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Saturday, 13 August 2022

Deja Vu


He has four more as big
as this one

When I was a little fella I had a wonderful (clean) dream: I was in a field between Eden and Elysium… on a clear blue summer day. And in the air, everything from UFOs on down to the oldest airplanes flew for me. I still remember it to this day. I was sorry to wake up from it.

It’s air show day at the airfield, and we are getting shredded by aircraft of every description.

The jets sound exactly right. They move as fast as jets should. We had a nitro control line flight where the plane revved at 31,000 RPM and sounded like 31,000 angry hornets. 

A candy bomber too off, barely clearing the rhubarb crop. He looped back and bombed the runway with treats for the kids.

Two Beegees flew in a ballet of synchronized flight. The electrics danced silently on the breeze.

Fighter planes snarled and rolled and looped. I didn’t realize it all those years ago… but Valhalla was only half a century away. 😊

Nope. Nope, Nope Nope Nope…!


Back in the early days of my life as a chitpoaster, George Bush did this photo op with the USN where he got a ride out to one of the big carriers in a fighter jet. They had the glam pics of him in a flight jacket with all the top gun unit patches and the aviator shades… 

I’d go on one of the libtard forums, poast a pic of Dubya in his flight suit and swoon, “What great president! Not only can he fly a desk like a champ in the Oval Office ~ he can land a jet fighter plane on an aircraft carrier like a pro!!!” And the leftie’s heads would explode like popcorn! HAR HAR HAR!!! “Filthie, you friggin’ idiot!!! He was a passenger on the fighter plane you nugget!!!!” I’d just deny it and whip those tards into a frenzy and laugh as they foamed at the mouth and had kiniptions! HAR HAR HAR!

The horror of those USN pilots and what they do isn’t just the landing. That’s just the beginning! I nearly shat my pants several times watching this guy taxi round the flight deck. I thought he was going to drive that monster right off the deck and drop it in the ocean a few times. There’s people running round all over the place, his engines are burning hot… but it’s just another day at the office for those guys.

I think it’s possible those fellas might be even crazier than the Marines in some ways!😂👍




Last week sometime I was driving along in the Dawgmobile, minding my own business when I spied this couple walking on the sidewalk. He was a skinny little black baboon, and she was the fattest white woman I have seen in quite sometime.

Can they smell politically incorrect stubfarts? They both looked at me with pure hatred as I drove past. I had a great big chit eating grin on my face but that was it. I swear they both knew what I was thinking and gawd - they were choked! HAR HAR HAR!!!

Race mixing is being actively pushed in our society along with homosexuality and pedophilia and this will probably end just as badly as those do - but who knows. All I know is that the stats for black/white marriages are abysmal with divorce rates running north of 90%. And the spousal abuse stats are similarly dismal. Enjoy your shiner, chickie - and let no man call you a racist! HAR!

It's none a my business though. Or is it? Typically what happens in these things with black men and white women is that she gets pregnant, the black man bails, and she and the baby go on welfare and expect us to pay their way with our taxes. And us mean ol stubfarts are supposed to pretend to be sympathetic and act surprised when it happens.

Oh well, it's not like my opinion counts for anything, right? But - if you insist on burning the coal... you should be the one that pays the toll and leave me out of it!

Friday, 12 August 2022

Friday Tennessee Whisky


The lyrics on this tune are 
bloody awful…
But the way it’s played and sung more than makes up for it.

I haven’t had a drink since last Christmas.
Might be time to have a dram 

I mastered scotch and held my own with bourbon
but only dabbled in Tennessee Whisky.
Maybe in the next life I will make a greater study of it.

The Womanly Arts




I wonder if God hangs out at Blab too? 
The rude jokes alone are worth the trip.

Nobody can troll or chitpoast like
a fed up Christian.


A Pissed Off Cat


If you see one with an expression like that on his face…
Don’t run or turn your back on him.
Stand as tall as you can, and back away slowly.

If I ran into this critter… I’d have my rifle on it as I backed away slowly… and if it moved I’d blast it. I am not afraid of bears, I respect them and most of the time they will reciprocate.

