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Saturday, 30 April 2022

Shotgun Perfection

Ahhh.  The only thing missing is exposed hammers. Otherwise, this
one is perfect. If you are overgunned with a 12 as I am,
I do not recommend the 20 gauge.
In my hands it will do anything the 12 will but your milaeage may vary.
I am not good enough to step down to a 410… but a 28 may still be challenging?
The only issue is shells. It’s ridiculous - I haven’t seen much for 28 ga. kicking around.
410’s are usually twice the price of 12 and 20 ga.

Maybe in the next life, I will get it right.

CFB Stubfart Airfield Is Open

Yesterday I went down to Stubfart Airfield to meet one of our most renowned and capable fighter pilots - Scotty The Retard. It as windier than hell but that didn’t stop Scott… he got shut down because the water head forgot his radio, HAR HAR HAR!!! We have more P51s, P47s, Corsairs and Spifires than the Allies had in WW2! They’ll be in the air soon!

The road in is a bit squishy but it’s passable. It’s gonna be a great year to fly.

And So, The Memes Begin


I can only imagine the horror that Mr. Depp felt when
he discovered a deadly Cornback Python
in bed with him.

How long can this go on?
The wanks are STILL doing that one with the
two bawling women and white cat…

May God have mercy on us all!

JD Test Pilot


Friday, 29 April 2022

Retards Against Russia: Trophies


Why dost you forsake ye men, General Aesop?
Another of your warriors passes into the halls of Valhalla without you…

Let us all hoist a horn of mead, and salute this Viking Redditard  who has earned not only
a place at Odin’s table, but a Darwin Award as well.

Well the Russians are not screwing around. Apparently buddy here took his mighty battle axe to the foe - in his case, a T90 army tank…and was made into mist and paste. The Americans, Brits and even some Canuki tards are turning up as cold dead trophies in Russian hero pics. Often the Ivan’s will post pics of driver’s licenses and other means of ID because that is all that’s left of them when they get through with these imported …. mercenaries

I will say it again, knowing full well I won’t be heard…but: if you want to kick those guys out of the Ukraine, you won’t do it with Ukrainian babas, bimbos and bozos armed with AK47s. No one short of the US Marines are up for a job like that…  and to be honest… they have no place in that fustercluck either.

Oot N' Aboot: Friday Ramble

 Hmppppffffff. For some reason the blog-O-Sphere seems to be thinning out. I just heard that Claire Wolfe has packed it in. At first I was captivated by her - she seemed to be a smart, well put together woman with a flare for words. She was one of my favourite prepper/agrarian bloggers for awhile. Unfortunately, from time to time my critical thinking skills rear their ugly heads - and I start questioning what I hear. The impression I got with her is that she is elderly and maybe not as bright as I thought she was. I began to think that all these people thinking that they can escape the impending hard times simply by moving to the country and planting a garden are dangerously, hopelessly naive. I began to question the whole prepper movement because I started looking hard at places like Venezuela, or maybe Haiti. Then the kerfuffle started in the Ukraine so I started researching life in the former eastern bloc buffer countries. When govts collapse, and money stops working... there will be no escape for anyone. Preppers will become sought after targets. Is long term evading and prepping really any kind of solution? Think about it. You are sitting on several years of preps. You are fed and healthy... and a single mom shows up on your door step with a baby. They're starving. Whaddaya do...? Tell her to piss off and shoot her if she doesn't? What happens when the local crime boss decides to kill you and take your stuff? The talk of 'alternate economies and communities' in such circumstances is ridiculous, once you look into it. When gov'ts fall, organized crime will move in. Many of the former east bloc countries turned into war zones when the old Soviet Republic fell. So it will go here, and once they move in, only a coherent, organized gov't will get them out. The alternate economy that people like Claire and Andrew Torba at Blab espouse will not happen - you will get an alternative economy, alright. It's called a black market. The guys that do well in that are the guys that do well in adjacent industries such as illegal drugs and alcohol, smuggling, child trafficking, extortion and protection rackets, etc etc. After I swollowed that nasty red pill... I didn't have much use for Claire after that. She and her elderly hippies had no use for nasty truths so we parted ways. I will not miss her voice. Others will though, and I totally get that. She's a good egg despite her logical flaws.

