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Wednesday, 12 January 2022

Opening Pandora's Box

 I was just over at the Z-Man's where the big kids were telling horror stories - sounds like Cankles Clinton is going to take another run at the presidency. Electoral shenanigans will obviously needed to bring that about... but whadda I know? 2024 is an eternity away in political timelines. I don't think the idea is far-fetched though - they've hijacked one election and gotten away with it, who is to say they can't do any number of them? You're going to find out - if I've said it once, I have said it a dozen times. These people won't stop. They'll have to BE stopped, at some point. I personally believe none of that will happen until people start going hungry and the lights go out. It won't be long now.

The military will be the wild card in what is to come? For me it's a hard one to read... the military is not the same as it used to be. It's run by the wrong people, and the squaddies are now forced to submit to all kinds of indoctrination. I heard the squids just tacked on two weeks to their basic training so that all the new hires get a firm grounding in wokeism. I can see a LOT of officers getting fragged by opposing factions: the normies will frag the fags and the fags will frag their normie officers... assuming things get that nasty. I can't get a read on it. How will the squaddies go? 

Which way will they break? 


  1. heard on Catholic radio that a study to discover concentrations of sociopaths revealed that wash d c is the winner in
    wonder if ottawa wins in canada

  2. I'd be curious to see how many troops would obey an order to shoot the very people they're pledged to protect. As a retired military man I can tell you this; any military man who obeys that order will be treated as an "enemy domestic" by me...

    1. Well, we already found out the cops will obey their paymasters. Career officers and nco’s will be under a lot of pressure to conform, my guess is that many will follow their chain of command and comply with their orders.

    2. Study your history Pete. Soldiers and cops will follow the orders of whomever signs their paycheck.

  3. The platoon sergeants and first sergeants will decide how things go. Most of them are still combat veterans with bad memories of asinine rules of engagement foisted upon them by the kommissars.

  4. re cankles, saw an interesting theory.
    the whole latest garbage running the usa is by design, so when knees up gets canned for her dismal performance, (and horrible cackle), in the next 12 months, cankles gets the gig as "the adult in the room", and not long after does the 25TH on Joey Bidet, instant potus for the evil slimebag and no pesky election to have to rig.

  5. From the Anonymous Conservative blog ...

    “Friend’s younger bro just graduated marines
    Tells me that, in their mess hall, are pics of all presidents past
    Tells me that where Harris and Biden should be is simply a frame with the words
    >decision pending ”

    “I ask “how in the know are the marines?”
    Tells me:
    >The entire marine corps is red pilled “as fuck””

    Good news if true.