But these evil buggers? They will usually run away but enough of them won’t… they will start hunting you. Or worse - the kids. They will torture their prey too. I won’t fear them, but I will take them seriously.

Another Win For The Filthie Gourmet

Presentation is crucial to the success of
any gourmet.

Oh Gawd… Now Hawaii Falls…😖

First Coopville, then The Small Hold… when are you people going to wake up! I suppose the damn birds have control of the Pacific Fleet now!

We’re all gonna die!!!

British Military Superiority - The Envy Of The Modern World!


The Lee Enfield is seldom mentioned when the topic of the great battle rifles comes up. Most of the ink (or electrons, I suppose) are dedicated to the Garands, Springfields, and Krags. I personally don’t understand that. Look at the sights on this one - what is that? It’s not a No.4…?  The only gripe I have is that some have “springy” actions that are hard on brass.

Outside the US gun circles, there is a dedicated Stubfart cult following for the history and a love of British musketry. They meet in Alberta every year to shoot, trade stories, recreate battles, and have fun with these charming antiques that remind us that once… long ago… we were better people living in better times…

The Alberta shoot is invite-only. Chances are that if you ask Private McKenzie nicely…you can get an invite too. 😊

Let’s Start This Friday Off Right!

A great big blistering cabbage fart,
a cigarette…
And a tankard of coffee…

Thursday, 11 August 2022

And Your Burg Will Still Be Overpriced…



No Sale


Better check that one out quick - I can’t see JewTube letting that one stay up very long.

Yannow…many of us were saying exactly this to you over 20 years ago. We told you that if you got out, the pedos were sure to follow. We told you also that the folks letting you out would find other ways to attack us…72 other “genders”,censorship, cancellation, lawfare, broken marriages, broken homes, traumatized kids, etc etc etc.  But you laughed at us and called us homophobes and names, accused us of being nazis or worse. You made us out to be monsters, and you posed as brave and noble victims, and legions of stupid people went along with you and bought your act. And now I’m supposed to let you off and maybe say, “I told ya so…” 

My own daughter fell for your bullshit. I won’t say what’s in my heart, because I want it to go away. It makes me a sinner before my Maker the same way you are. God will deal with you. And damn your eyes… He’s probably going to have to deal with me now too because of what you idiots have done. I just wanted to be a dad that could be proud of his daughter. Fuckups like you turned her into a freak.

If we ever chance to meet in person…do us both the favour and keep on walking. I may not be able to be responsible for my actions. 

Errrrrrrrr… sorry for the rant, folks. Have you hugged your kid today? As for me… I need to go stick my head down a toilet and flush a few times… fuck these people.

Not So Sure…


Good lord, you fuggin Yanks are just getting bent right over the barrel by your geriatrics, aren’t you? I can sympathize. When they had that old jewish biddy on the Supreme Court that refused to retire…wow. You know a system has crashed when stuff like that happens. Watching Biden, Pelosi, McConnell and their ilk stagger around as the wonder where they are and what they’re doing is no picnic.

But… up here in Canada our liberals are all about youthful vitality. And vibrancy. And equality. Trudeau is easily as stupid and incompetent as Biden is, as are most of his cast of clowns. I wonder why the geezers do it, though? I’d rather be out fishing on the lake, or out in the camper or at the golf course… than putting up with the BS of work, and being a nuisance to the young ones.

Both our gubbimints need a good house cleaning but I wonder if age is a good metric to use in doing that?

Don’t you dare suggest for even a second that merit is! You racist, homophobic sexist trans-exclusionary bigot!!!



About mid-fall, at the latest. Because, unless something changes radically before then…that will be when Vlad turns off the gas to the west altogether. In his place, that’s what I’d do. I will feel no pity for fwance and Germany when they are sitting and freezing in the dark either.

