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Monday, 31 January 2022

Dirty Broken Down Old Man


I have just got the meanest spiritual yellow jacket hornet up my arse and I honestly dunno what to do about it. It truly is the damnedest thing. A strange funk has settled on me since the passing of my father in law back before Christmas. I dunno what it was that triggered this, and only a vague sense of what to do about it. It’s the kind of funk that’s infected the way I think about everything. It settled down around my shoulders so softly at first that I didn’t even notice it. But now it bears down on me and makes me chafe. I have the good ol’ winter blahs but it’s oddly different this time.

Back before I became nonessential and I worked for a living I used to dream of retirement. I’d go downstairs and live in the Reclusium and the world could kiss my ass and go to hell with my compliments. I had REAL things that mattered - the guns, the camping, the bow, the planes and leather work… the dogs… I figured I’d have to retire twice just to make extra time to use on all my hobbies.

But…something changed this year. I did, I guess. It’s kinda like I’m a young man in his late teens or early 20s looking at the toys of his childhood. Imagine it: the comic books, the action figures, the ball glove, the BB gun, the hockey pucks and bubblegum cards… I feel like I’ve outgrown the stuff in the Reclusium the same way the young man outgrew the toys of his childhood. It leaves me lethargic and out of sorts. What am I supposed to do with myself?

I’ve fallen way behind on my reloading… good grief, there has to be 350 ~ 400 rounds there I gotta reload. No prob, right? Aw jeez… I gotta catch up on my bullet casting because I fell behind on that too! The Reclusium looks like a bomb went off, the dirty bird airplane needs to be completed… there was a time my little shop was cleaner than a green bean Marine’s M16… and I’d be running the Dirty Bird off skis by now I’m falling apart!!! 

I don’t even want to open up the news on the internet anymore. Our idiot prime minister has gone into hiding because the big bad truckers are laughing at him and blowing their air horns. Our conservatives have a golden opportunity to shitcan these idiot Covid mandates and the liberal morons that imposed them… and so far every single one of those faggots have gone quiet and timid as church mice. They’d probably like to go into hiding too, those spineless curs. Fuck ‘em all, I say - and pardon my fwench.

I need to get away. I need to shake off this bloody funk, turn off the noise for a bit, and blow some dust off. As soon as the weather lifts I am going out for an overnighter. I need to escape the madness, blow some dust off… and get back in the game with my head on straight. Hanging on to your sanity in Canada these days can be a damned tough proposition at times.

Maybe I should go get some psychological life counseling from Quartermain. 

I hear he takes cheques.

Poetry Corner: Ode To The Dying Boomer

 This masterpiece comes to us from none other than Vox Day.

You know what I’m doing, this is the time and place
I feel nothing but fabric, when I press down on your face
You really had me goin’, headin’ where you are
The explanation for you is eviler by far
I believed your generation, was going to change the world
And now your own grandchildren don’t know they’re boy or girl
There’s not much to examine, there’s nothing left to hide
You really can’t be serious if you have to ask me why
I say goodbye

Cause you’re no longer breathing, and now you’re out of air
Don’t know who you’re kidding, imagining I care
And I could stand here waiting, and watch as you fade away
I don’t suppose it’s worth the price, you’re worth the price, the price that I would pay

And everyone keeps asking, why we’re all so mad
How we can lament it, the life we never had
What’s the destination, can’t you feel the pain?
There’s nothing left to reason and only you to blame
You’ll never change

Cause you’re no longer breathing, and now you’re out of air
Don’t know who you’re kidding, imagining I care
And I could stand here waiting, and watch as you fade away
I don’t suppose it’s worth the price, you’re worth the price, the price that I would pay
But I’m thinking it over anyway
I’m thinking it over anyway

I said goodbye, it’s time to go
You’re out of time, a soft pillow
My hand above, your face below
And every breath that comes and goes
Boomer, it’s time to move on

Cause you’re no longer breathing, and now you’re out of air
Don’t know who you’re kidding, imagining I care
And I could stand here waiting, and watch as you fade away
I don’t suppose it’s worth the price, you’re worth the price, the price that I would pay
But I’m thinking it over anyway
I’m thinking it over anyway

I know what to do now. I’ll end it now, right here.

HAR HAR HAR!!! 😂👍 Sniff…! That was beautiful!!!

