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Friday, 14 January 2022

But What About All The GOOD Things Hitler Did...?


I live under a rock out in Stubfart Forest where the buses don't run - so I am out of touch on pop culture, celebrities and the edgy fashionable trends of our neoliberal times and society. As a result, I am not quailing in fear of the thought that the Fourth Reich is about to topple our democracy and turn us all into a bunch of goose stepping idiots. But I guess Hollywood is fascinated by these fascist bad guys and can't get enough of them. I just discovered a new (to me) series entitled, 'The Man In The High House' on Amazon about an America set in the 1960's - with an alternate history where the Yanks lost WW2 and the Japs and Krauts have divided the nation up between them. The characters struggle amidst resistance, totalitarianism, imperialism and Fascism. If I had a job and a life I probably wouldn't watch it.

It's obvious right off the bat that the morons that wrote it clearly don't understand Nazi Germany or Imperialist Japan. The characters are ridiculous parodies that conform to the narratives of Hollywierd schitlib morons than anything resembling the actual players of WW2. I'm only a couple exciting episodes in, and the Japs are portrayed as basically good guys with a few genuine turdies mixed in. I've never, ever understood that: historically the Japs did things in China and east asia that would make the Nazis look like choirboys. In WW2 they murdered entire cities and made a public national sport of beheading Chinese peasants and bayonetting their children. A couple decades later, Barkie Obutthole was bowing down low to them and apologizing for the bombs dropped on Nagasaki and Hiroshima! And the Jews of Hollywood portray them as nice guys in crappy sci-fi shows! HAR HAR HAR!!!  The Nazis of course, are all bad guys and one is a stubfart father of a family that is run with an Iron Fist. He's a big wig in the American SS and he rats out his friends, and menaces his own son and family with visions of being turned into soap and lampshades. I really like that guy!

But.... y'know.... there is no faggotry in these shitlib dystopian hells. There's no vibrants crapping on the sidewalks or tent cities. No drug addicted, shambling zombies, to screaming, pussy hatted fatties and uglies, and the Hitler Youth are clean cut young men encouraged to excel at sports and academics, and they don't hate themselves or prostrate themselves to pedos, queers, and marxists the way the Boy Scouts have. No pervert trannies in the washrooms or women's change rooms... Aaaaaaaaahhhhhhhh. Life would be soooooo relaxed, HAR HAR HAR!!! Would Nazi America really be a bad place???


I would make a superlative Nazi. You'd all call me Obergruppenfurher Filthie - or else!!! Of course, in the name of genetic purity and relying solely on the science of eugenics... I'd probly have to thin out the tards a bit. I'd send Aesop straight to the camps and do horrible medical experiments on Comrade Misfit. I'd surround myself with the best minds America can produce: Quartermain, Pete, Jack, WL... OMG... I'd carry around a pristine Luger P-08 or better yet - a Mauser broomhandle... and maybe a PPK for back up. I'd get around on a vintage BMW motorcycle with a machine gun on the side personal staff would be a bunch of dominatrix hotties in skin tight leather boots, tailored top suits with swastika arm bands.... sigh...

Have any of you guys watched this series? Is it worth watching?  I hope your Friday is going according to plan, and that you have some good things scheduled for the weekend. As always - thanks for stopping in.


  1. Slogged through it. The book made way more sense.

  2. 1st season is pretty good. After that? Meh. Never made it through season 2 myself.

  3. A good friend of mine watched it and said it was decent. I haven't gotten around to trying it mainly because I know too much about the Japs and the Krauts. Japanese and Nazi Germans, that is.

    I, personally, would have dropped a third A-Bomb on Japan just on general principles.

    1. I don't think you would have, Jack. The idea was to make them surrender. Considering the Imperial Japanese mindset... if they had hit them too hard, it might have entrenched the kamikazee mindset and the Yanks would have had to take them street by street, village by village, city by city. They'd have had to starve them out too, which would really have alienated folks back home. The way I understand it (correct me if I'm wrong), they only had the two bombs initially and any further bombs were weeks away...

  4. Unit 731.
    How many of you have heard of that? (Okay, bad question; the "average" person who reads here is not the "average American".) But we all have been taught the name Mengele.

    Of all the highly-credentialed, supposedly highly-educated persons I deal with regularly, not one single person raised in the US had ever heard of Unit 731. The Pretty Korean Girl did of course, but she grew up in the ROK. But: Not. One. American.

    This is not by accident of course. Unit 731 weakens the narrative. So the does the Holodomor. Who was taught about that in K-through-12 History classes? Can't learn about the Holodomor, because it weakens the narrative. Shit, for that matter, among those of you with kids, has any K-12 History class mentioned Bataan in the last 10 years?

    PS. Castle. The Man In the High Castle.

  5. A cousin of mine served in the USMC during the later part of the war in the Pacific, and he was stationed in Japan during the occupation. Unlike most of the men in his unit, he hated Japan and the people. He told people that if he had his way, he would have totally exterminated them. He was invited to speak at my high school, but when he found out there was a Japanese girl in the class, he told the school to either have her leave during his speech or he would not speak. The school wanted him to speak, and she spent the time in the library reading.

  6. Not a spoiler, but I take it you haven't gotten to the portions highlighting the real heroes, vibrant communists fight *all* the evil people, aka everyone who isn't vibrant.

  7. I watched it through about the 3rd season. Then the shifts in time lines got too confusing, so I quit. One of the things which struck me was the number of "average Americans" who bought into the Jap/Nazi overlords in order to keep their jobs and lives--deputy sheriffs, etc.

  8. We watched it through. The last two seasons absolutely sucked. Too bad. The book (and premise) was good.