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Sunday, 16 January 2022

From The Crypt Of Moldy Oldies

 Y’know there’s nothing WORSE than when old farts like Kim du Toit start running their mouths about the music of their youth. He’s so friggin old and stupid, that he still thinks the greasy Beatles are cool. When he starts spinning the old vinyl LP’s… I double up: I put in ear plugs and then clamp on the shooting muffs over them. The 70s were mostly gay and lame, Kim - but you go ahead and rock on with the other geezers I guess! Those ruffley disco shirts still look great on ya!


When I sit back and think about it…if it’s okay for that fat old geezer to let it all hang out and make us hipper, younger trendsetters suffer for it… maybe it’s time to turn the tables!

OMG… the 80s sucked too!

Who’da thunk it?

Paul Janz had a few one-hit wonders and because he was Canadian… he got played to death up here. Just like Anne Murray, Sarah McBallgargler, Gordon Lightfoot and a few others.

At least I am smart enough not to shove this at the youngsters and insist that this stuff is still cool. In fact… I guess it’s well past time for guys like me to concede that my generation was pretty lame too. Put on your shooting muffs guys… and take your punishment like a man! 


  1. I agree, not a Beatles fan, disco sucked, the 80s were weird. Journey - don't stop believin' - I remember hating that song first time I heard it.

    I still like Gordon Lightfoot.

  2. There are always snobs who want to supervise the personal preferences of others. Ignore them. Listen to what you like and be happy.

    1. Yeah, I mean just because you like gay music doesn't make you gay. Maybe a little bi-curious but definitely not gay.

  3. I see your point Glen, but any music has it's fans and haters. Like Jeff Jenkins states above, he and I still dig some Gordon Lightfoot. Still like me some old Journey too. I guess it's what we grew up with and the memories we relate to that music that gives it some kind of special to our own soul. But on the whole, yeah, I get it. Ohio Guy

  4. One hit wonders? Zero hit wonders, I'd say.