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Saturday, 31 December 2022

FAFO - Russian Edition



The Future Is Filthie

 Well I dunno about you… but 2022 has just been a complete write-off as far as I’m concerned. I pretty much sat it out because getting involved and emotionally invested in it would have been a poor investment indeed! Pop went down in a bad fall and at his age, a broken arm and hip are bad business. Mom went batshit crazy but in spite of all that they are doing well, thank God. I help out where they let me. My efforts in the past year have been about holding the lunacy of our times at bay, and not letting it get into my personal space. Far better to stay at a distance and mock it.

2023 will probably be about continuing and growing lunacy and the bills coming due for it.  I could start ranting about Covid, Europe, diversity, the Kraine and all the other Current Things our ruling class has in store for us. But anyone who comes by this blog already knows about all that. How far can the bus go with loose lug nuts on the wheels? We can’t possibly know, all we CAN know is that those wheels WILL come off.

Most annoying are the optimists. “Oh, things aren’t that bad! SOMEBODY will step up and make things right!!!” Yes, someone absolutely will… eventually…. and when he does, at the rate we’re going…he is going to have to kill tens of thousands, possibly more… to impose any kind of order. The hell of it is, YOU were the guy that should have stepped up long ago to make things right. But… you didn’t want to start a fight, or hurt anyone’s feelings, or have a confrontation. Pick any excuse ya want… I used them all myself. Now I want to fedpoast, but even that brings risk in these dark days. And accomplishes nothing. We live in a time of casting away stones.

In 2023, many of us will quietly start to gather small pebbles, maybe smaller rocks, and start setting them aside for use in rebuilding something later on. Maybe you quit smoking, or start exercising, maybe you start encouraging others. Maybe you start reading the Bible…?  Maybe you can restore a broken relationship? It may be too late to save this culture we live in…but perhaps it’s enough to put something forward to those that will build on the ruins we leave behind? We may never live to see the great stones being gathered and shaped to make great monuments for a new great people. For now…one pebble at a time is good enough. It has to be.

All the best to you and yours in the new year! Take care of yourselves! 😊👍



Part of me wants make rude jokes and heap curses on this harridan’s departed soul. I think about the lies and forces that she conjured up and the bitterness she created or helped to create. I look at the world that had to be destroyed to create this one. 

I’m glad she’s gone. That’s all I will allow myself to say.

First Things First…


The Following Speechin’ Is Now Illegal


Good news everyone! We aren’t retards anymore!!! We’re “neurodivergent”!!!  😂👍

Thank gawd it’s still safe to saw words like nigger and phrases like “on the rag”…

Friday, 30 December 2022

Friday Random Erratae, Ignorattae & Miscellaneous Rude Jokes




It’s a peaceful and restful morn here at Castello Di La Filthie - hope yours is the same! I scraped a minor skiff of snow off the walks and it’s absolutely balmy out there. I’ve been in to the quacks at the clinic and gotten my blood siphoned, and I rescued Macey from her dawg house - her legs locked up and she couldn’t get out. I do more by 9:00am than a Marine does all day, HAR HAR HAR!!! Why - I better relax and let everyone catch up!

All is well here, but darkling shadows are gathering among the deplorable basket of racists, homophobes and antisemites over at Blab! In what is clearly a threat to our democracy, the fags and wanks have started greeting each other by saying “GM” instead of doing it right by going “Good morning” - proving that sure… we have free speech… but at what cost!!!???  Those guys are clearly a fringe group of filthy nazis and fascists with frankly unacceptable views and opinions!!! We need some kind of state mandated censorship!!!! People’s feelings could get hurt!!!

Harrrimmppffff. “GM” indeed! Oh those despicable cretins!!!

I’m just glad we are made of better stuff around here!!!

If you have to work today - I hope your day is fast and light!

GM everyone!!! 😊


Hrrrrmmmmm… I wonder if they still make these? I *think* I had one down in the Reclusium but foolishly threw it away or gave it away when I decided to use my mechanical pencils for all of my woodworking mischief…

I suppose I didn’t really need it… but now I kinda wish I had kept it…

Gotta Be Fake…

That has to be silicon going on under that chain mail. I’ve actually gotten to handle some mail years and years ago and that stuff is super HEAVY. But who knows? Nowadays Halloween dress up goes all year round and plastic costumery is everywhere for adults.

Maybe the mail is plastic too? 

One of Quartermain’s girlfriends, no doubt…😂👍

Thursday, 29 December 2022

Help Wanted


Silo scrubbers needed.

Tards and/or fwenchmen preferred.

Must have own USN tee shirt.

$5.00/hour to start.

Some Final Righteousness


Red Alert! Preppers To The Bridge On The Double!!! An End Of Year Ramble…

Welp - ol' Flapz comes through again. My cigar seeds are in and soon I will be plucking fresh premium cigars right off the vine. Do they grow in batches like bananas? Or will you have to shuck the husk off them like a cob of corn...? 