It is with sadness that we hear that T Bolt over at the New Jovian Thunderbolt has gone over The Great Divide. I never got round to following him and it is to my detriment. I'd stumble across his blog once in awhile and say, "Jeez, I should pop by more often..." but I never did. He just seemed to fall through the cracks. He was an M14 man so his credentials were obviously impeccable... but... whatever. Have they canonized John Garand yet? If not, they should - and I expect that T Bolt will take his rightful place alongside him, St. Browning, and St. Cooper. He will no doubt escape the spiritual destination for us HK and CZ guys, and gun club duffers that cheat on their score cards. How many other voices do we hear at random, whose voices are lost before we are even ready to hear them? Or we have no time?

I guess PP over at The Small Hold has been gone since forever. I really miss him but he was always way too busy to poast. He reminded me a lot of Red Green - but whereas Red struggled with common sense and power tools... ol' PP was born to them and extremely handy with them. I wonder sometimes what his world looks like these days? I suspect he is up to his ears in snapping alligators and loving it. 

Fags like M and STxAR and Jack are truant for long stretches - but all they need is a boot up the arse! I suspect they are goofing off out of sheer laziness and mental retardation... and that is fine, I suppose, as long as they are having fun. (They claim to have health problems but I say they are just faking it to get out of housework and chores, HAR HAR HAR!!!) I think we would all have improved health if we were ornery and miserable like Phil and Cederq!

I get why people give up on the blogging. The only reason I do it is that this is the only place I can speak. If I went on Facebook or Twatter I would get kicked off and cancelled faster than you could even think about it! For now... this is my space, this is my voice. If I should suddenly go dark, there can only be three explanations:

  • A.  I had The Big One, or, 
  • B.  Quartermain or Aesop caught up with me, and I have been pounded into silence and submission or,
  • C.  I was forced to flee to another country because mine has fallen to the bolshevik and fwench       faggotry.

A blog would make an excellent headstone, wouldn't it? Maybe not mine... but even so... it has made an excellent relief valve over the years as I tried to cope with family, current events, and life. I am not the same man I used to be when I started this blog. I will not be the same person when it ends either. But the path of my life is traced here, with rants, ignorant jokes, derisive laughter, and boring monologues. I think my Blog-O-Meter is busted. It says that we've rolled over three million views and I finally broke 5 thousand views the other day. For me, that's not bad. Whatever the real number is... I'd just like to say that if anything DOES happen to me - know that I appreciated your time and comments and company. Even if all you have is a rude joke - raise your voice and say it! We are all better for it when you do.

I hope your Friday is fun and fast - and that you have some good things lined up for the weekend.



Friday Rude Jokes And Random Ignorateum




I was watching the old “Cromwell” last night.

I wonder if those spike ends would open up armour?

Thursday, 28 April 2022


What are those two round things on the end of the table?

Dear Gawd

 The women are clutching their pearls and swooning in fright! The men pour doubles - even triples - of whisky, downing them in a gulp and try to focus their attention and gather their courage. How? How could something like this happen???

Amber Heard shat on Johnny’s side of the bed!?!?

We live in truly horrific times. 


Small Mercies


When the police action in the Kraine started - every second bohunk Baba, wahman,
and hottie was being handed an AK47 and
posing for pics and promising Vlad rivers of blood
and the bodies of Russian boys stacked to the rafters.

On Telegram they show it ALL.
The shattered bodies, the corpses rotting in the fields,
with arms and legs blown off. Intestines bloating in the sun.

I haven’t seen one single dead female combatant yet.
At least the Ukes are showing some sense.


Some women never get old, and stay beautiful all their days.

Wednesday, 27 April 2022

Toxic Feminimity


General Aesop Dances For The Russians

This is just more war geekery folks. Those of you bored with the Russian/Ukraine theatre will want to give it a miss. For me… it’s fascinating. I am by no means an oracle or gifted with second sight; but I have been on a great streak with my predictions lately. In all honesty it’s as easy as understanding that our leaders and media lie almost all the time now. Take what they say, assume they are lying, and start back tracking at 180 degrees…and the truth won’t be far away. The hate thinkers and conspiracy nutters are not always wrong.

