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Sunday, 8 May 2022

Old, Retarded And Lame


It’s kinda a chitty day round the Castle today. Winds are blowing, it’s overcast… so I just said to hell with everything and went down into The Reclusium to putter about. I have this used  OS 0.55 engine I got from  Scotty The Retard. I want to run it before I put it in the Turd Bird so I figured I’d build a test fixture for it. All I need now are come mounting screws, a spinner, a servo rod for the throttle…and I should be good to go.  I pulled the glow plug and tested it; everything fine there… but a look into the cylinder…it’s like a smoker’s lung in there. But -it’s not bad. I have an  0.46 on Super Dave and there’s tar, varnish, and schmag in there… and that engine runs like a top. Some guys are forever fiddling with the carbs on these… I set ‘em and forget ‘em. 

That thing is just some glued and screwed scrap 1x4 I had laying around but it took me all morn to build it. I pulled a muscle or a ligament in my forearm a year back and I must have done it again. It’s tough sleeping with it throbbing and hurtin’ and even harder to build a Mickey Mouse rest fixture when you can’t even make a fist! I built it all left handed and had to really think about things with only one hand in play. I think it’s a pull anyways… but it could be gout, arthritis, scurvy, rickets or even rigor mortis I suppose. I am getting so old and fussy these days.

All the batteries are on the charger today so other than that… I remain boring as ever. I hope you are having a great Sunday and doing something special for Mom.


  1. You'll get a lot more done with more gusto if you put those Tums in your Mountain Dew, Hoss.

  2. Dude, switch arms when yer jackin' yer shytte... I know I had the same issue when Wifey was going thru 'the change'... damned near blew out my wrist... switch up now and again... keeps things from gettin' burned out...

    1. Just make sure the throttle-stop on the end is attached good so you don't slip and put an eye out with your thumb.