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Sunday, 23 January 2022

The Gundies

I have not been able to stomach the last series of politically correct award shows where the actors go up on stage and get trophies for being queer, politically correct, or obnoxiously black or some other shit skinned colour. It's so bad that not even the lefties are watching it anymore either; their ratings have collapsed.

In their place an entertaining variant has arisen... and Mike submits The Gundies for our evaluation. The Gundies celebrate the various stubfarts, beardos and weirdos of the ScrewTube gun community. Instead of seeing filthy jews, hairy chested feminists, and child molesting perverts caper in front of the camera like dancing monkeys... we get real celebrities.

Yes, I was sincerely tempted to run against Rob
in competition for the Most Dapper Marksman... but I guess the rules are
that you have to be on OyTube and actually dapper!
I think you have to be able to shoot too.
I got washed out of contention before I even got started!

Rob is an odd duck. I dunno if he is a shooter, or a curator, or a re-enactor, or an historian because he does all those things - and he does them fairly well. He has actually done the legwork to load and shoot the old Martini-Henry rifles... and shoot them fairly well. I have heard that getting those things to shoot modern metallic cartridges well is akin to masochism. He does well with the old Snider rifles too. He recently got into more modern Lee Enfields and delves into the kit and lore of the WW1 trench fighters too. He does all that in the beautiful mountains of  BC... I think he is in Terrace but I could be wrong about that.

He has some big competition for The Most Dapper division - so check them out and cast a vote. That fat guy from Cigars N' Guns might give poor Rob a run as will maybe a few others. Hey - it's a chance to give some REAL entertainers a pat on the back and recognizing their work. 

And thanks to Mike for passing this one along. I hope you all have a great Sunday - and if you have a chance between chores for some relaxation - check out British Muzzleloaders on OyTube. 

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