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Friday, 27 May 2022

The Ukraine Loses The War

 As any one with a triple digit IQ knew it would from the start. 

The vast majority of the ‘Kraine’s regular military are gone. The ones that remain are being ordered to commit suicide by holding their positions, and fighting to the last man. Zelensky is trying to get the officers to shoot the deserters. To their credit, most have refused and have surrendered with their men already, or are making plans to do so. The Ukes have been begging for the US and NATO to intervene on their behalf;  all the weapons and supplies in the world won’t do any good without the men to use them. Without an infusion of troops…this only ends one way.

We all know how the tail wags the dog in America: the usual suspects in Washington sit down with their fart catchers in the mass media - give them the story and the media slobs type it up, throw it on the wire and all the other outlets pick it up and blast the message out.

Sharp eyed Blog visitor Pat does the honours: the leftie fags at the WaPo tell us how it’s going to go down. Pay attention to Kissinger’s four points of resolution - and put a pin in it. Now, let us recall Putler’s demands before the festivities took place. To avoid an invasion, Vlad wanted:

- a demilitarized Ukraine with no NATO troops or weapons on Russia’s border. NATO formally agreed to this decades ago.

- he wanted the Ukraine and Europe to play fair and live by already established trade agreements. Corrupt Ukrainian trade practices were costing Russia 12 billion dollars a year and had to stop.

Kissinger is signalling that the US will abide by Putler’s demands and surrender the Ukraine as long as they can pretend to be doing something else that allows them to save face. Biden has no choice, Europe about to brush him off and deal. Here at home Biden will be lucky if he isn’t shot by his own people. China is signalling intents on Taiwan, and various gangster govts are growing restless too.

The Z Man has an excellent critique up on his blog that is worth your time. He explains the ways in which our incompetent govts have failed to understand the Russians, their capabilities and their resolve.

So? With the first unofficial overtures being made to Russia… what is Vlad going to do? And how will he receive them?


  1. this doesn't square with reports from a reliable source with boots on the ground, nor with imagery and meta data from the area. sure the russians are holding and even grinding away at a pocket near severnesk but otherwise are being held in place. that is a tiny area where they have concentrated a huge force and even then they make small gains for their losses. they are largely held to the area russian separatists occupied before the war. when they tried to make a river crossing for a major offensive they got slaughtered.

    1. and kissinger has zero credibility with anybody. he should have stayed retired. and believe me i hold no animosity toward russia or putin. i wish him luck actually. ukraine is nothing more than the gangster playland of our elites and their offspring. the elites are going to get us nuked in my opinion.

    2. I suppose it comes down to who you believe and whose farts you’re smelling - as one of the visiting scholar put it. ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ‘

      The latest and greatest I have is that the Russians are now in Severodonetsk, and are cutting off the major escape and retreat routes for Ukrainian forces in the area. One thing about those Russians is that they aren’t shy about showing off their trophies. I have seen enough bloated dead Ukes to last me a lifetime.

      Agree that Kissinger has no credibility… but neither does the WaPo either! It may be too soon to call it but what the hell… the opinions of this old stubfart are worth exactly what you paid for them…

    3. This is an interesting video and current as of last night. It is a decent aggregate of other sources I’m watching – with maps.

      Anon is correct, Krasny Liman has been freed and Severodonetsk also. Z man is an eloquent writer that is putting it out there. Let’s see how the deep state handles their pets getting a very public smack down

  2. I am with Riverrider, give Vlad Putin what he wants and abide by their trade agreements and demilitarize the Uke. I pray Putin insists that biden, kerry and peloser be arrested and tried for their various crimes and meddling in the Uke.

  3. That would be excellent Cederq. Lots of names could be added to the list - sort of a wish list LOL

  4. Can anyone tell me when Kissinger was ever correct about anything. Listening to his babble was Nixons worst mistake. China is the threat that it is today because of Kissinger.