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Tuesday, 26 April 2022

Russia vs Ukraine: You Are ALL Retards And Bungholes!!!

 Here's why.

When I asked General Aesop how he proposed to pursue a war in Europe when Vlad turned off all the oil taps, he glared at me long and hard - and I got tossed out the window. Apparently, Mariupol hasn't fallen, it's all a filthy Russian lie, and Comrade Misfit is claiming Glorious Victory for Our Side Too. The force of Globohomo is strong in those two. The flame of intellect sputters and fails.

According to these authorities, the war should have been finished now. Vlad should have been driven out of the Ukraine with his tail between his legs in disgrace, never to be seen again on NATO's turf. Yet the Russians are stepping up the attacks now... and are promising more if NATO wants to get stupid about it. It's obvious now that the Usual Suspects are as full of shit about the Ukraine as they were about Covid. They misunderstood the Russian resolve to do the deed, they underestimated their strength and capabilities, and in due time... I think they will prove to underestimate their own resolve and abilities the way they did in Viet Nam, Iraq, and Afghanistan. They misunderstood Putin too - that guy has waged war and won, unlike our current group of military "experts". In each case America snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and I have no doubt they will do the same here. Either that - or they will give Vlad his deal and claim victory and 'mission accomplished' the way they have with their previous failures. There is an outside chance of nukes according to the moronosphere, but I don't see it.

Bah. We can argue realities with morons like Misfit and Aesop all day long. But is it worth it? They are morons when they get up in the morning, retards at lunch time, and cretins when they go to bed at night. They'll be stupid tomorrow too.

A far more interesting treatise on the subject comes from the esteemed Z Man. While the current antics of Globohomo and their turd brained followers and lunatics may not make sense - the people that are manipulating them actually do - in an evil sort of way. As always, the war is the distraction - the action is going on behind closed doors where we are not allowed to see. Z presents a spectacular assessment in the field of Regime-Ology. While the peons are focused on the game... one has to remember to watch the players too. 

If you have the time, the intellect, and the maturity, definitely check out this spectacular assessment. As an aside - as a tribute to the pithy Z Man and to the Russians mired in trying to look after their own interests... the Cyrillic Z will fly over this blog. Not necessarily in support of the Russians - but more in the defiance of Globohomo Inc and their moronic sheep.

Hopefully this nonsense draws to an end soon.


  1. And now dear Aesop is an economic expert saying that Russia CANNOT Stop Selling its oil and such to Europe. The Pic of the blazing saddle guy pointing a gun at his own head shown.

    Hint, the whole world uses Oil and aside from a FEW of the EU most of the world IGNORES US Sanctions. Or like the EU they say YES SIR and find work arounds to buy it anyway.

    Fact IS that Europe aside from the Proud Polish ARE using Rubles to BUY Russia's oil.

    They've did a "legal" sleight of hand to send Euros to a Russian Commerical Bank to BUY Rubles to pay their tab. I wonder what the Exchange Rate Putin is charging them for such a "Blessing". Not for Free I BET.

    So far despite being Aesop being interesting to read, the Russian's haven't run out of ammo or fuel, nor have they fled the battlefield aside from moving assets around so it's reality 2 Aesop 0 there.

    Casualties, who knows the truth there, given I've sent him the SAME Photos of "Destroyed Russian" Fighters and tanks in Ukraine I found from Syria almost a decade ago.

    I wonder what misdirection Aesop will generate when the USA (Because NATO-EU is just America's bitches) makes a face-saving deal to declare "Mission Accomplished" while giving Putin everything he really wanted?

    He cannot admit he was snookered even when I pointed out to him, I was PLAYING the Flight Simulator that generated the "Ghost of Kiev" propaganda. He just said "That didn't gain any traction here..."

    But in his defense, Aesop is fun to read. Often gives me things to look up (like old AP Syrian war pictures to pass on) and sometimes his opinions are really quite on target.

    I just hope and pray that the Insane "Leadership" that thinks a Proxy War between the USA and Nuclear Armed Russia doesn't actually GO Nuclear. But I cannot discount a False Flag Nuclear event with the jackasses running our Dear Leader the Sockpuppet.

    Putin doesn't need to go nuclear, he just has to outlast the USA as our OWN GOALS (an Aesop phrase) create chaos and civil war 2.0 in our country.