 If you are fascinated by the culture wars and their effect on current affairs as I am, read on. If you have a Humpday to cope with - give it a miss, and best of luck to you!  You won’t be missing much, HAR HAR HAR!


 Here we go!  Show 'em your arse, General!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!

I expect similar reactions going on in the board rooms of Globohomo Inc. Right now. "But-but-but....currency fluctuations!!!!! Reprisals!!!!! Supply chain failures!!!! Vlad wouldn't DARE....!!!"

And anyone that truly understands Russians could see this coming from miles away. The wall street faggots and bankster jews of Globohomo don't understand who they are up against here.

They are literally up against the Russian Mob. When the Russians started setting up shop in New York Fucken City, they brushed the relatively civilized Italians aside. They got into it with some of the oriental race gangs and some nasty unpleasantries were exchanged - and the Triads gave up turf and learned the hard way to respect the Russians and avoid them if at all possible. You do not screw with mother Russia, or mother Russia WILL screw with you. Vlad has literally been working hand in glove with the most vicious gangsters the Slavs can produce, all his life. A man like that is not going to be intimidated by queers, wahmen, pedos or geriatrics. Especially when his dealings are on the up and up.

We are basically watching the Russian mob in action. They can't deal profitably with the grifters and back stabbers of the west, but nor will they submit to them. Any dealings they have with the west will now have to be mutually advantageous, or the west can deal with someone else. If he has to, Vlad will take the short term financial lumps in order to build alternate trade relationships with other players.

Obviously such a thing is fraught with risk. If things go sideways for Vlad, he will make sure things go very badly for his enemies too, and he has the power to make it happen. The bets are placed, the die are cast - and today, Poland loses. As they should - it's a sad day when the west concedes the moral high ground to a Russian mobster... but that is the state of our world today. Everything is upside down, and given the people driving it... it's probably going to get much worse.

 It totally amazes me, how many people are still running around wearing a Covid mask. Most of them are seniors and they are just terrified of the horrible Covid monster. They will always live in fear of it, to their dying day. At the coffee shop last week, I saw a woman (two, actually) that were grossly obese but both wearing masks to defend their health.

Dirty Dave and Carol got Covid and because I love them, I kept the cheap shots soft. “I thought you guys were triple vaxxed?” I texted, knowing they both were. “Yes - but old people are still vulnerable to it…” he explained. By way of reply I texted him a rude joke:

Dave didn’t appreciate the humour; and asked me how many shots I’d had. “All of ‘em,” I lied. Dave would worry if I told him the truth, and like most maskholes…he’d probably get mad about it. “The vax must not work on old people,” I threw out. Dave deflected with a rude joke of his own and I let it go.

For now I’m still a pure blood and fully intend to remain so as long as possible.


Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Disney Moves To Clean Up It's Corporate Image


You heard it here first! This is why you come to the Thunderbox!
Real news in real time, ALL the time!

I am hoping that the biggoted and racist Snow White is replaced by
Cherry Poptart, and the Dwarves are replaced 
by the Fabulous Furry Freak Brothers.

Russia vs Ukraine: You Are ALL Retards And Bungholes!!!

 Here's why.

When I asked General Aesop how he proposed to pursue a war in Europe when Vlad turned off all the oil taps, he glared at me long and hard - and I got tossed out the window. Apparently, Mariupol hasn't fallen, it's all a filthy Russian lie, and Comrade Misfit is claiming Glorious Victory for Our Side Too. The force of Globohomo is strong in those two. The flame of intellect sputters and fails.

