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Saturday, 22 January 2022

These anti-bullying campaigns are in a sense destroying American society. Teacher’s pets weren’t made fun of enough in middle school so now they’ve grown up to become government’s pets…”

A rather intelligent woman said that over on Blab. When I was a boy the worst apple polishing brown nosing tattle tales were the girls.

Y’know…there might be something to that. You look at the way that these people act as adults with the Chinkpox… half of the worst Covid Karen types are just itching to snitch to nanny because Johnny didn’t wear his mask or wash his hands. Or he had too many friends over… or he said something about it that she didn’t like.

And you can ‘bully her’ or ‘do violence’ to her just by typing some words on a screen she doesn’t like. And by the same token - she and the mean girls can induce Johnny to commit suicide when they all type mean words on a screen and rag on him. The dumb chit could simply hit the ‘off’ button. Don’t they have mute and block functions on Twitter? Yet they need nannies to censor for them…?

I used to think that many of the worst problems in our society were because we were letting old women call the shots. And not the classical matriarchs… we’re talking about the modern shrews and skanks like Hillary, Pelosi, or half a dozen other psychotics.

But maybe I got that one wrong? I wonder if it isn’t the little girls running the show? I know I turned off the mass media because it was like being trolled by 11 year old girls… STUPID 11 year old girls. The run the mainstream narratives and try to gatekeep public opinion like they’re trying to impress the teacher.

Hmpppfffpfpfpfffff. Nations run by bitchy little girls? Who’da thunk it? 


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  2. Most women do not know when or how to keep the trap shut

    1. They are being raised that way, unfortunately...

  3. It happened when women completely took over all the major and most minor companies' human resource departments.