    As I've sent to Aesop several reasons our Republic is going to have a REAL Food Issue before Thanksgiving. I'd LOVE to be wrong and would happily say a Public Mea Culpa If I am (While dancing with Joy) and our always volatile EBT Crowd will have the cities BURNING if their EBT Cards despite Politicians giving them even MOAR "Free Money" Still cannot buy food.

    The Socialists can fake money, but they cannot fake a single loaf of bread and that REALITY is coming home pretty damn soon.

    Buy FOOD, what's the worst case? You have to eat it over the next two years? Trusted friends and safe water as once the Gimmie Dats start rolling grid power and sewage systems are apt to be crippled.

    1. Aesops clowning is a daily read for me too. He’s a good barometer for gaging how effective the Globohomo spin machine is working. That last article is in response to me goading and taunting him in the comments.

      The one real worry in that end of the world is that a new economic ties are being formed. Our idiots in power let the situation degrade to the point where we are a hair away from a full blown trade war. Contrary to Nurse Aesop…EVERYONE loses in a trade war. That is why when international trade war flares up…all out military warfare is usually close behind.

      This is why the Establishment is shitting bricks and gas lighting the retards. Vlad has had it with the corrupt trade and currency practices of the US, he won’t stand for their finger puppets in the ‘Kraine giving him the business… and he’s moving to ally with China and India instead - where he can get a fairer shake. Worst case scenario is that those take off…and if they do… the EU is in deep, deep shit. Many of the republics could go with Russia and it’s conceivable that some Western European countries will go too. A lot of things will have to go seriously wrong for that to happen… but look at who’s in charge, and how Afghanistan went. The economic losses in the offing now from the Russia/Ukraine conflict make the ones in Afghanistan look like chump change.

      Something stupid this way comes.

  2. Just for the same entertainment value that Q gave, with just enough of, Shit, Maybe there's some truth there, you might want to check out CiaAnon's posts on 4chan that are compiled on Paul Furber's site.

    He's got an interesting take on stuff going on behind the scenes.

    There are also BDanon's posts on:
    But he hasn't posted for a while. He disappears once in a while. A time traveler apparently.

  3. I was looking at pictures of the Moskva which the Ukies claim was sunk by anti ship missiles and comparing them to pictures of the Stark, the Cole, the Sheffield, the General Belgrano and other recent sinkings and one thing was missing; a big hole in the ship. The Moskva most resembled the Iowa when that charge blew up in her Turret.

  4. Mr. Google Aesop The World Wonder President and Master MILSPEC Extraordinaire…appears to have the emotional maturity of a 13 year old horny school boy that got denied the prize after stickin his finger in the hair pie delight.

    He tries much to hard to sound like Gunney Sgt. Hartman stringing his 27 word insults into some coherent sentence, That’ll Teach us Right good cause thats Learnin.

    Mr. Google should just stick to Meds and perhaps keep up on his.

  5. Here’s another one that “Thinks” Very Highly of himself. Just Axe’em …As is evident from his Twister Header.
    I wonder if’in they are one in the same..🧐🧐

  6. Aesop is hopefully learning it isn't easy never being wrong, on any subject, on every detail, on every utterance. So far though, not so much. And yeah this:
    " Mr. Google Aesop The World Wonder President and Master MILSPEC Extraordinaire…appears to have the emotional maturity of a 13 year old horny school boy that got denied the prize after stickin his finger in the hair pie delight.

  7. Aesop has posted some incredible stuff over the years - and I appreciate him as I do many bloggers but yeah - he is way off on the Russia/Ukraine sitrep - Russia has them by the balls >>

  8. Sorry Glen. Been lurkin’ and clearing out my old padded cell.

    I have shameless ripped off the Zed pic for a masthead of sorts. Relearning blogger again also.

    I’ve have literally lived, breathed and read Russian and DPR news, analysis & military strategy for 8 straight years so I can barely contain myself – with shameless lack of restraint on many fine blogs of late. Promise to behave meself -mostly.

    Wouldn’t want to be accused of pulling an Aesop would I? :P

    The scene from ‘Back To the Future’ comes to mind;
    Biff “Mc Fly. Hello, hello, anybody home” sort of behaviour comes to mind.

    Here’s a tribute in his honour - The Ballad of SteveO from Jackass