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Monday, 16 May 2022

Courtesy Of Your Friendly Neighborhood Spetznaz


Ya see?!? Lookit!!!
They’re friendly!  
I got a four quart jar of pickled eggs!
Quartermain got one full a pickled koobasaw!
And Jack got a two quart jug of Popov’s vodka!
Take back all the rotten things you’ve said about them, you
damned Russophobes!!!

“It’s staged propaganda, ya fuggin putz!!!” They’ll shriek! “It’s fake news!!! It’s disinformation!!!”

It undoubtedly is. But then these idiots will see a CGI clip from a video game of a jet flying a foot off the deck at Mach 2… aaaaand…. “It’s The Ghost Of Keev!!!” and, “I hear that The Ghost is transgender!!! Xhe’s shot down 100 Russian this week alone!” Or they’ll see retouched vid of a small hobby drone blowing up Russian tanks and leveling neighborhoods… and they’ll believe it.

After chinkypox… I am through kidding myself. 75~85% of the people in that pic above are uneducable fucktards. They’ll cut their own throats and blame you for loaning then the knife, they’ll blame the knife makers, and the company that mined the ore and smelted the metal. Those that are left will ban knives and will blame you when they can’t cut up their food to eat it or cook it.

Reality is superficially optional in our society today, isn’t it? I wonder what planet I’m on, some mornings.  Apparently they finally caught a white racist mass murderer. He’s a kid…who even has a manifesto. It looking awfully like your friendly neighborhood FBI helped him write it. BCE has the skinny as usual.

I’ve had my finger pulled too many times. My shorts are sodden and dripping but nothing comes out anymore. Think I’ll debate from here on out by saying ‘you’re wrong’ … or maybe nothing at all. At this point it’s all fake and gay now…


  1. While that is some mighty fine propaganda, I also have no doubt that there are areas that do represent what is depicted.

  2. yeah, the "kid" was triple tapping vics like a pro. and yes, the manifesto was clearly written by committee, or he had 3 personalities on board. i saw the vid he took of it, he apologizes to a hispanic dude for pointing a gun at him in the middle of the shooting.

  3. There's ALWAYS free cheese in a mouse trap!

  4. hearts and minds, boys and girls. it does work.
    any of you think any of the money going there now is going to do anything close to that-helping people, or going into some asshole bank account ?

  5. Da, tovarisch! Lead hammer, velvet glove....

  6. Good to see those dumb Rooskie’s are so not familiar with standard NATO hearts and minds ops. I mean, food instead of cluster munitions. Seriously, they’ll never make a profit - oops - win at this rate.

    Yep. My own reading this past few years is that about 1 in 8 are actually thinking humans – the rest are total NPC’s.

    Twain’s advice, “Never argue with stupid people, they will drag you down to their level and then beat you with experience” was never more relevant.

  7. Just in. Ukraine orders the surrender of the forces in Azovstal. Of course some sources are just saying troops are being evacuated. jesse

  8. Probably Donbass or Crimea where the people are ethnic Russians.

  9. Get your buddy aesop up to speed, I'm sure he's got an open mind.....

    River Rider, you mean the MKUltra product "kid"?

  11. Just a cursory look at how they are fitted out, and I’d swear the flack jackets, camo, and etc… look suspiciously like US surplus, or am I imagining things?