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Monday, 24 January 2022

Small Change


I recognize the cash register, but not the thing beside it. Funny to think of it - we phased pennies out some time ago... they are just about worthless, it cost more to make them than they were worth. Nickles and dimes are almost the same way. The only people I see using them for the most part is seniors who pay exact change. Some folks get impatient as they carefully count out the coins but I don't. They take money very seriously... it's amazing how many people don't.


  1. The "thing beside it" is a coin dispenser. The sight and sound of coins rolling into the tray on the left was quite pleasing.

    1. I loved that sound as a kid. I miss the sounds of the electro-mechanical cash register, especially when they totaled up.. Mom watched them like a hawk and would catch their mistakes. She was some kind of quick. I got to grab the change out of the roller coaster cup for her.

  2. It's a sad and irritating checkout that does NOT have a small dish for "take a penny, leave a penny" to round up or down for cash tendered.