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Sunday, 23 January 2022

The Filthie Critic

I think I lifted this one from TB - and it got me thinking.

“…Sitting out in the slowly descending sun and increasingly cool breeze, we discussed books and movies: the nature of good stories and good story telling, the need for antagonists that are strong, and why it seem so many franchises were failing…”

I finished watching both The Expanse and The Man In The High Castle on Amazon. In Expanse, the bad guy was a greasy, skinny pajeet space pirate with a man bun. I could have beer-belly bopped the pakie into the middle of next week and finished off his fat female she-twink XO with a wet fart. In the other series, all the bad guys were all really nice guys, but they did bad things because reasons. In High Castle the first two seasons were good but it seems they fired all the writers in the third season and replaced them with woke flakes. The obligatory homosexuality, Marxism and diversity ensued and spoiled much of the rest. 

This is literally every action/adventure/sci-fi 
show today.

It’s a good thing I’m over the flu and gout and can get back to business.
It’d be nice to see and read great stories again though…

It’s like Hollywood is intentionally trying to put a kind face on evil with all this “character development”. Unfortunately all that seems to come out of that is comedy. High Castle really was a sign of the times for Hollywood: one of the recurring themes of the show was how those evil nazis relied on BS propaganda psyops… Welp… that entire show became an evil propaganda psyop extolling political correctness, diversity and homosexuality. 

I wonder if the irony of that even phased on the show’s producers? 😂👍


  1. I started watching the High Castle series. I wanted to see if it compared at all favorably to Philip K. Dick's book from 1962. I still don't know. It bored me to distraction, and I just couldn't watch any more.

  2. Tried Ozark on Netflix yet ? Pretty much darkie free except for that female FBI agent. No queers I can think of. Relentless dark, dark drama.

    1. What about Ruth's uncle and the Gay FBI agent? Ozark has its woke storylines too. I mean Wendy discovers it's the evil GOP in Illinois manufacturing votes not the good Democrats in Chicago. Hollywood projects.