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Friday, 21 January 2022

This Is Why America Must Intervene In The Ukraine

 Good grief! It seems my moral and intellectual superiors are considering an intervention in the Ukraine…? Of course, nurse Aesop and Pastor Pete are involved, so hand waving, gobbling and clucking gets ever more shrill and silly.

Hmmmmmmmm. There’ll obviously be no nukes or American deployments to koobasaw country. So everyone - take a drink of vodka and settle down. As we saw in Afghanistan - America’s military is in no shape to handle bands of ignorant, illiterate nomadic rag heads, never mind a motivated and technically capable foe like Mother Russia. Putin knows it and even said so in Pete’s video.

Something smells - worse than Joe Biden’s diaper! Sure… my buddy Vlad has his issues; but in reality he could have flattened any resistance and occupied the Ukraine before General Miley could dig Biden’s shorts out of the toilet. Why hasn’t he?

Because he doesn’t want it. Or at least - he doesn’t want it right yet.

Why the drama? Why the drawn out build up? Why scare the little girls with chilling video? Because we’re being stick handled here, fellas. There’s a power play going on, and the game isn’t in the Ukraine. What does Vlad really want? And who does he want it from? And how much is it going to cost you? Your conspiracy is welcome in the comments.

I can only come up with one reason for a full scale assault on the Ukraine: Luba. 

I wonder if this chick can do cabbage rolls?

This isn’t a job for Marines or SEALs or Rangers I’m afraid. I can only imagine the mess those debauched  cretins would make of it! This one would be better be entrusted to Dudley Dooright and Sgt. Preston of the Northwest Mounted Police! Bring Luba in, men! And NO monkey business! Keep her away from Jack, Pete and especially Quartermain!

I’ll handle the debrief and interrogation personally. 😇 


  1. I've been lurking here for some while now (love the content, BTW) but on this occasion I have to speak. Yes. I've been to Ukraine, and still work with people there. Their women and food are easily worth the global conflict.

  2. ..."Listen to me man... if there's one thing that I know, is never to mess with Mother Nature, mother-in-laws or mother 'freaking' Ukrainians..." Tiny, The Italian Job (2003)
    Truer words not spoken.

  3. Sigh. Did not your PM, Mr. Trudeau, loan them $120 million? That would make a lot of crepes, cabbage rolls, and vodka drinks.

  4. hate to break it to you but there are at least 165 national guard troops in ukraine as we speak, supposedly to train the ukranians. riiiiight. cannon fodder comes to min.

  5. I'm not saying we should go in there. And I seriously doubt the dementia patient in DC has the wherewithal to send troops there cause he knows Putin has him bought six ways from Sunday, and should he do anything Putin would wipe his own ass with Biden's face. But do you remember when the former USSR broke apart and everyone was shitting bricks cause a good percentage of the soviet nuke arsenal wound up parked in the Ukraine. Folks got all wiggy about that and pleaded with them to give the nuke missiles up. They finally acquiesced, but the deal was signed that NATO (Read that as USA) would cover the Ukraine's ass if the Ruskies ever came gunning for them.
    So tell me, how do we square that one now?

  6. Actually the US Mil COULD handle the Russians. IF we got the politicians and incompetent flag officers out of the way. They are the reason we haven't actually won a war since WWII...not the .Mil itself.