People get smoking mad at me when I speak in defence of Putin and Russia but I tell no lies: Putin is not the bad guy in this particular case. People forget that he is first and foremost a businessman. His secondary skill sets include thuggery, brinkmanship and bullying. He is more than all that too. When Russia collapsed at the end of the Cold War, the first thing he did was try to westernize and modernize his country  to bring it up on par and in line with western nations. He wanted a seat at the table and for Russia to have a voice in international affairs. He even had his country apply for membership in NATO…but the west laughed at him. They told him to shut up, keep the cheap gas and grain flowing west, that he was a cheap whore, and that men like Macron, Biden, Trudeau and the other G7 flunkies would handle world affairs.

That cheap whore is not all that cheap now, is he fellas? Now you are dealing with TWO very expensive whores if you count the ‘Kraine. Poland wants to make it a threesome now. 

My sources are conflicted in the ‘Kraine right now. I am hearing from some that the Ukrainian front line has collapsed. The Usual Suspects are claiming they’ve stopped the Russian juggernaut. The Russkies are both simple and difficult to predict at the same time. If they say they are going to do something… you can bet they WILL do it. HOW they do it is anyone’s guess. Could they be taking an operational pause? Consider: Russians are flat out paranoid about long supply lines. Remember, they fought back the Germans in WW2 by flanking them and cutting their supply lines. They have the Donbas, with its ports and resources. The rest of the ‘Kraine promises to be nothing but trouble to hold. The Russians are now close enough to destroy any strategic assets over there anyways.

They can afford to wait. The Russian economy has completely recovered to its pre-war levels, and the Ruble is the third strongest currency in the world today. Globohomo has the west on the precipice of a full blown economic depression. The days of summer are growing short. It’s cool in the mornings. She’s going to be a wretched winter for many without heat or money. The corrupt oligarchs out here are going to watch their support vaporize. Bankrupting your people and turning them against each other does not make for powerful countries. If things keep going as they are, Biden and the Donks will have a 5 way civil war going soon. The farmers and working people are at war with the govts in Europe.

The times, they are a-changin.

Waffle House Fight Club

 Gawd, I gotta stop hangin’ out at Blab.

When civilization dies… it won’t be in an insane nuclear exchange that sends us back to the Stone Age! No, my friends - for we are already halfway there! Civilization will die in thw Waffle House! I keep saying it - it’s gonna be awesome! 

Whaddya think, Quartermain? Does it remind you of Uncle Bob’s a bit? 😂👍

Wait! What was that, Cederq? Care to say that again? How would YOU like a face full a waffles?!? Oh - you think he’s a laff riot, Phil? You want a piece of this too? Maybe the rest a ya’s might want to watch a nice music videeyah - while I f*** these two jokers up!🤬

Well I didn’t come outta that one all that great either! I am too old for this shite! GAH! For all of you that show up to fight and brawl at the Thunderbox -  or watch the tard fights…thanks for stopping by. I hope your Thursday’s off to a good start. Now, if you’ll excuse me…I’m gonna go lay down… groan…

Wednesday, 10 August 2022


 When Biden and Vlad blow up the world I will rule the rubble up here in Aaaadmontin. I shall be a patriarchal war lord with flunkies and fart catchers like Pete and Quartermain and Jack to do my bidding. We’ll all be covered with oozing pus filled sores, blisters and radiation burns…and scantily clad hotties will fight and die for our amusement. 

It’s gonna be awesome.

Own The Skills, And Hone The Skills

The way of the urban retard: slop enough Coleman 
fuel on it…and anything will burn…
for awhile…

 Good gravey!!! You’d have to be a harelipped retard to try and build a fire like that!!! Or someone that comes from NYFC, Morontario, or Queerbec!

The best bushcraft pyro on JewTube is Corporal Kelly and his channel is Corporal’s Corner. That guy can literally make fire with a bow drill and friction. Building a fire is the least of his worries. In fact, that guy can build a rudimentary shelter and camp in absolute comfort regardless of the weather.  

