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Tuesday, 17 May 2022

TV Trouble

 On the innertoobs somewhere the other day I found a story about how our friends in Hollywood were thinking about rebooting and re-issuing the popular 90's sitcom - Married With Children. It's in the proposal stages with nothing definite or concrete, but their idea is to animate it and use the original cast as voice actors. So I sat back and thought about that. Back in the Before Times, Al and Peg made their mark with raunchy humour, puns, double entendre, and rude, lude jokes. Anything went too - they'd make rude jokes that would get them arrested and cancelled in today's miserable political climate. Back in the day they lampooned feminists, whores, incels, pedos, traditionalists - everyone was fair game.

When the Bundy's exited stage left... we then got The Simpsons. Then The Family Guy. There's probably been any number of others that began to make the Bundy's look tame by comparison. What could the rebooted sitcom do that has not been done better (or worse) by their modern competitors? The dysfunctional family trope has been done do death by much worse people. There has been a competition by programmers to race for the bottom of that moral barrel and they hit it in spades, 10 or 20 years ago. Hmmmmpppfffff, I thought.

I figured I might as well turn on the Toob, so I went upstairs, got in my favourite easy chair and started grazing my way through Netflix. I see one come up - The Kids In The Hall. They were big in the 90s too, up here in Canada. The humour was often in bad taste as they had a couple faggots amongst the cast but when they were kept on a leash - they could produce some absolutely lethal and bizarre humour. Almost Monty Python-ish. 

So... what the hell, I thought, if they are making a comeback maybe I should watch. 5 minutes into the thing, there's two faggots doing full frontal nudity with their wrinkly old junk flapping in the breeze as they jumped around. I look over and the wife is looking back at me with disgust and telling me to turn that shit off! I was just stunned - there is no way this stuff was even funny - unless maybe you are a shitlib sex starved cat lady into her fourth box of chardonnay, maybe? I was just wondering how many people - out of all the ones involved in producing this thing… actually sat down and discussed this and thought it was funny? Maybe that is what passes for humour in the CBC, and that the whole institution is now a gay bath house instead of a television network? Maybe that’s where the humour is for them? Watching normals people recoil in disgust? Whatever - that’s not a mistake I will make again. The Kids might have had some merit back in the 90’s… but today? They’re just a bunch of creepy old faggots. Unfunny faggots. I turned the TV off and went down to the Reclusium to do something else.

Gawd, I hope they don’t bring back Al and Peg. In the current state of the entertainment industry it could never amount to anything good.


  1. TV + tannerite + quarry somewhere. Problem solved.

  2. Netflix oughta be called Nutflix. That outfit crams gratuitous homosexual behavior in wherever it can. In almost EVERY.SINGLE.FEATURE there's bumping, grinding, and nutbag grabbing. It has no part in the plot. it's just THERE. It's not at the start though. No, Netflix will wait until you're in about three episodes to introduce the faggotry. We were watching a series called "The Haunting OF Bly Manor." About eight episodes in, it's discovered that the main character of the show, a woman, is "haunted" by the fact she had to tell her fiancé she couldn't marry him. The reason? She "discovered" she was a carpetmuncher! The fiancé goes to get out of the car and gets hit by a bus.

    ...If Nutflix produced it, it's queerclad; plain and simple!

    1. It used to be they only implied it, Pete. Nowadays its all out there and I wonder what the public reaction will be. People unconsciously whitewash and sanitize faggotry and stuff like this will rub their noses in what faggotry really is. All of a sudden, these people start to see real rectal gay sex, or real ugly dikes going at it... and you can't unsee stuff like that. You can't pretend anymore - this is what those people do, and they won't be happy with doing it in their own bedrooms, they want to do it on TV and do it to your kids too.

  3. The Simpsons were running at the same time as MWC.
    Great Sunday lineup on FOX:
    Married with Children
    Parker Lewis
    In Living Color
    The Simpsons.
    Must See TV on Sunday night.
    I remember the first episode of MWC and thought "WOW !!! They really said/did that????"
    First 5 seasons were great, downhill after that.

    "Running Faggot" was the first sketch I saw from KITH. Bet they won't be that edgy today....
    Have NO interest in a KITH reboot.

  4. The only, and I mean THE ONLY reason I allow The television to be operational, is for some reason, a few, and I mean a FEW shows, my wife enjoys. Like Chicago Fire, which is a spinoff of that crappy Chicago cop show, and maybe a movie or two which gets played over and over again for a week or two on end. There is absolutely nothing, and I mean NOTHING original, new or fresh on television since.... oh....(scratches head)....uh. Yeah, I think you know what I mean. I could easily make shooting practice and televisions go together quite easily if it were not for the love of my life's desire to unconsciously turn the television remote on for whatever her reason to do so is.
    Ohio Guy

    1. TV rots the brain. Get rid of it.

    2. Some of the older stuff is alright. You have to be very choosey these days...

  5. BIG CITY GREENS is funny animation for the current TV behavior regime. Check out an episode or two and decide for yourself.