Speaking of corn, I don’t care what anyone says - corn does NOT grow in Alberta and anyone that says otherwise is a damned liar!!! I will tolerate no disagreement on that whatsoever!!! The subject of recreational corn growing is an emotional trigger for me, and I’ll remind the Usual Suspects that the Thunderbox is a Safe Place!!!

Recently I got my nose out of joint when that horse faced, clot headed cnut in New Zealand decided that her country was going smoke free. I knew it was only a matter of time until it became the cause de jour of all the western menopausal old ladies and harridans that now run our gubbimints. Sure enough, some city in BC just announced that their entire city was going smoke free now too. Was it Hongcouver? That place if full of froots and nuts.

Yeeeeeeeaaaaahhhhh... about that, ladies? UP YOUR COLLECTIVE ASS! HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!!!! This morning I went over to the Z Blog where Z was into his fifth scotch of the morning and going over his last new year’s predictions and reviewing how they all turned out. Like me, he was wrong on just about everything - all his predictions - which were for growing craziness in 2022... Well… as we have all seen - it is peak lunacy going on out there. He's at a loss to explain it all but I think I got it figured out: when you consider that the west is now run mostly by crazy old white women... everything starts to make sense. Old women like herbal tea and might drink a coffee if they are feeling feisty… but they HATE cigars, whisky, guns  and any of the good things in a man’s life. A lot of them hate men and aren’t shy about saying so. They will trade freedom for security every time, and if that isn’t possible they’ll settle for crazy just as long as it feels good. There’s the obvious exceptions to all that… but they are the exception. My 79 year old mom is batshit crazy… and if Turdo got run over by a steam roller, or Biden fell down the stairs…and you replaced those goofs with her… nothing would change! You’d just be getting your daily craziness right from the source, rather than filtering it through finger puppets like Joe and Justin! I am not exaggerating either. When mom starts bloviating about politics I just shut her off and toon out. That bint will make me crazy if I listen and take her seriously.

Old women may be batshit crazy but they are NOT stupid. That’s why they impose their lunacy through rule of law and the institutions… and many of those are now running on fumes as a result.  In 2023, I predict a massive swell in the numbers of conspiritards! HAR HAR HAR! I also predict that the numbers of men developing heart and liver complications from rage related issues will go through the roof! Phil, Z and Cederq will probly die first!!! Assuming I don’t beat them to it, of course…



In view of the worsening craziness of our times - I recommend you review your preps. It’s gotten so bad our govts are now pretty much illegitimate. I heard someplace in BC wants to start institutionalizing the unvaccinated and confiscating property of anyone whose unvaccinated now. Good luck with that one too, ladies! 

He’s either a finger puppet or a tranny.

No self respecting man would back something like that…

So… I’ve decided to see if I can secure my own tobacco supply. Any idea when I should plant the cigar seeds? Up here in Aaaaaadmontin the frost is usually gone for the season at the end of May. Should I start my seeds a couple weeks early…? If there are any green thumbs or experts in the house, your advice would be sincerely appreciated in the comments… I’d love to start them right now if I could …

I hope ya Thursday is going good! Smoke ‘em if ya got ‘em!!!


“It’s pronounced ‘Kiev’. Not

It’s Kee-Ev. Say it right, you bloody tosspots!!!
Or else!

The Filthie Whisky Drunk


Yeah I know. I can get legally beaten to a bloody green pulp for poasting something like that. So I admit my bias: I am a scotch guy, with a minor fetish for the better bourbons and maybe a Tennessee whisky or two. Irish whisky to me is just a waste. I will drink it but I may as well drink home brewed Canadian swill if I am gonna do that, HAR HAR HAR!!! Just as the Scots are the owner and proprietors of good scotch, supposedly Canadians are the masters of the blended spirits. Supposely. 


I was astonished to find that the Japs make good whisky too. Back when I was still drinking, they had two big entries into the market and the one I had, I believe, was Nikka. It was good... very good, actually, and if I were a Scot distiller those guys would worry me. There is a nasty sense of hubris that has set up in the western world - that we are the pinnacle of social development and morality. 'Americans build the best cars!" "Germany produces the best steel!!!" "English law is the envy of the world!!!" 

I am here to say it isn't so, and that to assume our economic competitors and adversaries are incompetent klutzes is the height of stupidity. 

The Great American Pink Flamingo




Wednesday, 28 December 2022

Oh gawd… I haven’t had beer in years!

Maybe this summer…

A Female Police Force


Hopefully more cops get shot for trying to enforce stuff like

Remember…YOU’RE the Nazi! That means they can do anything they want to you!!!

As a Canadian I am often soaked in scotch, crying into my drink and feeling sorry for myself because of the stupid bitch we have for a prime minister and the mean girls he’s got working with him….

But hell’s bells - the Aussies and Kiwis make ol’ Faggot Face look almost reasonable. So now in Australia you can rat out your friends and neighbours on Crime Stoppers if the have the wrong political opinions?

Uncle Bob always said that women are socialists and fascists by nature. He nailed that one right on the head.