I dunno if the average Joe needs to be as hard core as the corporal… it certainly wouldn’t hurt and it would actually be fun for a younger man. I used to take that stuff very seriously but not anymore. I can build a fire with those small disposable Bic lighters, a ferro rod, or matches. I always have some old newspapers under the seat of the Dawgmobile to get a blaze going but in spruce/moose country, there’s usually tons of kindling close at hand and a guy can always make feather sticks. Now that I think of it…when that newspaper is finally gone… I am going to have to think long and hard about how to replace it! I haven’t seen a newspaper in ages…

I Still Love Lucy


So… what do we do now, Lucy?

No Comment


Yannow…? Sometimes it’s just best to sigh wistfully and agree with folks to shut them up…. 😂

Hitler’s Revenge

 Good lord - I gotta stop hanging out at Blab because the bad kids over there are an unwholesome influence on me and encourage bad behaviour.

Say what ya want… but even the Nazis treated their kids better than we do. I don’t do 4 Chan…and I dunno if that is a good or bad thing under the circumstances of our day… but lots of valid crime-thinking is done there too.

Our kids are going to put us in the frighten wood chipper before this lunacy ends and we may well deserve it.

Tuesday, 9 August 2022

🎶 Swing Low, Sweeeeeeet Garbage Truuuuuck…


🎼 Coming for to carry me hooooooome -

But! What is this heresy!?!?

An angel of God!?!?

Carrying a rifle made by scum sucking commie bastards!?!?

And - a friggin Glock?!?

Get thee behind me Satan!!!

Did Canada Annex The United States?


Tests That I Have Failed

We live in clown world - where nobody laughs, 
and too many fathers weep for 
their sons and daughters.

But there was a time, long ago, when it was okay to be white,
to be male, and to laugh at clowns.

I only saw two passable women in that lot,
with the rest being oinkers 
or perverts. 

Some women still take pains to hide their warts and boils
but most flaunt them these days…




It’s too bad ya can’t repurpose old
obsolete humans into something useful.


I dunno what to think of that. I am not a carry expert. If carrying was legal in Canada I’d probably only do it for fun. I have a fetish for the big black powder percussion cap guns and tasteful gun leather. Fella like me would really have no use for pocket or back up guns. I guess the real question is - how secure is that? 

I do a lot of stupid stuff during the day, what with tripping over my dogs and my shadow and running into things. I’d be seriously worried about losing the gun, or beating the hell out of it from the bumps and bangs of everyday life.

In all probability I’d probably go with a big full flap leather holster like our Mounties did back in the day.

International Cat Day

 The wanks down at Windsor Plywood used to have a shop cat who supposedly ran the complaint department. He slept on the counter, or on the stock shelves and the grumpy old men that came into the store softened and even cracked a smile and would stop bitching just to pet him. He even had his own business card up at the counter. They probably would have celebrated International Cat Day by raising the prices 15%.

I’m still chuckling - I guess Terrance Popp found out about it and they put together this retarded animated Cat Day video of Popp dancing with stupid cats as he paid homage to the miserable, lonely old cat ladies and feline loving fatties with rude jokes and raunchy song. HAR HAR HAR!😂👍

Cats are actually a gift from God and proof that He loves us all - even the old shrews that have destroyed themselves and their families with new age toxic ideologies and values. Cats can mollify those old harpies the same way they can disarm and soften the old grumps at the lumber store.

Some might be tempted to scoff and jest about Cat Day… but not me. I think it’s a big step up from Black Baboon Month, or Pervert Pride month, or Dead Nogger Day…

Monday, 8 August 2022

Yo. Ya Shit’s Burning…

Fuggin Trump is getting raided by the FBI! 😂

I thought Turdo was bad. Holy shite! The wanks on Blab are spitting fire. The Feebs aren’t raiding Hillary,  or the Obuttholes, or the Biden, or investigating the guys on Epstein’s client list. Guess Donald shoulda drained that swamp after all, eh?

Sleep tight, kids.



Up here in Canada our conservatives are just as messed up as your republicans down south. They are gutless cucks that dance to the neoliberal tune and are basically actors providing controlled opposition to the shitlibs. During the trucker revolt every last one of those gutless bastards bent the knee to Trudeau and not one of them stood up for their constituents or their country. 

