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Thursday, 26 May 2022

I Have An Alibi

Screw you Americans and your tailgate BBQ’s!
In Rome we grill right in the stands!

 Borepatch seems to be accusing me of a crime of petty vandalism going back about 1800 years. Nice try… but I was in Rome at the time, chillin’ and grillin’ up in the stands during the great chariot races. Why would I be buggering around with those blue bummed bastids in Briton at the end of the world? When I go to the public commode, I want to clean my backside with a soft Roman sponge… in Briton you’d probly get a savage’s spear up the hooper instead! 

No… if I had to speculate… I’d say it was probably Quartermain. He actually was a Vandal back in the good ol’ days. Looks like his graving too….

Gotta be Quartermain again…!

T’weren’t me, fellas… but you’d be correct to
suspect it…


  1. Heh, we used to park in the back row and grill at the drive-in back in the day. Good times!

  2. I used to buy the grilled fish on a stick with a side of garum dipping sauce and a flagon of diet Argitis from the food chariot outside the colosseum. Had nose bleed seats where grilling was forbidden.

    nos qui manducaturi sumus te salutamus