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Thursday, 20 January 2022

I’ll Take One In A 28, WL…

I’ve never had the pleasure of a 28 gauge.
I bought a 20… but that’s still a tad on the big side for me…

Mind you, WL goes the other way. For a sense of scale…
that flask of gin
is a 24 ouncer. That will barely get him through
the average white rhino hunt…


  1. Down here through out this whole scam-demic when the shelves were barren of all other stuff there was always 28 gauge available.

  2. I have 20/28 matched barrel set for my Beretta silver pigeon. I love to shoot the gun, even though it's short for me. It truely is a beautiful gun. I found it was cheaper to reload the 28 gauge.

  3. I've shot 28 gauge. If you can shoot, by all means lighten up to 28. However, plan on loading your own. These days 28 may be hard to get, but it's expensive. I've also shot .410 and .410 in 3 inch magnum. Neither 28 nor .410 kick much, but you have to be a passingly decent shotgunner to bring back dinner.

    The real advantages to shooting 28 gauge is that you don't turn the quail or squab into roadkill when you hit it, and you have the pleasure of giving all those Krieghoff and Perazzi 12 gauge shotgunners something to worry about.

    As far as shotguns go, I own a 12 gauge Ithaca Featherweight pump with an English style stock, which will take 3 inch magnum shot shells. When I was a kid, I used my father's Ithaca pump, and took along a box of shells he gave me. These shells were loaded to four and a quarter drams of powder to an ounce of shot, and no one will even sell that load anymore. Those shells kicked so hard you'd lose the fillings in your teeth.

    10 gauge I've seen and wouldn't shoot. 8 gauge isn't made anymore, but a few old timers have ancient side by side 8 gauge goose guns. I've seen a few, never shot one, and at my age I know better than to try. One thing I do not need is a dislocated shoulder.