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Thursday, 30 December 2021

Trusting The Science Here, Boss…


When I think back on the COVID hysteria… the implications of what we saw were boggling. The fake stats alone were an insult to my intelligence, never mind yours. When I was a kid in school, techies and scientists even went to jail for that kind of thing. The COVID hysteria was nothing short of scientific and professional betrayal and no bones about it.

Could the anti-smoking campaign be based on the same science COVID was? Consider your experience. When I was a kid in the 70s they told us that if you smoked, YOU WERE GOING TO GET CANCER AND DIE HORRIBLY. They brought in wheezing retches in wheelchairs on oxygen. They’d lecture us on how THEY SMOKED AND GOT CANCER AND WERE GOING TO DIE HORRIBLY. Nowadays when I buy a package of fine cigars there’s pictures on the tin of diseased and prolapsed orifices and lungs that look like tar pots. All the doctors agreed!!! Lookit the stats!!!! Don’t smoke or you’re gonna die!

My grandad smoked like a stack almost to the day he died. He crapped out at 87. His son smoked like a stack until his late 50’s. He’s 80 and senility will probably get him before cancer does. I quit in my late 40s. (Technically I suppose I didn’t; I smoke a few gaggers in summer for a treat but stay clean the rest of the year).  I don’t know ANYONE in my life EVER, that died from smoking related cancer or illness. I heard of friends of friends that did, but co-morbidities were always involved.

Of course, I am not telling anyone to smoke. If you are you should quit because smoking isn’t a right or a freedom; it is the slavery of addiction that only a lower order primate or a libertarian could defend. But…I don’t like being stick handled. When you can’t trust your clergy, when you can’t trust your scientific community… you often can’t trust your other leaders either. 

How long has this betrayal been going on?


  1. What's interesting is the sea change that took place in really just a few years from doctors in cigarette advertisements to tobacco is the devil.

    I have no doubt that it is harmful in the long run but look at the organization that went into all that. All that sweet sweet funding. The number of government bureaucrats at all levels, from local schools up to federal departments, even the UN, plus consulting companies, all involved in the anti-smoking push. All getting paid very well. Very very well for some.

    That wasn't organic. That all had organization behind it.

    I'm not talking about a mysterious conspiracy theory, I'm just stating what is obvious on its face.

    Now look at the last two years with covid. All that organization. All the narrative setting and media control. From twitter to the CBC, CNN, the CDC, to reddit. And the amount of money involved.

    Really makes me think wanting to make an honest living do real work with tangible results, and getting paid fairly for it, is a suckers game.

    I wouldn't change because I am who I am, but God knows how many are out there that wouldn't hesitate to latch onto that giant teat. No matter the cause behind it.

    1. The Z Man had a theory that I really liked, Doug. He said that some of this was deliberate, and some of it was purely accidental. The institutions ordinarily are in place to prevent stuff like this. Some Karen would start clucking - and it only takes a few to set the whole flock off - and the doctors and scientists would step in and tell people that Covid is just the flu and not to worry about it. If the kids got it at school they'd get sent home for a day or two. But now that scientists live to prove the narratives of the people that pay them - these kinds of upsets are going to come faster and get worse as our institutions fail or are bought off. The schools are now moron factories where the next generation of obedient idiots is made.
      Covid was a great weapon to use against Trump - I remember the libs cursing and swearing and vowing they'd never take the Orange Man's vaccine. Now they wear three masks when they go swimming. Now the Donks are trying to make it go away... but there are too many people cashing in, dodging work, or using it to harass people they don't like with it. It will be interesting to see if they can get that genie back in it's bottle...

  2. My dad died at 76 from pancreatic cancer at which was directly attributed to his heavy smoking. His mom, on the other hand, smoked into her sixties and lived to 87. I guess what it comes down to is that sucking butts may not hurt, but the don't help. My take is that subjecting yourself to constant smoke inhalation CAN'T be good for you. I don't smoke habitually, but if offered a good cigar or a bowl of fine tobacco, I'll indulge.

    That being said, I agree with you on the analogy between the anti-smoking campaigns and the pro-vax campaigns. There's no "science" to this at all. Big money and .gov are calling all the shots... literally...

    1. What I don't get, Pete, is that even people that know better - are going along with this. Some morons are on their fourth shot. A lady I know has a university education with a vetrinarian background... and she dances to this tune like an organ grinder's monkey. A virus that mutates once into an even deadlier variant... the chances of that are astronomically small. But THREE times...? At some point people have to KNOW they are being played.

      Even Aesop is wise to it now...

    2. "Even Aesop is wise to it now..."

      Heh. Stopped clocks, eh?

    3. The trouble with people who have a degree in SOMETHING is that they think they know EVERYTHING. There's a CHASM between "knowledge" and wisdom...

      At some point even the monkey's gotta wonder why it gets nothing from that tin cup!

  3. I believe it's more of a wheat-vs-tares kind of thing. I know, many times over from personal experience, that I haven't seen something or connected the dots until God helped me.

    I've come to understand that basically I'm blind (and wretched, poor ... - Revelation 3:17) until God shines His light on it and clues me in.

    The two biggest common denominators that I've observed in this whole covid hysteria are a love of truth and humility. Those that love and want the truth, even if it's ugly and uncomfortable, and are willing to humble themselves and admit they could be wrong seem to be the ones that have a clue.

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  5. Im 80 and smoked like a fish for 50 years and still drink like a smoke stack but it hasnt affected my mind at all.

  6. Hi Glen:

    I am dropping this in one of your older posts because I thought you might be interested. Please feel free to delete.

    -Eaton Rapids Joe

    Resignation letter Royal Canadian Mounted Police

    "I’ve served in the RCMP for 21 years and one of the first things I said to any person I ever arrested was “you don’t have to say anything to me.” Unfortunately, our government has told me that I have to tell them what’s in my body, and if the right drug is not inside me, I have to get it as condition of my continuing employment, human rights be damned."

  7. My Dad smoked most of his life, quit in his 50s, then died of lung cancer at 66. I've smoked for 45 years now. I figure I'll quit smoking about 3 days after my death (I figure that's when the ashes will cool).