Pierre Poilievre seems to be the new front runner for conservative politics in Canada. He’s all over JewTube making rude jokes about Turdo and his clowns…which is more than the rest of those gutless fart suckers will do. It all sounds good… but the guy just rings false with me. But he plays well to the cameras.

I dunno if I am going to voat this year. I have political fatigue; I think the system is broken, and the vast majority of Canadian morons are just peachy with it as long as they get theirs, and they aren’t the ones being sold out. Fixing it would almost certainly require jail cells, stretched necks and firing squads. I’m pretty sure you don’t want to put the average Canadian in charge of things like that. That’s how we got the current mess we have today.

At this point in my life, one carpet bagger is the same as another.


People Posters

 I dunno what to think of tattoos. When I was a kid I wanted one, but then everyone started getting them and I’d have just been following the herd. I wonder what us old stubfarts would look like today if we were kids? I suppose most of us would have tons of them with gruesome piercings too. But some of them really aren’t that bad.

I suppose my gripe against them is that a lot a folks don’t put much thought into them. The kids don’t because most of them can’t, HAR HAR HAR! HAR HAR HAR!😂👍

I was on The Mail the other day and they had a videeyah of some celebrity strumpet that was getting her vag tatted. It was ridiculous - the media slobs couldn’t go flashing splayed clam on their site, so they had the tattoo artist trying to cover up the naughty bits while he went about his work. I suppose every pervert in Britain was watching it. I never figured out what the tat was.  I guess a lot a fellas get horned right out with the things, and the girls play to it.

I dunno if it really does much for me personally. Is it a kink? Like S&M? What with all the perverts running around, the lesser foot and ink pervs get lost in the shuffle.

I used to think that tats were supposed to mean something or express an identity… Identity is everything in today’s culture and the kids really have to struggle with it. If a tat is supposed to say something, then some tats say that their owners don’t have much worth saying.

If I were a kid today I dunno if I’d get one. When you try to convey meaning through art, things can go sideways on the receiving end mighty easily.

I am going to assume gender here, and say that is a guy based on the stinky hairy armpit. Nowadays…that would be a very dangerous assumption. GAH - I wonder what this fella is trying to express? It’s well done… but not something I would want on my hide.

What if you were a kid? Would you get one? What would you get?

And Yet, It Moves…

 The Z Man hits one right out of the park with this one. 

The church gets a pie in the face when the subject of Galileo comes up from the usual clowns. They regard that disagreement as a mere simple conflict between ignorant tradition vs modern progressivism. In point of fact the church clergy of the day knew Galileo was right about heliocentrism - after all the clerics of the day were the most literate and educated men of their day. Many of the leading scientists do the day were deeply religious and even clergymen themselves. The real battle was how to square the science with the faith and release it to the public in a way that would allow the church to control the narrative. The church of the day was basically the international govt with their hands in finance, power brokering, alliances, education and the institutions that made the renaissance possible. The clergy feared the idea of science without soul and rightly so. Z sees this as an historical inflection point … but I am not sure that I do. The church were not the bad guys that modern historical revisionists like to portray them as. They were right to fear and loathe some of the heretics. One poisoned mind can infect any number of otherwise heathy, happy individuals.

Let’s take feminism as an example - feminism is an ideology of hatred toward men. It has spawned countless numbers of frumpy angry lesbians, lonely cat ladies, pussy hatted nasty women that lose their minds at not being able to murder their own babies with abortion. Today folks will lose their shite if you pray in schools but won’t blink at trannies and the pedophiles preying on their kids. In Galileo’s day lunacy spread at the pace of a fast horse. Today it propagates at the speed of light over the internet. Today’s shit house science more harm and hate than the nastiest religious wars. In short order it will start producing record levels of spilt blood too.

In those days, if you were a rich, titled and of noble birth - you could pay a corrupt clergyman to assure you that God favoured you and approved of everything you said or did…right on up to mass murder. Little stuff like adultery and perversion could be cleansed by silver and a few cheesy prayers.