According to these authorities, the war should have been finished now. Vlad should have been driven out of the Ukraine with his tail between his legs in disgrace, never to be seen again on NATO's turf. Yet the Russians are stepping up the attacks now... and are promising more if NATO wants to get stupid about it. It's obvious now that the Usual Suspects are as full of shit about the Ukraine as they were about Covid. They misunderstood the Russian resolve to do the deed, they underestimated their strength and capabilities, and in due time... I think they will prove to underestimate their own resolve and abilities the way they did in Viet Nam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. They misunderstood Putin too - that guy has waged war and won, unlike our current group of military "experts". In each case America snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and I have no doubt they will do the same here. Either that - or they will give Vlad his deal and claim victory and 'mission accomplished' the way they have with their previous failures. There is an outside chance of nukes according to the moronosphere, but I don't see it.

Bah. We can argue realities with morons like Misfit and Aesop all day long. But is it worth it? They are morons when they get up in the morning, retards at lunch time, and cretins when they go to bed at night. They'll be stupid tomorrow too.

A far more interesting treatise on the subject comes from the esteemed Z Man. While the current antics of Globohomo and their turd brained followers and lunatics may not make sense - the people that are manipulating them actually do - in an evil sort of way. As always, the war is the distraction - the action is going on behind closed doors where we are not allowed to see. Z presents a spectacular assessment in the field of Regime-Ology. While the peons are focused on the game... one has to remember to watch the players too. 

If you have the time, the intellect, and the maturity, definitely check out this spectacular assessment. As an aside - as a tribute to the pithy Z Man and to the Russians mired in trying to look after their own interests... the Cyrillic Z will fly over this blog. Not necessarily in support of the Russians - but more in the defiance of Globohomo Inc and their moronic sheep.

Hopefully this nonsense draws to an end soon.

End Of The World

 So Elon bought Twatter. From what I hear, the shitlibs are melting down: with Elon Musk in charge, free speech will break out and nazis like Donald Trump will get on it and say whatever they want! The horror!!! And every wank, crime thinker, shitpoaster and ornery stubfart over on Blab is threatening to join Twatter and do just that! The culture war is won!!! The faggotry, the lumpen proletariat and commies are rage-quitting as their heads explode like popcorn.

I think this might all be an old-fart-thing, maybe? I know a lot of the kids are digital nomads. They have their places where they meet and socialize, and if the terms and conditions of the platforms get too onerous they just leave. They’re like those swarming flocks of tiny birds. They explode out of a tree and the flock makes beautiful patterns as the flock swirls and twists through the sky. Then they settle in a new tree where the eating, shrieking and shitting begins anew. I try to stay out from under the trees they settle in - if ya catch my drift! HAR HAR HAR!


I’ve always been against censorship and for free speech, even for lunatics. Lunatics will notice the emperor has no clothes - and say so. Internet Psychopaths can be a problem but… it’s called the ‘off’ button. They can only hurt you if you let them. On Blab I use the mute button all the time. I will filter what I read myself, thanks. Twitter with its algorithms and data rustling doesn’t offer me much of anything I want or need. So…for my two bits? I wish Elon Musk well. And you too, if you should decide to use it. For me personally… I have better places to be.

Black Coffee Blues


Hmppfppppffff. Says here that Starbucks finally unionized.

Starbucks. (Hork, spit). The reason the fattie and faggot customers put so much crap in their java is so they can’t taste burned down bitter swill that passes for coffee there. Now it’ll be made by unionized pooch screwers and Marxist deadbeats. Even Tim Hortons is better than that. 

If I go out for coffee at all now, it’s with the wife. No, we don’t go to Tim’s or Starbucks or even Grumpy Fucker’s… we go to the Italian Centre. The Italian Centre is kinda like a high end grocery store with an obvious bent toward the Italian chef or the serious cook. Attached to it is a licensed coffee shop. You can get booze there…but the place is obviously a better coffee shop than a bar. The coffee is honest to gawd GOOD coffee. We go early in the morn some weekends… and maybe I’ll have a cheese croissant and the wife has a pastry with her coffee… and after that you’re ready to get out and after your day. The coffee is so good you can drink it black as I do. But you can dump a bunch of crap into it if you want…my wife does. Regardless… it’s a small thing to look forward to.