I just sit here in my spiritual out house on the edge of the glen of Utopia with the door open, hoping the doings of my fellow man can inspire me to move my spiritual bowels and get off the pot…and I usually just get bunged right up worse than ever! I push and grunt and nothing comes out… but boy… I wish I could chit like Vox Day!

I look at my parents. I look at my kid. I look at my own failures. I look at theirs. We all made huge mistakes. I can take mine and own them… but neither the kid or the parents can own theirs. They walk with the angels as pure as the driven snow even as they say and do the most rancid things. And the kids will be shocked and horrified when their own kids come for them.

Was it always this way? Sure we have to die to make way for the kids… but on these terms? The only decision left is to laugh or weep.

I should write a similar poem for the kids. Can anyone come up with a verse that rhymes with "beaten to death with a lead pipe"? 

The mind wobbles.

Sunday, 30 January 2022

I Want This Nation BURNED TO THE GROUND!!!!!


Bacon Shortage? US Pork Supplies Tumble To 11-Year Low

The rest of the horrible news is here!!!! I suppose I shouldn't joke in these times, but ... good grief. For those of you that missed it - and the mainstream media is largely ignoring it or downplaying it - every big wheel trucker in Canada is in Ottawa right now blockading highways, blowing on the air horns late into the night ... and generally making a nuisance of himself to our elite leaders because they can't make a living under these endless ridiculous lockdowns.  

And our brave leader - the unifier of Canadians? He announces that he has the coof, and will self isolate for a week or two. He buggers off to the grandiose cabin at the lake to wait the truckers out! He may as well said the same thing that other fwench bitch said - "Let them eat cack!" HAR HAR HAR!!! 

Now the authorities are telling the mob that Turdo has been removed from the cabin and squirrelled away someplace safe where the supposedly fascist Nazi crowds won't find him and tear him apart! Let’s have a little honesty around here: Turdo is in hiding because he’s a coward. If he comes out to speak, all the cameras will be there and everyone will see the magnitude of this protest, and they will see him for the idiot he is. The fags at the Babylon Bee ran a zinger today: “Trudeau Says Canadians Hate Him Because He’s Black”

😂😂😂HAR HAR HAR!!!😂😂😂

...problems they are having in Ottawa right now...

Gawd I gotta stop hanging out at Blab...

In church today they'll probably do the ol' 'pray for our leaders to develop basic common sense' or some such nonsense. And yeah - for Turdo and his fart catchers to do that - it would require a miracle or an act of God alright. For me, I am going to throw a quick one out for the truckers instead. For a lot of them this is the 'hail Mary' throw - if they weren't in Ottawa, their rigs would be sitting idle in the driveway costing them $3000.00 a month. Not all of us can wait this thing out at the tranquil family cabin like Turdo can. That isn't leadership. I see Biden does that too all the time - where he does his speech, then gets up and staggers away without taking any questions. It simply isn't what real leaders do. To me it is an absolute waste of time to pray for these cretins because they have turned their backs on God AND their own people. If I understand my bible correctly - our Maker will sit on his cloud and pick his teeth while nations like that burn. 

A fella might as well pray for something worthwhile.

Monday Morn Rotten Jokes



Somebody’s Gonna Die

 When their ears flatten and their pupils dilate … you may as well call up the clinic and tell their trauma teams to rustle up an IV drip and a few units of your favourite blood type… and maybe have nurse Aesop standing by with a bed pan. You’re about to be attacked by a Moulinex and you’re going to need them.

I used to torture cats for fun and amusement every day. I’d stretch a smelly sock over their heads then put them down on the ground and laugh as they flipped out and thrashed about trying to shake it off. My other old favourite was to put a strip of masking tape on one of their feet, and then yuck it up as they danced around hysterically on three legs. I pulled their tails, made rude jokes about them and assaulted them purely for sport and entertainment. You might say I was partially responsible for some of my scars. But… the worst cat attacks I ever got was when I was peacefully minding my own business. I’d be relaxing, and out of nowhere some hissing, spitting feline POS would come out of nowhere and cut me a new one for no reason at all. 

I love my dogs… but still miss my horrible cats on occasion. When it’s my time and I have to cross that rainbow bridge to rejoin my absent four legged friends… I will be a dead man in more ways than one.

HAR! 😂👍

Be nice to your cat today or beat him up if that is what he’d prefer.  Have a great Sunday and thanks for dropping in.


Saturday, 29 January 2022

Well THAT's Interesting...

