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Wednesday, 18 May 2022

Bullying Works


Yannow I just shake my head sometimes at the antics of our ridiculous leaders and wonder what planet I’m on. I watched in bewilderment as Mary Poppins, here - sang a cheerful little ditty on JewTube to state mandated censorship… to the toon of “Supercalifornicatedexpeealadosis”.  It happened up here in Canada too. Our lisping flimp of a prime minister called 2/3 of Canada “a bunch of ignorant racists and nazis with unacceptable opinions..”.

And that french whoreson actually has allied himself (and his country) with guys in the Ukraine that literally have the nazi death head insignia on their uniforms and swastikas for unit tattoos! The fucken Jews are doing the same, HAR HAR HAR!!!


Have you kicked a liberal in the balls today? Or backhanded a shitlib harpy? Whyever not? These people can’t be taken seriously anymore.


  1. BS, they’ll just go under

  2. only God can help us pray He will intervene

  3. They bring their"Ministry Of Truth" back....after they gin up something to distract from it.

  4. They may shut down this version that resides in DHS, but be assured, censoring of speech is a paramount importance to the Leftists. So like a Phoenix, it will rise again somewhere else in the federal government

  5. Surely all this is very carefully crafted distraction? Come-on, you couldn't possibly design a more asinine agency & horse-faced figurehead (other than Jacinda).

    It was carefully designed to stir this reaction. Don't take the bait. The why and who behind it are far more interesting anyway. I suspect they are so over-confident they think they have already won.

    It is a government initiative. Surely there will be a trail leading back to who sponsored and authorised this? And who they report to, and they report to? And where the funding comes from?
    That sort of thing surely is discoverable (being govt) would be fascinating to pull that thread until the sponsors & particularly the finance sources are identified. Chances are the people are disposable executive fall-guys anyway.

    Take notes. Pulling the curtain back is a good start as cockroaches scramble when you turn on the light.

    1. Nailed it.

      Most of commercial news media is a distraction.