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Sunday, 30 January 2022

I Want This Nation BURNED TO THE GROUND!!!!!


Bacon Shortage? US Pork Supplies Tumble To 11-Year Low

The rest of the horrible news is here!!!! I suppose I shouldn't joke in these times, but ... good grief. For those of you that missed it - and the mainstream media is largely ignoring it or downplaying it - every big wheel trucker in Canada is in Ottawa right now blockading highways, blowing on the air horns late into the night ... and generally making a nuisance of himself to our elite leaders because they can't make a living under these endless ridiculous lockdowns.  

And our brave leader - the unifier of Canadians? He announces that he has the coof, and will self isolate for a week or two. He buggers off to the grandiose cabin at the lake to wait the truckers out! He may as well said the same thing that other fwench bitch said - "Let them eat cack!" HAR HAR HAR!!! 

Now the authorities are telling the mob that Turdo has been removed from the cabin and squirrelled away someplace safe where the supposedly fascist Nazi crowds won't find him and tear him apart! Let’s have a little honesty around here: Turdo is in hiding because he’s a coward. If he comes out to speak, all the cameras will be there and everyone will see the magnitude of this protest, and they will see him for the idiot he is. The fags at the Babylon Bee ran a zinger today: “Trudeau Says Canadians Hate Him Because He’s Black”

πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚HAR HAR HAR!!!πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

...problems they are having in Ottawa right now...

Gawd I gotta stop hanging out at Blab...

In church today they'll probably do the ol' 'pray for our leaders to develop basic common sense' or some such nonsense. And yeah - for Turdo and his fart catchers to do that - it would require a miracle or an act of God alright. For me, I am going to throw a quick one out for the truckers instead. For a lot of them this is the 'hail Mary' throw - if they weren't in Ottawa, their rigs would be sitting idle in the driveway costing them $3000.00 a month. Not all of us can wait this thing out at the tranquil family cabin like Turdo can. That isn't leadership. I see Biden does that too all the time - where he does his speech, then gets up and staggers away without taking any questions. It simply isn't what real leaders do. To me it is an absolute waste of time to pray for these cretins because they have turned their backs on God AND their own people. If I understand my bible correctly - our Maker will sit on his cloud and pick his teeth while nations like that burn. 

A fella might as well pray for something worthwhile.


  1. Yeah; I'm reading now that the butt pirates in Nova Scotia outlawed "support along the highway" for the Convoy. I say there are more of you than the tyrants, folks. Keep on truckin'! Keep on supportin'!

    As for us Yanks, it's about time we start doing the same! I reiterate; there are more of us that there are of them!

    1. Yup - maybe it's time a few more of those shits were driven to ground too. Good grief I am so sick of them...

  2. I've said from the beginning, this virus crap would have stopped after the second day if we'd started shooting the right people in the face.

    1. The best scams are the ones where you can get the rubes to fleece themselves, Chuck. There are any number of retards that are still all in on Covid and they're liable to shoot heretics first!

    2. We're not gonna get out of this the clean and easy way. Belly up to the bar, boys !!

  3. there are many prayers
    here is one from king david
    'Lord, make my enemies bones dust beneath my feet,'.
    try praying that and see if it makes you feel better
    don't blame God we have brought it upon ourselves with rampant baby murder and other immorality
    by the way the chinese bought many pork producers in this country including smithfield of virginia!!
    probably all the bacon is going overseas
    they feed pigs disgusting things and it brings down the costs
    some pork here is amazingly cheap, i figure it is chinese produced here in usa
    see if a farmer up there will sell you bacon he raises and smokes himself

    1. I generally try to avoid praying for negative things, Deb. I am sure David was within his rights to pray for that but then again, he had the ear of God. Mine tend to be short and sweet and are usually the same: good fortune and health to this or that person or group, maybe a few more IQ points for myself... that kind a thing... I guess I am probably doing it wrong... whadda I know?