 What is it? A .22 Blackout?

I wonder if they're pulling my leg.

I cannot possibly imagine the ballistic niche for this thing...

I'm So Old...


I remember when people actually wanted mainstream television in their homes...

Splash Another Diversity Hire

 Hrrrrrrmmmmmmmmmm. Apparently the official word is that this is the 5th Class A mishap the squids have had since Nov. 22/21. Unofficial word is that it was a woman in the cockpit.

So I guess they classify a type A naval aviation mishap as:





Y’know… I’d be really interested in finding out how many of these incidents involve vibrancy or diversity. But I suppose that’s an improper question, isn’t it? But… five of these types of incidents in two or three months…? To me that indicates one of two problems: either these operations are pushing the pilots and planes past their operational envelopes… or the wrong people are in the wrong jobs.

But whadda I know?


 The vast majority of us have no real need for knives this big. Your standard folders or fixed blades with a three or four inch blade will do any conceivable camp chores you need. But… if you are doing bushcraft, where you’re making shelters, chopping tarp poles and pegs, digging rocks out of the ground to make a campfire ring, batoning firewood… you need a big strong blade, and one that can stand up to some punishment. This fella here can almost replace your hawk or hatchet for most lighter chores. These blades lead hard lives, so any embellishments should be eliminated or kept to a minimum.

Old Angry Sharks


Cooking With The Fourth Reich

 At the conclusion of WW2 it was a mad scramble between the Yanks, the Kippers and the Russians to arrest the rocket scientists and engineers that developed the advanced German weapons like the V1 rockets, the jet engines, white underwear for men, and the antigravity time machines. We all know the story of Von Braun and his team.

Us Canadians got their cooks. Teams of top tier nazi gourmets were arrested as they tried to escape a crumbling post war Germany… and covertly smuggled in to Canada. There, they were set up in a secret lab in the hinterlands of northern Morontario. The black ops site was run under an obvious shell company called Kraft. Some of the foods they invented were actually edible like Kraft Dinner. Most though… they were straight out of hell’s kitchens. We are talking about squeezable mystery meats that existed in a semi-gelatinous state somewhere between a liquid and a solid…Ulp… the things they did to cheese… HURK! HURK, HURK, HURK!!! OH GAWD I’M GONNA HURL!!! The horror…the horror…

Then one day… it was all gone. The cooking commercials with nauseating recipes inexplicably stopped. Turdo The Elder gave the press the finger when they demanded answers about the billions of dollars given to the mysterious Kraft Corporation. The black ops site in northern Morontario was bulldozed and any records of it were either destroyed or classified… and the gubbimint disavowed all knowledge of it. 

What happened to the Nazi gourmets and cooks? No one knows. Those of us with the historical expertise to comment are divided. I say they got nabbed by the Scots. Others say the Scandihoovians got them. Our govt continues to say nothing. Perhaps some other country with a reputation for having no taste and awful food got them? Your guess is as good as mine. I am convinced they are all still alive, and conducting fiendish experiments on the stove. Occasionally evidence surfaces to support that theory.

Gott in Himmel!!! Yechchchchht!!! WTF is this!?!?

GAH!  ðŸ¤®

Tell me, Fraulein Gesundes Essen von Nata …if that’s your real name…? where were you in June of 1945, huh? Ulp… and where did you develop your skills with frankfurters…? 🤢 

I think you folks might just want to move along - especially those of you with weak stomachs and any tendencies toward squeamishness. This interrogation is liable to be long and extremely messy… 


Not Again…! The Ol’ Red Pill Suppository Trick…



This always happens when I’m making fun
of the retards like Aesop.


Welp - y’know what they say! Play stupid games with
stupid people… and win stupid prizes…

Friday, 28 January 2022

Friday Smelly

What a beauty eh?

My first rifle was an Enfield No.4 with the exquisite peep sights. For some reason the 03 Springfields seem to rule the roost in matches pitting vintage bolt guns against one another… but I have seen some outstanding shooting done with the Enfields too. They used to be a dime a dozen when I was a kid. Now a simple rack grade beater will set you back $700.00… and a pristine shooter will easily go over a grand.

When I violently overthrow the illegitimate Turdo Gubbimint and take over, Canada will re-assume its rightful place as one of the biggest small arms exporting  countries in the world. I want them all back: the Enfield’s, the Krags, the Martini Henry’s. I’d confiscate the American Garand designs and begin mass producing those too… maybe even in the proper .303 Brit. 😊👍

Where Are You Going To Run? When?


