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Thursday, 26 May 2022

Let’s Have A Little Chat, Leftie



I guess we’re all supposed feel shamed and humiliated about that last school shooting while the shitlibs dance on the coffins of school kids. “Your guns are killing the children!!!” they scream.

No, they aren’t. It’s your failed social experiments that are. You don’t raise your kids right, your single mothers are horrible parents that coke their sons up on psychotropic drugs to keep them quiet. Your wonderful socialized medical programs fail them. Turns out this last one was a tranny.

Let the parents mourn their children. In the meantime - take your gun grabbing, take your vegetable president and all your other pedophiles and go fuck yourselves.

On to the next Current Thing please.


  1. I wish reality didn't make you so spot on. Keep bloggin', I really appreciate your input.

  2. I will keep this short and not bloaviate, or wax keyboard expert like Major-Privates Aesop. I wrote a national level school violence assessment in 2018. The final assessment was the same as the Secret Services, who are patent experts in this area. No more gun laws are needed or assessed to be any more effective. It is access to firearms that needs to be addressed. Trust me, this was not what anyone wanted to hear, their ingrained bias from media brainwashing is guns are bad ban the guns. Now, access can mean a lot of things, of which I would get into. We also saw numerous common denominators in the profiles of many of these shooters, that obviously are still not getting addressed. I believe because its an indictment of the entire social and law enforcement system that creates and allows these bad actors to come to the surface. As in this case and several others, police stood outside for over an hour before going in, yet the media keeps saying "police rushed in". Again, the medias definitions dont match common sense, 98.6 non-mouth breathing americans definitions of common, everyday terms. The police said they had to wait for someone to unlock the school. So, police cant get in but a gender confused 120 POS can? They had tactical teams there, yet had no breaching capabilities? I trained military police in active shooter training, you go in immediately, if the door is locked, figure it out. You dont wait for backup, or tanks, or special operation, it is now your responsibility as the first one on the scene to intervene. The media is holding them as heroes. bullshit, more feckless behavior from wanna be alpha-male warriors thinking about paycheck and pension. With an hour to kill all these teachers and children, the shooter could have done it with a damn muzzleloader. So, the whole AR bad black rifle with high-cap mags is the problem, ban them now is another specious argument. Im sure Private parts Aesop will have all the facts and answers.

  3. It's all so tiresome.

    These shooters all have things in common, the worst of which is they are clearly troubled, everyone knew, and no one did or was able to do anything. Most of them are 'known' to the authorities. No one wonders how an 18 year old loser manages to get thousands in gear. No one wonders why I can't post a meme on social media without getting yellowcarded, but these dudes can post eyebrow raising posts, clearly broadcasting their intentions. Yet nothing.

  4. I'm going to steal your second to the last sentence that starts with "in the meantime..." Of course, with all due credit, respect, groveling, genuflecting, bowing and scraping.
    Screw that, I'm just gonna steal it!
    Copy/paste. Done.
    Happy Thursday from Gavin Newsom's playground.

  5. ...and just like that, nobody is talking about Ukraine or the WHO and one world government or the Monkey Pox. Interesting, eh?

  6. No humans are involved in mass shootings

  7. Linked to my house in it's entirety

  8. "Let the parents mourn their children. In the meantime - take your gun grabbing, take your vegetable president and all your other pedophiles and go fuck yourselves." - Amen I say unto you Amen.

    Its the participants and how they are wired, not the game pieces with which they play. The families of the deceased are further tortured knowing that LEO on the spot did not follow through and confront the murderer (may a nest of fire ants find a home in is colon !) before he committed further harm.

    Its pretty clear now - the only two parties involved are the victim and the perp. The victim is responsible for saving themselves, LEO only investigates and draws the chalk outlines.

  9. I'm old, my kids are all over 30 or about to be. Their education - when they weren't homeschooled, was like 90s - early 00s. Back then in N. Georgia; the doors to the school were locked. You called the office, the County Sheriff 'resource officer' would come to the door and see what was up.
    In Texas, this fucking POS walks in, no locked door, no County Sheriff, nothing. Fucking idiocy. And then the badged cunts stand around listening to gunshots and stand around some more. Nope, no forgiveness for cowards. As my grandfather used to say "never ever show the white feather." Makes me want to vomit.
    Original Grandpa