Today nothing has changed except the player’s costumes. Nowadays if you are part of the ruling class and you need a way to steal more wealth from the dirt people… you commission a study where some finger puppet scientist will assure you have a legitimate need and right to their money. Why… you need that money to save the environMINT!!! Or you need it for social justice. Or for the public good. Today Justin Turdo and his fart catchers are still making a fortune protecting Canadians from Covid. Science without soul or morality is as bad as faith without those things, maybe even worse.

The clergyman used to be the infallible authority that you could bank your very soul on. Then it was science. This tempest in a tea pot with Amy Wax portends no real change, contrary to Z…it’s just the actors changing the scenes and costumes again.

There is really nothing new under the sun.

Sunday, 7 August 2022

The Chitter Is A Social Construct: Failures In Toiletry



 Today at church some sad sack interrupted things and asked that everyone pray for him. All I know about it is that his family is coming apart, apparently over something his kid did that turned the entire family against each other. His marriage is falling apart. I felt sorry for him, having to air out the the family dirty laundry like that. We are getting a lot of new people and many of them are young and announcing that they are expecting new little ones... and this guy just seemed to jinx all that. 

I dunno what the kid did... but to rip a family up like that usually involves social justice vengeance. Shitlibs live and die on social justice and narratives and if you are on the wrong side of their own artificial moral truths - you get shit canned and booted out to the curb because you are suddenly a bad person and they are brave heroes. Being a Christian is just another sin you can never atone for with that crowd.

I'm betting a queer or a tranny is involved but who knows. The bitter hell of it is that woke families usually break... and when they do, it's probably better for everyone. But maybe I am just projecting. Whatever - I prayed for the man, and mostly the kid. I've been down this road, been there and got the tee shirt as they used to say. I went through the same wringer he was.

We really, really need to do something about our kids - and the demons that prey on them.

Stubfart Ramble Down By The River

Welp… now Mort is a senior citizen too. He is too old and decrepit to jump into the car and has to be lifted in and out. Macey isn’t bad but she weighs in at around 65 ponds. Last time Mort was on the scale at the vet’s, he tipped the scale at 106 lbs. He is a runt as far as Pyranese dawgs go… but for me it was a bit of a grunt! I am so out of shape… he is a fag and likes to be lifted and carried like a little pocket dog… whereas Macey hates it and often struggles. Her legs jammed up on her and she took a few minutes trying to get them to work but we were in no hurry. She had fun once she got them going.

Summer is still with us but the days are getting shorter and it’s a bit cooler in the morn. The saskatoons and other berries are coming into season and I think I saw hazel nuts at Pete’s place last night. I’d love to find enough to make some wine.

I suppose I better check the zero on my rifle. The sights on my bow were a bit off. The string must have stretched a bit but it was good to fling some arrows. The hunting season is drawing up fast. I can’t believe how brief the seasons are now that I’m older.

Time flies.

If I Gotta Look At It So Do You


That poor gal. At least the crack goes the right way and is not horizontal like it is with most clippers. That is pretty bad but the guy with the worst ass in the world has to be Skinbag. The crack of his arse is right between his shoulder blades.


The Eternal .22


Saturday, 6 August 2022

Call Me A Conspiracy Theorist NOW, Bungholes!!!

NOT photoshopped or a deep fake!!!
Gasp!!! Correct me if I'm wrong... but that's a Russian light machine gun?
How much evidence do ya need to see...?!?!?
If the Russians are supplying the birds, you can bet the 
farm the Chinks are too!!!

 Everyone thought I was bonkers when I informed the world that Coopville had fallen to the poultry. They took over the farm and the blog and no one noticed... except Yours Truly! I can just imagine those awful chicken bastids, their filthy beaks pecking away at the keys on the former owner's blog..."Nothing to see here, you foolish humans...carry on, just another fine day in Coopville...!!!" 

And now - the same noises come from the Small Hold. "Greetings, my fellow human beings..."  The birds probly threw PP to the pigs, and are in full control now!!! BCE - can you go check things out? Make sure you're strapped and loaded for bear - or Russians! Gawd help us if they have heavy artillery!!!