It’s a question going around in the circles I lurk in. Internet experts like Peter Grant are getting nervous and apparently we all should be too. The conversation is, should ya beat the rush, throw your bug-out bag in the back of the truck and pass your rifle to the old lady up front - and drive? Get a jump on the crowds? Or can you afford to wait? If ya wait too long the zombies or the brown shirts might get ya and you’ll never get away at all…

Some of the guys that turn up in the comments are just so much vermin. “Oh, I think I’ll just go to ground and hide while the excess population kills itself off….”. What kind of life is that? What kind of future does that promise for your bloody kids? I look at them and I see the kind of stock these castrated transgenders come from. Gah.

See that guy in the pic? Picture him about two feet shorter, with a pot, no hair, and an AR15. If it ever comes to it, I am going to dig right in, right here, and make my stand here. I don’t care if I fall here either. Dying at home appeals to me actually. If civil order breaks down, I will sandbag myself in so deep that they will need dynamite or artillery to put me down! If I kill four feral apes… I’ll call it good. I’d like to take more, but one can’t be greedy in life or death, I suppose.

You run and head for the hills, if you must. But let us have no illusions about exactly what it is you’re doing. What would your ancestors make of you?

Have a great Friday, folks.

A Fine Canoe Gun…


The Filthie Gamer


Y’know I started reading some Warhammer books awhile and back, I did about two or three and then quit. A lot of the serialized ones get repetitive and boring. I knew it was based on a board game… but I guess in point of fact…a whole new hobby sprang up around painting the pieces. I saw one kid with a micro airbrush, a collection of 200 paints on the wall behind him…going after the pieces one by one and they looked exquisite after they were done. The men all had battered and beaten armour, the monsters were all slimy and nasty…I shudder to think about the mess I’d have made.

Gaming is very serious business.😆👍

Thursday, 27 January 2022

Just As The First Trucks Pull In. Quite The Coincidence...


Looks like ol' Turdo La Doo just came down with Chinkypox again.

For the good of society he will be locking down and self quarantining. It's a good thing they told us or nobody would know he's gone...

Old And Stupid

 What happens to folks when they get old and stupid? And whaddya do about it? 

Is he woke? Or just old and stupid?

My folks are the same. Mom decreed that the unvaxxed are unclean, and will not be allowed in her magnificent presence. Oh darn, says I. Mom has holed up in her house with her jigsaw puzzles and lunacy and I am persona non grata. I dunno what I’ll do now, without that rancid old bitch to scold and nag everything I do! HAR HAR HAR! But it used to really tear me up inside. What if she takes a header down the stairs? What if she falls and can’t get up? But… she’s lucid, she’s an adult who has decided to make some very childish decisions and her husband is too. She is within her rights to insist on Covidian rites and rituals in her home and the govt supports her when she tries to pressure people and impose it on others.

Neil Young shares a lot of traits with mom. He’d not hesitate to open up his trap, exercise his right to express his own opinions and screw you if you didn’t like it. And just like mom - it was an absolute unforgivable sin if you dared to do the same, or dared to disagree. And if you got stupid about it…well then, all’s fair in love and war - and both of these bitches aren’t shy about going to war with people, HAR! 

I just read that the guys at Spotify will not be giving in to Neil’s ultimatums that they either cencor Joe Rogan and his Chinkpox heresy, or stop playing his music. Doing the math, Rogan is worth millions to them, and Neil is a dirty old washed up hippy who’s no longer relevant.

But that’s what these folks do; they hold a gun to their own heads, and say, “Do what I want or I’ll shoot…”. At some point people get fed up and just shrug. It’s a shit test where at some point… everyone fails it!😂👍 What do they call it? Emotional blackmail?

If mom falls and can’t get up… welp…she put herself in that boat, and there’s not a damned thing I can do. Neil blew up a deal that was good for everyone - most of all himself - and only has himself to blame. I’m sure he has the money to throw away… but part of me still wants to feel bad for him. In his day, he gave the establishment the finger it so richly deserved. Now he’s a shill for it.

There’s a point though, where they go from being free people that make their own decisions and take the consequences… to being oldsters that need a steadying hand to keep them from hurting themselves. I don’t have the wisdom or heart to make that call either.

At least… not yet.



