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Wednesday, 27 April 2022

General Aesop Dances For The Russians

This is just more war geekery folks. Those of you bored with the Russian/Ukraine theatre will want to give it a miss. For me… it’s fascinating. I am by no means an oracle or gifted with second sight; but I have been on a great streak with my predictions lately. In all honesty it’s as easy as understanding that our leaders and media lie almost all the time now. Take what they say, assume they are lying, and start back tracking at 180 degrees…and the truth won’t be far away. The hate thinkers and conspiracy nutters are not always wrong.

 If you are fascinated by the culture wars and their effect on current affairs as I am, read on. If you have a Humpday to cope with - give it a miss, and best of luck to you!  You won’t be missing much, HAR HAR HAR!


 Here we go!  Show 'em your arse, General!!! HAR HAR HAR!!!

I expect similar reactions going on in the board rooms of Globohomo Inc. Right now. "But-but-but....currency fluctuations!!!!! Reprisals!!!!! Supply chain failures!!!! Vlad wouldn't DARE....!!!"

And anyone that truly understands Russians could see this coming from miles away. The wall street faggots and bankster jews of Globohomo don't understand who they are up against here.

They are literally up against the Russian Mob. When the Russians started setting up shop in New York Fucken City, they brushed the relatively civilized Italians aside. They got into it with some of the oriental race gangs and some nasty unpleasantries were exchanged - and the Triads gave up turf and learned the hard way to respect the Russians and avoid them if at all possible. You do not screw with mother Russia, or mother Russia WILL screw with you. Vlad has literally been working hand in glove with the most vicious gangsters the Slavs can produce, all his life. A man like that is not going to be intimidated by queers, wahmen, pedos or geriatrics. Especially when his dealings are on the up and up.

We are basically watching the Russian mob in action. They can't deal profitably with the grifters and back stabbers of the west, but nor will they submit to them. Any dealings they have with the west will now have to be mutually advantageous, or the west can deal with someone else. If he has to, Vlad will take the short term financial lumps in order to build alternate trade relationships with other players.

Obviously such a thing is fraught with risk. If things go sideways for Vlad, he will make sure things go very badly for his enemies too, and he has the power to make it happen. The bets are placed, the die are cast - and today, Poland loses. As they should - it's a sad day when the west concedes the moral high ground to a Russian mobster... but that is the state of our world today. Everything is upside down, and given the people driving it... it's probably going to get much worse.


  1. The problem with the Europeans (one problem) is they think Russia's gas belongs to them just because they NEED it. Putin has offered, I think, a fair way to buy Russia's gas that they don't like. So let 'em freeze. Need gas to generate electricity ? Buy the gas or wear a sweater. By the gas or shut down manufacturing. Go Green a few years ahead of schedule. They got two choices; buy the gas or shut up. Personally, I think they should freeze. Sanction the guy then get angry because he won't give you his gas the way you want it. Morons like that make me ill. Hope he nukes 'em.

    1. Well he told them exactly what he was going to do. Now that silly EU bitch and Aesop are screeching about blackmail. Hmmmm.... I wage a proxy war on you and openly goad, encourage, and enable my proxy to make war on you... and you expect me to sell you oil at cheap prices? Yep... they need to freeze in the dark and walk everywhere they go.

  2. Aesop is dancing hard already.


    Blogger Aesop said...
    Check out the repercussions of Gazprom's attempted blackmail: it's blowing up in their face.
    Like I told you it would.:

    Stap looking at just A to B, and start looking at what happens after B, all the way to Z.
    Putin is playing checkers.
    The rest of the world is playing chess.

    April 27, 2022 at 8:52 AM

    Rolling on the floor laughing :-)

    MSN the Lie all the time News. IS this where Aesop gets his "Top Secret Info" from? OY VAY.

    All Putin needs to do is wait a bit and the Euro-weenies fold.

    Now if we can avoid the Sockpuppets handlers from popping a false flag nuke pretty soon we'll get to see Aesop do a George Bush announcement of "Mission Accomplished" over the ending of the Ukrainian War.

    I'm pretty sure the EU really doesn't want a nuclear event in their countries. BUT the Combined Idiots against Almost everybody (CIA cough) *might* have different orders.

    1. Ayep.

      “JUST IN - Russia to cut off more gas buyers that don't pay in rubles, Kremlin says. European gas prices up 24%. Ruble reaches 2-year high against the euro.”

  3. A cross posting I sent to dear Aesop as his newest posting is that Gazprom has shot itself in the foot as an EU Politician ALREADY said, "We'll just replace Russian Gas".

    LOL, a POLITICIAN said What?

    You mean the same Politicians that told the EU folks to wear sweaters and take cold showers to "Take that Vlad". LOL. Have you heard what the prices of food, electricity and fuel is doing in Europe already?

    Time will tell. Current world fleet of LNG tankers already deployed all around the world to include Asia and China (two of the largest importers) cannot supply the Russian Natural Gas that GERMANY used last year. Bloomberg and Barrons. Maybe Aesop can show his work and prove them both wrong? Extra points if Aesop can show how ALL of the EU's Russian Natural Gas is replaced with other suppliers?

    Yes, pipelines are that effective. Thus, the Sockpuppet shutting OUR Pipelines was that bad for America, eh? How is 5+ dollars a gallon gasoline doing Aesop?

    The ONLY builder of LNG Freighters in the world currently are China and Korea. Korea has a 2 year back log so those will not be online this month.

    I suspect that Putin knows quite well the current ability of suppliers and SHIPPERS of LNG and is "Chuckling Sovietly".

    Who knows maybe Aesop will prove me wrong? Maybe Barrons and Bloomberg are wrong?

    If so I'm able to say Mea Culpa but I suspect no matter how to slice that pie the REST of the World isn't going to allow ALL the LNG Tankers to ALL re-route to Europe just to make the USA look smart.

    1. I’m surprised he still has his feet to shoot at. Goof’s gonna be shooting himself in the balls next!

    2. If grabbing Russian freighters is good for Europe, then grabbing LNG tankers bound for Europe must be good for Russia. The law works both ways, or it isn't law, it's power.

  4. Well after several folks proved that Russian Fuel could not be replaced for the EU, Aesop wrote a 2-paragraph reply.

    Nothing in the reply said anything about the basis of Aesop's posting about the EU will simply replace Russian oil. AKA Gasprom shot itself in the foot cutting off EU.

    Short verson Putin's a Dictator plain as the nose on your face. AND the Russians are LOSING in Ukraine. Putin's going to get a 9mm Q-tip soon.

    Oh, and both the Sock Puppet nor Putin should have access to nukes.

    As the last person to comment to Aesop posting said, we'd like the OLD Aesop back. Not the MSN version. I agree.

    1. Aesop's wrong about Putin being a bad person. Quite the opposite. I have proof. (Proof! I say.) Here is video evidence of Putin comforting a young woman who is deeply insecure about her small bust.

      Spacebo, Vladimir Vladimirovitch!