Monday, 25 April 2022

Shut Up, Boomer…

 Occasionally over at du Toit’s the old geezer will start bloviating on how great old bands and musicians were - and it’s like listening to old geezers talking explicitly about their sex lives. Ya wanna stick your fingers down your own throat and induce vomiting. The Beatles? Sorry Kim - those guys sucked balls back in the 60’s and 70’s and age has not improved them one bit!!! I was there, so stuff your BS up your fat old geriatric arse!!! Why can’t these stupid old people just STFU, retire and go DO something besides run their mouths?

Well ya know how that goes, right? What goes around COMES around! That sound you just heard was the pie hitting me square in the gob! Gawddammit!!!

But that was hundreds of years ago!!!

Holy shit! That’s… that’s MY era!!! Sob! OMFG, I’m a fat old stupid relic like du Toit now! Oh my gawd! I’m poasting pics of old broads now too! The end cannot be far off. For you younger ones…sorry.


I was a kid in high school when Blondie was topping the charts. I never cared much for her, but the wife did. And so did a lot of the other cool kids of the time. I dunno if I remember correctly but after she fell off the charts… she sorta just disappeared. I respected that. So many of her peers would embarrass themselves trying to get back in to the spotlight in the most ridiculous ways. But she just seemed to fall off the radar and went on with her life. Sadly, they’ve decided to re-animate her corpse, truck her out on stage and pretend she’s still rocking it. I feel embarrassed and sorry for her. Maybe she needs the money or something.

All joking aside, it has to take some gumption to get up on the stage at that age. And maybe the elderly fans get to revisit their youth or something. For me…I never really understood what she was singing aboot.

Didn’t care much for her attitude either.
Y’know… I think I turned into a surly grumpy
stubfart when I turned 18.

Well I suppose it wouldn’t hurt to spin one for the old buggers one more time? In spite of my best efforts to grump about it, this one evokes those nights long ago when we rode a little red Honda 360T. Once in awhile we got those nights of thunder and warm rain…and I’d ride in a tee shirt and enjoy them with my wife on the back. The rain cleansed the soul and the spirit. The girl definitely had something, in her day. 

Time comes for us all. I look in the mirror and see a fat old orangutan staring back at me, and I hope Debbie has managed to dodge some of that, maybe.  May it be so for you as well!

That’s it for me today. I am moving into Phase II of the War On Dawg Pooh. Have a great Monday and come back soon.


A Stubfart’s Perfect Day

Yesterday was glorious. I walked out to the little chapel in the country and back again in shirtsleeves. When I got home I BBQ’d my lunch and a bunch of meat for later in the week. I had an onion drying out and some old mushrooms so I threw them in a cast iron pan and fried them up on the BBQ too. Last time I had those was with my father in law on a hunting trip 100 years ago. After that I hauled the battery up and got Big Red running. 

I have a nice BBQ but…gosh I love this set up. Remember those cheap Hibachi BBQs they had when we were kids? This one is cast iron!  After it’s done and cooled off I can dump the ashes in the green bin, move the saw horses and pallet around, or set up an impromptu work bench. I might build a formal patio once the dawgs are gone… or not. It’s all redneck as hell but I just love it.

In the evening I drove out to the little church where they do an informal evening bible study. I dunno how much merit it has as a bible study; the old duffs that run it are all chit house amateur archeologists, Egyptologists, and historians. One is a legitimate biblical scholar  - and the group talks about the biblical events but deep dives into the people, the geography, and politics of the time that would have affected the biblical characters and affected them. It brings people back to life so they can speak again. Even if you aren’t a believer…it is fascinating stuff.

It cost me $30.00 to fill my motorcycle, but I didn’t care. I went for a slow ride out in the country and took the long way home.

I need more days like that.😊👍

Will There Ever Be A Fair Election Again?

 The cheese-eating surrender monkeys are all up in arms screaming “Freaude!!! Freaude!” after Macron pulled off a Bidenesque last minute miracle win in their national election. I dunno anything about the fwench elections, but I do know you Yanks are in trouble. I saw it on video on Blab. An election centre papers over the windows and locks the doors so people can’t see or get in. Police are refused access and locked out despite having a court order. No investigation afterward, everyone involved with that disappears, no charges? 