  4. The only disagreement I have is the post title. I don't want the Nation burned. I want the government burned (yours and mine); burned to the ground and everyone in it. Then start over.
    I've been reading The Real Anthony Fauci by Robert Kennedy Jr. It's a hard slog because I can only get through a few pages at a time before I have to set it down and cool off my blood pressure. There's an old saying in politics: "Never attribute to malice what can be adequately explained by stupidity." Well, until I got into this book, I thought that Fauci was both stupid and evil. I mean, any determined half-wit can get through med school if you pick the right one--they absolutely detest a dropout rate. Well, Fauci is anything but stupid. He was first in his class at Cornell. You don't do that by being stupid. He's never been a doctor either, unless he saw a patient or two in his residency. He went into the NIH right out of school in order to avoid being drafted into the military, and has been a pencil pusher ever since. What makes him look stupid is his insane arrogance leading him to step on his own dick over and over. He is evil on a level I can scarcely comprehend, a psychopath to make Mengele look like an amateur. I can only take comfort in the lesson from the ancient Greeks: that Hubris ALWAYS invites Nemesis, and their insanity will be their undoing. If you prefer the Bible over Greek mythology, Proverbs 16:18 will do nicely.

    1. Alot of truth there Greg... but I question some parts of it. As far as his academic record...look: histology and pathology are established sciences. There is no scientifically valid margin for half of what he's done with Covid. I will agree that he is a foul and evil man, and that he isn't stupid... but I will question his academic reputation as well as his professional one. Did he actually go to school? Was he actually a top notch student or were his marks faked? Who were the professors that gave him the marks? How deep does the rot in our institutions actually go? You have to question all this stuff.
      When I was a kid the opinion of the mass media was that Pierre Elliot Trudeau was brilliant. "Has an IQ easily north of 160" some of them said. Welp... if you look at him nowadays you can see the man was easily just as stupid and vapid as his son. But everywhere was the notion that the man was brilliant. It was literally Inspector Clouseau in real life!

      Okay... maybe we don't need to burn the country down... but we need to burn the gov't down AND the institutions supporting it. The hospitals went along with this. The schools went along with this. The fuggin judiciary went along with it. Can you even burn those down without taking the country with it?

    2. bayou renaissance man printed a professors conclusions about stupidity late last year or this year
      seems stupidity is not more prevalent on the lower end of the bell curve but is distributed evenly along the curve
      real eye opener
      one can be stupid and brilliant at the same time!!

  5. israeli intel has trudeau in the u.s. right now. is he abdicating the throne?

  6. The USA had truck driver strikes in the 1970s over the energy crises; lack of fuel for sale, fuel prices that were rising into the stratosphere, and the speed limits cut to 55 mph (damn the double-nickel). The the Peanut Farmer signed The Motor Carrier Act into law, which cut prices for everyone except the truck drivers. Drivers had their wages cut in half, and benefits cut to nothing. We once had a hundred or so trucking companies in the USA; we now have over 200,000. Great for the consumer - big box stores wouldn't exist without deregulation.

    Prior to the 1970s, driving a truck was one of the very few jobs a man could get that paid well and offered great benefits. Some of those drivers were functional illiterates, but they'd pull into a truck stop and other drivers would help them out with their log book. So what the hell, right?

    My grandfather and my father were in the trucking industry, although not as drivers. Dad managed a small truckline in Ohio, and he get calls in the middle of the night about one problem or another. One night he had to get dressed and go down to a loading dock someplace and unload a trailer. He worked until around five in the morning.

    Anyway, if the truckers strike, management is going to find out just exactly why we have groceries on the shelf, and what the consumer is willing to do about it.

  7. Ceausescu's body guards got it right, put them against the wall and let god sort them out.

  8. I am also current reading "The Real Anthony Fauci". He is a cold, calculating evil bastard. He has a slew of underlings that are also feeding from the trough. Big Pharma is in on the game along with the FDA. Kickbacks, bogus drug trials with results for drugs that are dangerous being manipulated and then put on the market with the approval of the FDA. You can't trust that any drug that a doctor would prescribe is safe. They are getting kickbacks too.