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Thursday, 27 January 2022

Old And Stupid

 What happens to folks when they get old and stupid? And whaddya do about it? 

Is he woke? Or just old and stupid?

My folks are the same. Mom decreed that the unvaxxed are unclean, and will not be allowed in her magnificent presence. Oh darn, says I. Mom has holed up in her house with her jigsaw puzzles and lunacy and I am persona non grata. I dunno what I’ll do now, without that rancid old bitch to scold and nag everything I do! HAR HAR HAR! But it used to really tear me up inside. What if she takes a header down the stairs? What if she falls and can’t get up? But… she’s lucid, she’s an adult who has decided to make some very childish decisions and her husband is too. She is within her rights to insist on Covidian rites and rituals in her home and the govt supports her when she tries to pressure people and impose it on others.

Neil Young shares a lot of traits with mom. He’d not hesitate to open up his trap, exercise his right to express his own opinions and screw you if you didn’t like it. And just like mom - it was an absolute unforgivable sin if you dared to do the same, or dared to disagree. And if you got stupid about it…well then, all’s fair in love and war - and both of these bitches aren’t shy about going to war with people, HAR! 

I just read that the guys at Spotify will not be giving in to Neil’s ultimatums that they either cencor Joe Rogan and his Chinkpox heresy, or stop playing his music. Doing the math, Rogan is worth millions to them, and Neil is a dirty old washed up hippy who’s no longer relevant.

But that’s what these folks do; they hold a gun to their own heads, and say, “Do what I want or I’ll shoot…”. At some point people get fed up and just shrug. It’s a shit test where at some point… everyone fails it!πŸ˜‚πŸ‘ What do they call it? Emotional blackmail?

If mom falls and can’t get up… welp…she put herself in that boat, and there’s not a damned thing I can do. Neil blew up a deal that was good for everyone - most of all himself - and only has himself to blame. I’m sure he has the money to throw away… but part of me still wants to feel bad for him. In his day, he gave the establishment the finger it so richly deserved. Now he’s a shill for it.

There’s a point though, where they go from being free people that make their own decisions and take the consequences… to being oldsters that need a steadying hand to keep them from hurting themselves. I don’t have the wisdom or heart to make that call either.

At least… not yet.


  1. My Grandmother used to call that kind of stuff "Cutting off your nose to spite your face"

  2. "Is he woke? Or just old and stupid?"


    Consider the following:
    - By his own admission, Spotify was 60% of his income stream
    - He previously sold the rights to 50% of his income stream to a British company.

    This means that he just screwed said company out of a large portion of what they paid him for. That is known in legal circles as Fraud. Kneel Young has placed himself in a deep steaming pile of dudu.

    1. I just did the math, and out of a spirit Christian charity, I will pay that British company the $1.35 on behalf of Mr. Young, so we can all heal and move on.

  3. Its 3:00AM my time (Australia), and I'm unable to sleep because of the effects the second dose is having on my body, and it's only been 18 hrs. I just could not escape the mandates any longer without going bush permanently.

    I am a very similar situation with my parents.

    I am a Christian who has been recently brought back to the church, and trying to find my way in this world. At this moment, I am really struggling to not actually hate people like my parents. I'll probably get over myself once the symptoms pass, but I am feeling like I have been raped. Raped with a "big mac" that was virtually ineffective against the original version with 99.7% survival rate, let alone the current transformer party version and its party girl sisters.

    It is not my place to judge, but this behaviour seems ubiquitous in our elders, and is largely why I have been forced to take an evil experimental medical treatment that reeks of sulphur, made from the cells of an unborn child and God only knows what else.

    Fuck 'em.

    1. Well whaddya gonna do, A? Make it as costly and unpleasant as possible for them to do this to you, and let them know that if they try anything else like this, they may get shot for their efforts.

      These guys are on very thin ice and it is a message you made them hear. Good work - and I hope you’re up on your feet again soon.

  4. Old people sometimes get mean and nasty, JL. Shitlib women get it the worst. They are raised with grievances and bitches that can never really be addressed, because most of them are based on BS. Even the bible has a blurb on contentious women. My grandmother was a dreadful old bitch in her final days too. All you can do is be around if they need help, and otherwise … look scarce and find somewhere else to be.

    I suppose a lot of men end up in that boat too, but the women really like to spread the misery as much as they can. Bitter old men seem to want to squirrel themselves away and be left alone…. And maybe that’s the way I am headed?

  5. -"Neil is a dirty old washed up hippy who’s no longer relevant"-
    No longer???? More like never was. And there in lies the crux of the problem to begin with. Someone made the stupid cunt believe he was. Hope they cancel him and he learns how worthless he really is.
    As for the old bat, throw some "love" back at her and just tell her you'll be happy to pull the plug when she's on life support.

    1. Pretty much bang on as usual, M. This is a message Neil and the old bint should have been given long ago. We are not blameless though, we ceded the moral high ground to them when we never should have. They get obnoxious because we defer to them when they do; and now they are trying to pull the food down on us and everyone is consumed with being civil and not hurting their feelings. I don’t want peopke like that in my world anymore…

  6. "A Southern man don't need him around anyhow."

  7. Glen, I'll bet you a shiny new dime that this wasn't even his idea.
    The left hates Rogan so much they found an old washed up singer with
    a little name recognition left and used him like a tool.

    How'd that work out?

    Spotify: 1

    Leftists: 0