If the US is doing it…yeah, Probably Canada and others are doing it too. The cretins involved in those countries are all capable of it. In the scheme of things it really doesn’t matter. The other than could get in and despite their rhetoric…they’ll do the exact same thing the previous bad guys did. Nobody will ever accept the election outcomes again because the integrity af our leaders is so compromised.

I may just pass on the next election and focus on hiding my guns and assets and making preps.

Hmpffffff! Maybe we ARE all socialists now?

Sunday, 24 April 2022

Retard Gunsmithing


One of our esteemed blog visitors is Polimath. He keeps us ahead of the gun geek curve here at the Thunderbox, and he sends us this magnificent effort from the Special Ed kids. Built by hand, one at a time!

I hear through the grapevine that the liberal faggotry in Morontario is talking about a handgun ban now. This  is  why you don’t register your guns, people. I am just spitting mad. Justin Turdo is a mealy mouthed  faggot faced douchebag just like his dad. Another brainstorm he just came up with is stricter chinkypox enforceMINT: if you are on pogey and don’t have your shots - your benefits are terminated. If you have a drivers license and haven’t had your vax shots - Turdo wants your license suspended until you do. Honestly, I am at the point where he can just go fuck himself. This isn’t about safety or health anymore. I thought it was stupidity driving this. I mean, Justin could count his own balls twice and come up with the wrong answer both times. JL was saying this guy is driven by malice; and fancies himself the next Fidel Castro. I think Ol’ JL might have the better of this one. I know you Yanks have a similar problem with your liberal baboons wiping their ass on the constitution, and I saw an excellent comment about that on Blab. The Blabber said that the constitution and all the laws it covers are basically a contract between the politicians and the people that are supposed to represent them. If the leadership throws it away, Welp… we the people can too. It’s an interesting concept and I will leave the experts to hash that ne out. For me…the less I say right now the better.

I DID see a novel concept worth considering for some to consider, if worst comes to worst. 

I don’t think it’d be too hard to mid Pop’s old bird gun for something like this.

Buddy here is using top tier hot loads. I think regular loads would serve for shooting some gun grabber in the face at close range… or maybe some failed liberal social experiment… but whadda I know?  About all I know for sure is that these morons want to turn our countries into a place where cannot protect yourself.

Sunday Rude Jokes And Random Ignorattum: CANCELLED

 Ladies and gentlemen men thank you so much for stopping by the Thunderbox! It’s great to have you here! Today, instead of fighting with the tards and war nerds about the conflict in “the ‘Kraine”… we turn our formidable intellects to more mature conversation - about pure science. Trust me: you will not see gender studies of this calibre coming from intellectual wastelands like Berkeley, or moral and ethical sewers like McGill!

Editor's note: Harrrrumpfpfpfpfpfffff!!! The so-called
Bimbo Syndrome?
I simply have to take exception: the mass media is chock full
of twerkers, fleshpots, and flatbackers that I wouldn't touch with 
my ten foot pole! HAR HAR HAR!!!
I might argue that such endowment might even attract the attention of dangerous 
sexual predators.

The PUAs, the HBD and the manosphere may say what they will,
but I have never seen warm, loving women do poorly for themselves.

In real science - any theory is only just a theory until you can invent the experiment to thoroughly test it. Sometimes that takes as much or even more deep thought and genius to do than the formulation of the theory itself does. But it can be done. At the CERN super collider for example, we have been able to peer into the quantum realm of subatomic particles and see them even though they only exist for billionths of a second. I turned this one over to the internet’s brightest minds: develop an experiment that clearly shows the correlation between large breasts and survivability. The men went right to work - and here, for the first time in history our best social scientists have done just that! Allow me to roll the film, and share the grandiose experience of discovery as we become more informed as to who we are as human beings. Ladies and gentlemen! Without further ado!!!

Gawddammitalltohell, Quartermain!

Why....I've never been so EMBARRASSED in my life!!!
Once again, through no fault of my own - my academic and intellectual
reputation is RUINED!!!

Shit. Guess... the rude jokes are back on again.

Welllll…. Don’t leave, guys!!!
I PROMISE the content of this blog will improve shortly!!!
Our best men are on the job!