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Tuesday, 11 January 2022

Pulling The Rip Cord

 Any of you guys got back up plans for your blogs?

I know BCE and Phil were getting the business from some feral trolls and social justice warriors wanting to cancel them… and I am seeing a few of those buttplugs popping up in the comments of old posts. They’re the kind of twinks and cretins that like to get people banned and censored… and given that I have all the wrong opinions and laugh at the wrong people… I may need a new site soon.

I may be alright, but ya never know these days. Last I heard Phil was over at Cold Fury… but I want my own site if possible. If you have any ideas please let me know.




  1. I like your place and hope nothing bad happens. I also visited Phil and BCE.
    While the problem might be some SJW idiots...
    But, let me slip on the Ole tin foil hat and suggest....
    I saw a news article this am at Fox seems that the Biden admin was the one that sent a note to the National School Board Assoc prodding them to say something about these parents standing up against what the schools have been teaching.
    Then of course they sent a letter to AG Garland who promptly sic' the FBI on those "domestic terrorist"
    NOW we have blogs being shut down by unknown agents....
    But only blogs that this administration doesn't like or control.
    Like I said I do hope I am wrong and my silly tin foil hat is simply too tight and is cutting off blood flow...
    Cause if I am right then you and the rest of my reading club could be in trouble.

    1. I think you are spot on Grumpy As for me I run through a VPN and secure email server. I'm just wondering how long before the swamp rats squeeze the providers into revealing info on the users and bloggers. Stay Grey as long as you can.

  2. I just visited the update at BCE'S place,
    And good tin foil could be too tight...
    BCE is saying his and Bustedknuckles probs were WordPress internal issues NOT nefarious outside actors. From his lips to God's ears.
    This word does not need any more problems than what we got.
    Gob Bless you and yours and keep on bloggin'

  3. Gettin' a bit nervous, are we? Well... you aren't alone. Check this stuff out:


    (How To) Back up your blog content

    To get an .xml [which is desirable - MJ] file of your blog’s posts, pages, and comments:

    Sign in to Blogger.
    At the top left, click the blog you want to back up.
    In the left menu, click Settings.
    Under "Manage blog," click Back up content and then Download.

    Note: I haven't used this method, and so don't know if it even exists let alone how well it works. However, it looks simple enough for even a yuk-a-putz like me, so I'd try it first. If it works, it works.

    Ten Ways to Backup and Restore Your Mess

    3. HTTrack Website Copier – This free software allows you to create a mirror copy of the blog on your computer. It builds recursively all directories, getting HTML, images, and other files from the server to your computer.

    I've used this, and it's got a learning curve. It also works. And no, before you even think of asking, I'm not going to do any free support or hints or anything. For one thing, I'm not all that knowledgeable. For another, and maybe more to the point, by the time you get around to telling me all about your problems, I'll be on my third martini and you'll be half-full of whatever you claim not to be drinking these days. Now just imagine trying to describe what's going on with your system to me while I'm half in the bag.

    For any method you choose, I strongly suggest you go out to Google and create a new email and associated blog for testing purposes. Add some stuff to it, then try backing it up and see what you get.

    You'd be wise to back up your stuff. Some of the stuff I comment about could get us both banned for life by the SJW crowd.

  4. FWIW the problems at Phil's place appear to be that the server went bonkers on itself, not an outside attack by trolls.
    Though my views are quite clear to anyone who sees the sidebar on my blog, I post strictly about my own doings, and I moderate all comments, so I don't really attract too many of the wackos. Anyone who tries any shit on me gets permanently blocked. A few years ago I caught some spillover from Harry Flashman's blog in the form of some nut-job who signed its vulgar comments variously as Arron/Sara/Sarah who I suspect is the same Sara/Sarah Phil has been dealing with.

  5. Glen, I think DiveMedic (I am sure you have seen his comments somewhere) has offered space on his service (fee, of course).

    @Mike Silvius, I have not allowed unmoderated comments for years for exactly the reason you present.

    1. Yep... DM Divemedic... I got my backup site thru him in a secure server in a country that won't bend the knee to anyone... hit my proton account rakkasan101st at protonmail dot com and I'll shoot you Divemedic's email addy. I'll also be seeing him this coming Saturday at bleggshoot along with Borepatch and the rest of the scum and villainy in Central Fl.

    2. Scratch that, Borepatch and TQOTW are both down w/the crud... Bleggshewt is postponed.

  6. Glen, I know you read Borepatch as you've often razzed him over some issue or other. But in his day job, he is an IT security geek, and knows a good deal about the subject. One thing he harps perennially is backup. Backup,backup,backup. You need your blog archives not only backed up, but to a physically separate flash drive or SD chip, so that when he interweb hobgoblins smoke your computer to a worthless pile of junk, you will have a way to copy everything back to a new machine.
    We are starting to see indications that things are more than a little wonky. We may yet see our interwebs go dark for some time and we need to be ready to make adjustments. Whether Phil and Mike's problems are due to futzy software or malicious actors, there's no denying that we have enemies who would silence us in a heartbeat if they could.
    I know you'll get lots of advice. Some of it from ignoramuses like me, and some of it from technogeeks who can save your bacon. Hope you get the help you need.

  7. I had two on blogger and one on Tumblr, before I realized it was ghey. It's if anyone cares.

    I assembled them all at, mostly for convenience. The only people that I've seen kicked off of were really pushing it, though.

    All That said, I host like three sites on a service that I'm going to bet is in India. No reason I can't install wordpress and move mine there. Mostly for cost. No sense paying wordpress when I'm already paying elsewhere.

    Backing up and restoring is easy. Make sure you backup at least weekly, including archiving the content. Back that up too. Mine is on a SAN appliance, and removable HDD.

    Hosting on your own site isn't for the non-technical, really. You can do it, but then you may run into what's happening at Busted Knuckles. I considered Divemedic, but he wants more than I want to spend and I don't have the following for that. Besides, I can do that myself since i've been at it since 2000 or so.

    1. I use power web, and have been since 2001. I'm certain they could care less who's doing what as long as it's not pron.