turn them on till after), and they're up till at least the first week of January.
    I'd have them up all year if I could get away with it, but as one good ol' southern boy once put it: "Christmas lights left up after Easter is a sign of shiftlessness."