Oh yes... mock me as you will, you ignorant scofflaws!!! But those bird bastids will come for us all one day, mark my words!!! 

Meanwhile, Trouble Brews In The Pea Patch


This Works

 This actually works. When I was a kid my dad’s farm truck smelt like cigarettes, wet dogs and a dead farts. I was happily destroying my pantaloons with enough methane to embarrass a race horse as I drove it home from the stockyards one day when I got randomly pulled over by a cop. 

The cop walked up and I rolled down the window… and that was that for that for poor Officer Friendly. He coughed and gulped, and didn’t even ask for my registration. “Sorry, Sir - I thought you were someone else! You’re good to go!” I couldn’t help it. “What’s the matter, officer?” I said innocently as I cut a long billowing ripper, “Are you sure you don’t want to see my ID…?”

“Don’t push your luck, kid,” he croaked, “And maybe you might see a doctor!”

As I look back on it from 40 years later, I know I should be ashamed by what I did to that poor cop. (And later to Dad). 

But I’m not.

And… I would do it again…😈

Filthie Gets Woke….

…and things get broke…
I think that’s one of those trombone guns that hold 16 shells
if I am not mistaken.

Friday, 5 August 2022

And Now Ya Know


Well thank goodness that’s sorted out!
Our global leaders are TOTALLY legit!

Pull my other finger fellas! 😂👍

The best one I ever saw was when Mel Gibson got in chit for saying Hollywood was run by a bunch of powerful creepy jews… and then promptly got cancelled by a bunch of powerful creepy jews.

Our faggot faced prime minister hasn’t done a thing to protect or promote Canadian interests at all. Biden is even worse. They’re both on the take, paid actors working for someone other than the people they supposedly represent! You don’t need fertilizer to grow your crops, you ignorant serf! Or gasoline - buy an electric car! You need to stop eating crops and meat and start eating bugs!

Nope. No conspiracy, conspirators, eeeevil joooos, or clowns are involved in any of this. It’s just good ol’ common sense that you’re too stupid to appreciate!

Now that we can all breathe easier… I’d like to wish all my fellow tards and serfs a great Friday. Thanks for stopping in.


The Good Life Is Not Necessarily So Simple


Ya know I am seeing a lot of stuff like this these days. It’s all so simple isn’t it?

At the risk of sounding like a whiner making excuses… okay, maybe the drugs is a no-brainer. But maybe not? Up here in Canada Turdo La Doo legalized pot because kids really need a gateway drug to start off on before getting into heavier chemicals, maybe? For me avoiding drugs was easy, but exercise? After a day at work I just wanted a quiet beer on the couch, supper, and then bed. We avoided the debt trap but gawd, it was close sometimes. Younger people WANT things. Fortunately my wife and I are frugal savers.

Church is a damned tough one too. Most of the major denominations are now pozzed beyond redemption with queers, feminism, and wokeness. Not to offend anyone… but it sounds like the current pope needs a bullet between the eyes. We lucked out on that.

Starting a family? Hell’s bells - marry the wrong woman, and you are f***ed. If the wrong people start influencing your kids, you’re hooped.

This is the way to wholesome living right here.
Cobble together whatever you can for a family. Do not make bad emotional
investments in others, even family. Assume no emotional debt from them.
Maybe all ya need is spiritual and emotional self reliance?


Soot Burners

 I think they closed our black powder trail out at the club. It just wasn’t getting used anymore. It was great…it was just a trail through the trees where they had steel targets set up. Some were serious like the buffalo, the bear, pigs and deer. Others were ludicrous - a snake made out of a stretched out spring, owls, etc. There were knife and hawk tosses all about too. Back when I was the king of my world I could blow a weekend morning on that thing easy. You could shoot all day for ten bucks! 

But people these days just seem to want to shoot tiny groups off the bench and sand bags rather than off their hind feet. Nothing wrong with that; but there’s a world of fun to be had with the old front stuffers that folks are missing out on.