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Wednesday, 25 May 2022

The Writing Is On The Wall….

Ever since I’ve become a soft conspiracy nut, my skill at reading ‘the writing on the wall’ has closed in on 99% plus accuracy. I shouldn’t be blowing my own horn I suppose - unless you are a complete friggen retard - no one in their right mind would suppose for an instant that a kleptocracy like the ‘Kraine could face off the Russian Bear. The Dreizin Report largely confirms my suspicions about the war so far. He also notices the lack of success the Ukes have had miracle weapons like the Javelin missiles - and accounts for it.

Haaaruummpfpfppfffff! Wasn’t that what one of you chaps were saying the other day? That the battery packs on the weapons were old and nonfunctional? Welp… given the state of the supply chains - that’s going to be a problem. Cripes…now that I think about it…the missiles and rocket propellants…are they still going to be viable? Or the explosives? 

We can pretty much stick a fork in the ‘Kraine, unless something changes radically. The only hope in turning the Russkies now would be a full blown NATO intervention with troops, more tanks, more rockets, more money and more commitments.

If Biden makes a play like that… would China make its move on Taiwan? Would Putler go nuclear? He’s said that no wars will be waged on Russian soil…

The end of the Ukrainian war will usher in the start of something else. Given the people involved…it probably won’t be anything good either.


  1. Please warn me if you're going to link to Assops circle jerk again.

  2. Let's see Kissinger says Ukraine needs to make a deal and lose some already lost lands. Soros says both Russia and China need to be destroyed by NATO-USA so the Great Reset can occur.

    Let us see just how much horsepower the World Economic Forum has against Russian stubbornness and China's owning Biden and the Deep State.

    Meanwhile while we admire the BIG Circle issues let's make sure our families have enough food, safe water and ability to repair the home from chaos damages.

    You and are but collateral damage in this elephant struggle.

    Aesop needs a lot more food in his Apartment.

  3. I've argued with Aesop about the nature of artillery. He was in a tube unit, I was in a Lance tacnuke missile unit 40 years ago.

    Putin's Russian Army is not the Soviet Army of 1981 but it is the Putin Army plus that leveled Grozny, killed a 100,000 Chechins and imposed a puppet warlord now fighting for Putin.

    Yes, it looks like at least five percent of the 152 mm artillery shells are duds. That's because the Russians are firing shells from the Breznev era and the priming compound sometimes doesn't work. All these 50-70 year old towed howitzers need to do is to fire within a Minute of Mariupal and given enough time will flatten the place like Grozny or Aleppo like they did.

    So yes, the Russians are learning how to fight in an age of drone warfare coupled with old cheap artillery and grinding the Ukrainians to a pulp. Russia has ample food and energy reserves and can get electronic goods from the Chinese or Indians.

    Meanwhile ZOG is hurting from the sanctions with gas and diesel higher than ever before and inflation around 30%. Eventually ZOG will have to either escalate -- to the last Ukrainian -- or simply wither away as the war grinds on. Putin isn't a tenth of Joseph Stalin and a fifth of Ivan the Terrible and the Russians like being ruled by a strong man, always have. Russians killed Nicholaus I & Nickolaus II but feared and respected the autocrat Alexander III. They really despised Gorbachev and his idiotic "reforms" that killed the former Soviet Union and led to Wall Street looting in the 1990s. Seventy-five percent of the Russians understand that it is necessary to repel the Dying ZOG and keep it from breaking up and looting Russia so they will be patient.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri
    Write-In Candidate for US Senate

  4. I am seeing a lot of trench warfare going on for a conflict that is supposed to be a product of The Current Year. Matt Bracken some trench warfare vids that were essentially grenade duels.

  5. I call BS. Javelins aren't wire guided, and didn't enter service until 1996. "Because these damaged things didn't work, none of them work." Guy's a dumbass poser.

  6. The talk is already circulating about who gets what in the breakup of Ukraine once the grift runs its course. The Donbas goes to Russia as well as Odessa. Both Hungary and Poland have historical claims on the West of Ukraine. Those arguing about weapons are irrelevant.

    1. Exactly, follow the money.

  7. Howdy Glen. Definite change in the winds of war in the Donbas.

    The orcs have been pouring concrete around the Donbas and LPR since getting their asses whipped twice back at the start of this shit show in 2014/15. In effect a ‘Maginot Line’ of hardened pill boxes, bunkers, tunnels and trenches.

    The key to open the door was a town called Popasnaya. The local high ground in a region flatter than Taylor Swift.

    The Russian mercs of Wagner PMC’s got sent in to stiffen the attack and it worked. A static front line broke wide open and the dam broke about a week ago. Russians have poured in lots of reserve forces and have been gaining kilometres per day instead of the usual grind.

    Looks like 3 separate pockets forming with approx. 15,000 troops in danger of getting the Mariupol treatment. Smallest pocket of 2,000 pretty much doomed already.

    Maybe the psychological hit of the orcs’ Azov super soldiers defeat or just the reward for the relentless grind of artillery blanketing but lots of mutiny videos coming out. The officers know the score and have bugged out leaving the cannon fodder to fend for themselves. No food, armor or ammo.

    Definitely a collapse of the eastern orcs looking highly likely. Watch out for the ‘peacemakers’ like Kissinger suddenly concerned with saving lives and other such BS. They are looking to avoid the complete collapse of their narrative of incompetent Russian running out of supplies and getting slaughtered like the orcs really are.

    ZOG can ship whatever toys/troops they want. Russia has shown her claws and they will finish this job. No ceasefires - just ‘decommissioned’ Nazi’s.

  8. Glen, please read this:

    It makes me believe assmops like assop are in actuality working for the opposition.
    Follow the money.