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Thursday, 13 January 2022

EU Le Peauh


Lookit that. Y’know - they probly put the stars around it so the idiot Euros can hit the hole and know where to aim! Mind you - for half those demented cretins, the crapper is part of their sex lives…🤢 GAH!

No ash tray… and no reading material! Of course - the Thunderbox boasts a world class library what with Uncle Bob’s old skin mags, Quartermain’s comic books, and TBs collection of books from Classical Greek scholars and philosopher kings. For an outdoor installation ya ALWAYS put ya arsewipe in a coffee can to keep the spiders, mice and bugs out of it. They probly don’t have coffee cans in Euroland because they make their faggy little coffees with those bolt action coffee machines. Lead and death come in cartridges, not coffee! But most of those flimps in Euroland can’t have guns either.

Now that Aesop empties and cleans the pan and ash tray several times a day… doing your business here at the Thunderbox is an even more businesslike affair.The Euros could learn a lot from us and no bones about it. Round here, you take your ease with the panache and style of true nobility!

When the next world war goes down and the shitlibs have to build Europe back better… we’d better start with the facilities.


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