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Wednesday, 11 May 2022

The Shit Show Continues..

 The Kraine is turning down the gas supply to America’s allies in Europe???

I saw on one of the other blogs that vegetable oil is now almost unobtanium in many Euro countries, and flour will be rationed if this keeps up. I wonder how our Ukrainian friends will treat the Americans after they get that $40 billion dollar loan? 


  1. with these assholes, it a gift. or rather a fee for diverting funds to the assholes bank accounts.
    every one of the assholes who have gone there are in on it.
    bet on it. the clown in "charge" over there is worth what north of 300 million or is it billion ? and how do you think he made all that money ?

  2. I'm in for half a case of olive oil, which should hold me a while. It's cooking grade.

    The way fuel prices are skyrocketing in the U.S. and the way inflation keeps inflating, the future looks to be a bit bleak. Then there's the ongoing never-say-die scandal about the stolen presidential election. The Bayou Man has a link to someone's article on it, which I'm far too depressed to read.

    Let's see what the next five years will bring.

  3. Let me put this through The Aesopolator. The Ukrainians are not shutting off the gas because they are not trying to pressure Europe because they are winning! Of course, you and I might think the Ukrainians are desperate, but we're not Generals of The Internet.

    1. That's like the time Jeff Davis embargoed Cotton to the textile mills of England and France to try to pressure them into recognizing the Confederacy. He screwed himself as the Rebels the had less money to buy European guns.

  4. I like Mad Jack’s idea. I bagged a dozen litres some weeks ago.

    I think the gas supply is getting the old ‘shame if something happened to your gas’ routine. Looking for more pay-offs before they have to retire soon to Tel Aviv.

  5. It's not a 40 billion loan. Its 40 billion payoff to keep the Biden crime family's Ukrainian secrets under wraps for awhile. The original agreement was 30 billion but our crooks in government added 10 billion that gets kicked back to them under the table. Maybe a half million will go to relief to war torn Ukrainians that will filmed and played on an endless loop as evidence of how responsible our tax money is being used.

  6. The rape seed ("canola") harvest failed in Canada last year. The harvest was down by something on the order of 95%.