I know it doesn’t show - and I know that everyone thinks that good ol’ Filthie’s mild mannered, flawlessly polite, and always sunny and upbeat in disposition. But…I have something of a dark side. I am actually as miserable, bitter and twisted as guys like Phil and Cederq.

And I think: if rage falls along a bell curve and guys like us are the average… the outer regions at the extreme edge of the rage curve will be interesting as hell. One side, sunny, happy fellas like Pete, Quartermain and WL Emery…in the middle, mildly grumpy men like the aforementioned stubfarts. And way, way out there, past guys like us…your going to have the fellas like Ted The Unibomber, Jack The Ripper, and You-Know-Who.

How long before they start doing something about it…?

YOU Are Being Judged…


…and found wanting…

Tuesday, 27 December 2022

Wonder How It Patterns…?

I dunno what I would ever actually do with it…
But I want it!!!


Intel Slava

Some of you are asking for links to Intel Slava for more info on the Kraine - and you can’t find any or see it on YouTube. That’s because they are on Telgram. I’m not a computer geek or IT expert but as far as I know, it is a free speech utility of some sort that can’t be censored or controlled by govts the way mainstream websites can. It’s available as an app and once you have it you will have access to Intel Slava and other channels that operate right out of the Kraine. You will see the stuff our mass media censors and doesn’t want you to see.

The usual caveats and weasel words apply, I’m afraid: just like the regular media…you can’t trust anything here either. There are people grinding axes and driving agendas. There’s liars, monsters, jews, depraved, and deluded people on there with cameras and a megaphone. You can’t trust anything you see or hear until you vet your info and fact check it with other sources. I am a war nerd so I installed the Telegram app and searched for a handful of channels.

Intel Slava is a Russian sympathizer’s channel. Everything there is going to be biased and suspicious. But…you will see the stuff that parrots like Comrade Misfit and General Aesop won’t. You will hear Putler’s speeches and see what he has to say…rather than trusting some filthy jew or faggot to tell you hat he said. You’ll see Ukrainian nazis, war crimes, and failures in photos and vids. You will hear what the Russians want to say, rather than what Globohomo says they said.

The Russians are not squeamish about their wins and losses either. You will see the action through their eyes. Below the fold, you’ll see an example of Intel Slava’s work. If you can’t handle disturbing graphical detail…you’ll want to avoid the material below the fold and on Telegram. It can get really nasty at times.

Last chance - don’t go any further unless you have the stomach for it.

Monday, 26 December 2022

Serious Christians



 Well the Russkies are stacking them up again in the Kraine… and it is nasty. They’re poasting some grizzly pics up on Intel Slava today; fellas cut down in the forest with their dead eyes staring into infinity, and their broken limbs twisted at odd angles. There was some Uke agit-prop on another channel where some damned power girl decided she’d be as good as the men, and charge into battle to slay Russian bear and send him home in pieces. Aaaaaand she got killed. 5 kids without their Mom now. This is what happens when Clown World meets the real world where the Russians live. I’ll tell ya… I am right out of empathy right now. Anyone stupid enough to be poking that bear today deserves what they get.

I made the mistake of watching a unapproved, non-mainstream documentary about the fall of Kabul in Afghanistan. You can say anything you want on the internet, but when you back it up with good video, objective photos, and candid interviews with the people that are actually there…there comes a point where you can’t call it misinformation anymore. I look at that gong show and think that the same guys that botched Afghanistan are now calling the shots in the Kraine…? Wow… the gullibility and stupidity required to back this debacle in the Kraine is incredible.

What has me agog is the equipment turning up over there. When all this started I thought it was going to be a lot of old school equipment in play. The battle plan was that the Ukes would get all the best 20/21st century weapons, and make mincemeat out of the Russians with their vintage WW2 junk. It should have only taken a couple weeks too. Lookit what the latest batch of ambient temperature Ukes dropped:

What are those? 9mm?

So… they kinda look like those Sig MCX/MPX things, don’t they? Pistol calibre sub machine guns? Who carries these things in today’s world? I can see the tankers and maybe the driver dispatch guys. Or the elite guys that show up in the enemies back yard in the small hours of the night, and do snatch and grabs or blow the place up altogether.  Were the dead men these guns were taken from be those kind of elite soldiers? If so, what we’re they doing on the battle line? Typically those guys are either well away from the front line, or beyond it. Are the Ukes now so desperate? The peons, knights and bishops are all gone and now all that remain are the queen and rooks? It’s tough to tell much from the photos… but those dead men looked hard and well equipped. These were not freezing, hungry men that were dragged from their homes and sent to the front.

The Russians are sending some nasty stuff to the front all the time now. The newer T90s are showing up in numbers and that new T14 Armata tank (which they supposedly weren’t supposed to have in numbers) are beginning to trickle in. The war nerds are saying it is easily a match for the M1 Abrams.

I’ve heard that a few small breaks now exist in the Uke line. It’s possible to read too much into stuff like this. Hopefully it’s all over soon.

Boxing Day Rude Jokes, Erraticae & Ignoramium