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Wednesday, 26 January 2022

Gettin’ Serious Here Boss…


Canada’s military has been a joke for a long, long time. Turdo The Elder started first by gutting their budgets and using the money on welfare instead. Of course all that did was create more free loaders with their hands out. Then the military became an employment agency for connected political fart catchers. The officers were fired and replaced with fat lesbians, retarded fwenchmen, creepy gropers and rapists, feminist rage heads… and now it extends right down to the enlisted ranks. From what I am hearing morale is in the toilet.

It shows too. When the sandbox caught fire, Canada had no way of getting the troops to Afghanistan, so they had to thumb a ride from the Yanks. When they got there they had the wrong camo and equipment and had to bum the right stuff from the Yanks. A week after they got there, General Rick The Dick Hillier and Prime Minister Fartin Martin had a dog and pony show for the press - and our moron General proclaimed “Mission Accomplished!!”. Afghanistan had been pacified, all the bad rag heads were in custody, and Canadians could get down to imposing civility on the rest. It made me want to retch.

I could be full a beans… but that’s where I see America heading right now with its own military. That shit show in Afghanistan wasn’t all the fault of DC politicos - there was a time when our militaries could get anywhere in the world, do the job, and be home for coffee.  Moving around fast was part of what they did. Now they can’t even abandon ship properly, and a bunch of goat herds and rag heads gave them the business on the way out of the sandbox.

These words taste like shit in my mouth but… I fear the debacle in Afghanistan is the shape of things to come, and as our forces become ever more vibrant, diverse, and politically correct… it’s only going to get worse.


  1. I served 21 years in the military, and for what? I guarded my country only to see its government hand it over to illegal aliens and "refugees." Our troops are sent to guard the borders of shit hole countries while our "leaders" turn America into one, going as far as to aid and abet its invasion by the aforementioned wetbacks.

    Our military is being "purged" of "right-wing extremists." Note that "extremism" isn't being purged; only "right-wing extremism." What our government wants is a bunch of people who would be willing to turn their guns on the very citizens they're charged to protect. No Glen, this is not going to end well... for them...

  2. absolutely correct
    it is the death of empires, but it is death by suicide, all planned for a very long time
    our only recourse is to keep praying that the fall is gradual ad not sudden