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Thursday, 9 December 2021

This Is Why Libertarians Should Be Fired Off The Catapults


I suppose I shouldn’t be such a dink. There are the odd sincere ones out there, and if someone wants to believe the non-aggression principle would actually work… there’s worse things to believe. But the fact is that most of them are just pot heads or druggies that want their idiot habits legalized. One of their main arguments was that legal, regulated weed would turn a tidy profit for our poor, starving, cash strapped govt. The fags in Morontario supposedly lost $42 million. Given that the CBC is reporting on it, the actual number is probably much higher.

The libertarians are now saying this is just the usual gubbimint incompetence and corruption at work. They aren’t wrong; given that it’s Morontario, the grift and shenanigans alone probably come to $42 million with the legit expenses after that. But - even with honest people in charge… govt can’t compete with the idiots in BC who can grow this crap with a UV light and some space in the basement. To buy from them, you don’t have to be 18, they don’t have to have their product inspected, controlled and tested, they have no overhead, and they can still produce a superior product AND ship it out to Morontario… and undercut the local legal market. The local home growers dumb enough to live in Morontario are at an even greater advantage. I wonder how much this cost us here in Alberta? When we first legalized there were pot shops everywhere… but they are starting to thin out a bit now. But the point is - the govt cannot compete in this market. Anyone with an IQ above freezing could see this going in… so that lets the libertarians and pot heads out I suppose, HAR HAR HAR!

I never got into the weed much myself. As a kid I laughed at Cheech and Chong, and liked that it drove the adults nuts… but I grew out of that once adult life intervened. The stuff is here to stay; today’s kids are taught that hating and destroying themselves are virtues, and anyone that tells them otherwise is just being a great big mean dink! But who knows? There was a time when I had my nose in a glass more often than not. Maybe I should be fired off a catapult too!

I was laughed at when I said this would just turn into another boondoggle. I will bet you $42 million dollars that I am right about my other contentions as well: more kids are getting sucked up into the harsher drugs and by crime culture, and that more lives will be lost or severely diminished as a result.

But it’s a free country, right? Smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em, everyone! And stick it to the man! 😆👍

Oh, wait - “The Man” (or in this case, The Manlet)…
is a pot head too!


  1. When I was but a lad heading off to 7th grade, dad, the Texas Peace Officer, brought home this big black case. He put up a tv tray in the living room and opened the "drug kit". "Son", he said, "over at the big junior high, there are 2,000 kids. Some will be smoking pot in the bathroom. If you smell this, get out quick and don't go back in there until they leave." He lit some oregano looking stuff on a little burner pad sitting on a tripod, like in science class. He put an alcohol burner under it, and it started smoking. I just about gagged and did get sick to my stomach. Smelled like someone burning armpit hair after a long day of sweating. And a bit sweet, too. Never was tempted.

    As far as booze and beer, I figured the day I got pasty faced, the Reds would invade and I'd be useless. So, you are welcome! I haven't done that either, and it's kept the Rooskies at bay all these years.

    As to that last comment, it's probably pretty close to home. You train your kids in the basics of human decency, and teach them to teach themselves. They will do okay if everything runs normally. I'm figuring the depression era skills mom and dad taught me may be more important soon than anything else I learned. Coupled with what I was interested in learning on my own, I may just make it longer than a few days.

    Happy Christmas!

  2. And, by the way, Copperhead Road is the unofficial anthem for the State of Tennessee.

    Well the Revenoor man wanted Gran'daddy bad
    So he headed up 'a holler with ever'thin he had
    Before my time but I been tol'
    He never come back from Copperhead Road

  3. That Copperhead Road was a bad boi . Heard about it from some Hidden Cherokee kin . Hundreds of fed bois got "lost" and never made it out . Darn shame . Heh .

  4. California lost their rear ends selling pot too. The government can screw anything up.

  5. Q: Who described Fidel Castro as the sexiest man alive?

    A: Margaret Trudeau

    And now you know why Justin looks the way he does...

    1. It's possible I suppose, but personally, I doubt it. Justin is too White for a quadroon. But his mom was the biggest bipolar whore in Canada so any number of white candidates are possible with the exception of Pierre. That guy was a faggot and no bones about it.