That Smell…


Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Steel Driving Hammers


When I was a kid our society and culture had just gotten serious about tearing itself apart. It was a strange time to be a kid. I remember as a little gaffer…we all had complete modern nuclear families. Then in the space of a couple years, in the early 70s…half my friends saw their parents divorce. During the 70s my own parents had a few barn burners that could have gone the wrong way - I remember hiding behind the junk in the storage room downstairs as mom and dad shouted and battled upstairs. I thought they were going to kill each other. I dunno how their marriage survived. Divorce changed a lot of my friends too. I watched a lot of good kids get into drugs and trouble and become problems they never were before. Divorce was tough on the parents but it was absolutely murder on us kids. I saw a stat kicking around somewhere that said 75% of the criminals currently in jail are the product of single mother families. If my parents had divorced I’d probably be in jail and my big bro would probably be dead! HAR HAR HAR!

Of course nowadays nobody gives divorce a second thought. But back then a lot of us kids regarded divorce with some degree of dread. We used to admit that divorce resulted in broken homes that weren’t good for anyone … but now we aren’t allowed to notice stuff like that because it would make the kids feel bad and their parents feel guilty.

As a kid I’d listen to the music of
my elders and wonder what in hell they were singing about
and why they complicated their lives the way they did.
It all seemed so stupid.

 I suppose it is… but whadda I know. Eventually my family broke down too, in ways that can never be fixed. The pain and the hurt goes away and who knows… a “new normal” sets in and maybe the kids straighten out and fly right too. But I understand much of the music from my childhood and maybe understand my parents a bit better too. 

I wish I didn’t…but guys like me seldom get a choice in such things.

Gettin’ Serious Here Boss…


Canada’s military has been a joke for a long, long time. Turdo The Elder started first by gutting their budgets and using the money on welfare instead. Of course all that did was create more free loaders with their hands out. Then the military became an employment agency for connected political fart catchers. The officers were fired and replaced with fat lesbians, retarded fwenchmen, creepy gropers and rapists, feminist rage heads… and now it extends right down to the enlisted ranks. From what I am hearing morale is in the toilet.

It shows too. When the sandbox caught fire, Canada had no way of getting the troops to Afghanistan, so they had to thumb a ride from the Yanks. When they got there they had the wrong camo and equipment and had to bum the right stuff from the Yanks. A week after they got there, General Rick The Dick Hillier and Prime Minister Fartin Martin had a dog and pony show for the press - and our moron General proclaimed “Mission Accomplished!!”. Afghanistan had been pacified, all the bad rag heads were in custody, and Canadians could get down to imposing civility on the rest. It made me want to retch.

I could be full a beans… but that’s where I see America heading right now with its own military. That shit show in Afghanistan wasn’t all the fault of DC politicos - there was a time when our militaries could get anywhere in the world, do the job, and be home for coffee.  Moving around fast was part of what they did. Now they can’t even abandon ship properly, and a bunch of goat herds and rag heads gave them the business on the way out of the sandbox.

These words taste like shit in my mouth but… I fear the debacle in Afghanistan is the shape of things to come, and as our forces become ever more vibrant, diverse, and politically correct… it’s only going to get worse.

I Don't Care What Anyone Says...


These things shouldn't float!

I think this one is either a chink or a Russki...

Rattlin’ Pots & Pans…



Breakfast Utensils


Tuesday, 25 January 2022

Trucks Are On The Way


Welp… the truckers’ convoys are headed out to Ottawa in Morontario as we speak. Apparently there was a string of them 70 km long headed east out of BC. The police assigned to the event are publicly expressing solidarity with the truckers. 

Personally… I don’t think it will do any good. The Canadian ruling class only needs the approval of 35% of the population and it’s done like dinner. Justin is also a smarmy little faggot like his father was, and could care less if 65% of Canadians are in big trouble. The truckers will get the same flip off that the oil patch guys did.

Ideally this would become a vote of confidence issue and Turdo would get the boot… but who would replace him? The conservatives are run by gutless cucks, and the parties to the left of Turdo’s liberals are just flat out insane.

This is why I don’t do Canadian politics. Our establishment uniparty is even tighter than the one you Yanks have down south. The only way things will change up here is if someone gets shot in the face or pushed down the stairs.

I wish those truckers the best of luck. They’re going to need it.


Ghastly Monsters From The Reclusium



Tuesday Rude Jokes