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Tuesday, 31 May 2022

Vibrant Treat-Of-The-Week

 HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR HAR!!! HAR HAR HAR!!! Thanks for that, Anonymous! I saw that on Blab last night and almost laughed myself to death then too! Does anybody know what set the she-boon off? I wonder how often stuff like this happens?

Couple years ago I was in one of the motor pools at CFB Aaaaaaaadmontin on a sales call. The shop foreman was this muscular little man that was as broad across the shoulders as he was tall…he shoulda been square! I was in the waiting area and he gave me that nod that said “I’ll be right with ya!” as he chatted with some chaps in his office. The door to his office was wide open. Somebody had a bee in their bonnet about something. The Seargent listened attentively and finally tried to shoo the men out, saying he had an appointment with me, and they’d talk later. They were about to leave, and I stood to go in…when this slim, 5’ 0” tall elderly woman walked into my back. I am a portly man, and she was small and thin as a rail, and bounced off and into a wall. “MOVE IT!” she barked. I laughed and tried to apologize but then she was on the shop foreman. Turned out she was a colonel…and lord, was she PISSED. “Why do I have two tracked vehicles down when they should be in your shop RIGHT NOW being serviced, Seargent?” she demanded hotly.

The Seargent wasn’t intimidated in the least. “These men just returned from yard. They just got back from there. The CO said it was too cold out to sweep the snow off and start them up, and that she would reschedule with us later -”

“Get her on the line and put her on speaker, Seargent.” she said. She was in a state of pure fury. The woman came on the line - and the two of them had a bloody hissy fit! It turned into a bitch-fight right off Jerry Springer. The Seargent sat, stone faced, as the women screeched and cursed each other. Silently, the Seargent dismissed his mechanics. Both filed out with carefully controlled expressions on their faces. I was smirking rudely outside the office as the drama raged. The volume increased, the “colonel” was almost in tears now…

In the background I caught the Seargent’s attention, gestured silently at my watch. I pantomimed the telephone and mouthed silently, “Call ya later?” The Seargent nodded curtly and I started packing up my stuff to leave. The Colonel turned her wrath on the Seargent. She bitched with that nagging, shrewish, accusing tone that some women have… “why did you not inform me about this earlier, Seargent?” 

As I walked out I heard the Seargent respond patiently, “My men and I have no place in this disagreement, Colonel. The Major gave my men a lawful order, we assumed it was valid and obeyed it. If you are going to accuse us of misconduct, I’m afraid I will have to involve my own CO…”

“Get him on the line!” she screamed.

I got my gear and papers together, and fled. Later I was able to make my pitch and tee up the product trial, but nothing ever came of it. But the experience taught me that in matters military… Canada is true, North, strong and free!



  1. Just one more reason I love the M1 Garand. Solid walnut stock and a steel butt plate makes for most satisfying butt stroke to the head.

  2. My US flaf has been flying upside since the stolen election, stationed in DC at the time, now I retired because all of this bs, and in Fl. Not one person, veteran or otherwise in two years has bothered to ask why my flag is upside down according to US Code. Pathetic, no one is even paying attention on any level. Putin bring the nukes!

  3. i am female but see no military place for them except steno pool or nursing unless they can do things like accounting

    1. Thank you deb harvey! Mine and about 95% of the service men would agree with you.

    2. bro was career sergeant he can tell you some tales but was retired before this worsening

  4. In 13 years, I met one decent female soldier in the US Army. Some of the rest were good at their jobs, but terrible soldiers.