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Monday, 30 May 2022

And So It Was…


…that the Thunderbox became unholy in the sight 
and smell of the Lord,
And He slew all therein and without;
and scoured the Earth upon which it stood
With fire and brimstone. And after His wrath, only the stench
Of the Sin remained as a warning to those
that may foolishly sin likewise.

-Bogaloonians 9:11


  1. Throw some onions in there too. And don't blame the Lord for what your digestive systems can do all by it's lonesome. Don't smoke in the crapper after a load of that. Dad used to call beans 44's...

  2. HAR HAR HAR!!! If Pork n' Beans aren't proof that God has a sense of humour... I dunno what is!