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Thursday, 30 June 2022

The Filthie Sammichologist


Spectacular work, lad! This is not sammich artistry;
it's sammich SCIENCE.

Today I made my own signature Grampa Filthie's Tuna Salad sammiches and they were magnificent. The wife can't handle raw onions and as far as I am concerned they are a key component to a good tuna salad. I mixed up a batch and told her not to eat it. I put in a blort of fancy mustard and some radish, and did some other tweaks too - all manually diced and sliced and mixed to perfection. Quite frankly I am awed by my competence. 

The old lady thought she'd learn me a lesson in sammich making and got out kraut, strange mystery meats, fancy bread and so forth, but I remain confident in my own sammich supremacy. Nobody makes a better tuna salad sammy than Yours Truly - I will tolerate no dissention on this important topic! Mock me at your peril!!!

But... I need a new act now that I have mastered tuna salad. Young Master Ethan may have some good pointers at creating the classic hoagie. I have eaten some of the best hoagies in the world but have never turned my formidable culinary skill to actually making one. 

This will probably be an effort on par with the Manhattan Project in depth and scope. I am going to have to make bread again - my last attempt was a dismal flop... AND I will have to mix up some sauces and condiMINTS. Perhaps young Master Ethan can help us out with the bread aspect too...?

Hmmmm. Think this kid might be worth his room on this earth? We shall know in fairly short order. Wish me luck everyone! This will take all my culinary skill and then some. If you want to give 'er a go - by all means do so and let us know how ya make out.

Tips and pointers are always appreciated in the comments!

The Filthie War Nerd


Sounds like the Russians are slowing down and taking a breather nowadays. I heard it said that the Russkies burn through more artillery shells in 10 days than the NATO countries produce in a year.

Their pattern so far has been to advance slowly and draw fire. Report that up the food chain…then withdraw and send in the drones n’ artillery. The drones spy around after the smoke and dust clears and if anything still moves…shell it again! When all seems calm the tanks and infantry move in to mop up. The Ukes are on the ropes and have been for some time.

The Kiddie-Diddler Administration is now moving to park major firepower and manpower on the border of Poland. Because recruitment is at record lows… New recruits no longer need a high school diploma to enlist, and major recruitment shortfalls continue to plague the US military. Seems like people don’t like the idea of fighting beside queers, uppity affirmative action morons, or menstrual obese women… much less taking orders from them. Gee … I wonder why?

Complicating things are the NATO allies. The gas and oil shortages seem to have Germany and Fwance near the end of their rope as well. Russia (for now) seems to be happy to let the economic war take its toll. But never fear! TPTB plan to set price controls on oil that will prevent the eeeevil Russians from making any profit from petroleum sales!  HAR HAR HAR!!!! Apparently Vlad is going to sit quietly and respectfully while Biden tells him what he can sell his oil for? 


I’m getting the feeling that Act II starts momentarily in Taiwan. But …whadda I know? There are new Current Things to be worried about. We will see what shakes out.

We live in interesting but stupid times.



I don’t care what anyone says. After the revolution, fags like this one that lay hands on a law officer going about his lawful duties, or defy their lawful orders - get flogged.

If an officer  gets hurt, or property is damaged during the altercation, the perp is doing time. Prisoners will work for their upkeep in conditions that will assure that even the dumbest one will not reoffend.

Conduct like this is not free speech. 

Old Horrors


Finish Him!!!


Errrr.... The Wine And the Food Suck To...


Wednesday, 29 June 2022

A Fair And Just Society

Well I got just got back from my morning chores and errands.  One of them involved hitting the bank - during the great Covid Terror, Justin Turdo and his compassionate gubbimint gave away free Turdo Bucks to help those being financially ruined by their fake plague. I lost my crappy retireMINT job and basically have been taking time off ever since. I took Turdo's money and threw it in the bank and forgot about it.

Aaaaaand of course, now that the mighty Canadian Nation is one step away from war with Russia - Turdo is racking up the credit cards again! And the coffers are pretty much empty except for the IOU notes left by liberal financial fuckery. 

I'm sure it's just a total coincidink that I got a note in the mail that said basically - "We gave you too much money during the Covid Scam Pandemic - and now we want it back! Give us $1000.00 or else...", Whatever - I just went down to the bank, and the chink teller debited my account and credited theirs in minutes. Done like dinner. Behind him, the gay pride flags were everywhere up on the LCD screen to remind everyone the CIBC was gay too. Whatever.... I just wonder how much money it cost me to take the money and give it back? This is the way of things with socialist gov'ts I suppose... and it is only going to get worse for us as time goes on and Turdo isn't removed.

Thankfully we tried to be smart with our money and banked the way we did - or this would have been a crippling financial hit. When we were kids just starting out... it would have meant a couple months of financial hardship. Thank goodness for grandmas - mine taught us everything we needed to know about handling money. She grew up during the depression and could make a buck stretch enough to make it squeal, HAR HAR HAR!!! When I got my first real job, my friend and mentor, Lesiure Suit Larry - insisted that I set up a savings plan. I knew good advice when I heard it and made it so.

Most of us take common sense money management for granted but for kids and certain individuals... sound financials are a foreign concept and the principles may not be intuitively obvious.

I love these two. They maintain that you (yes, YOU) can eliminate all your debts (yes, including your mortgage) - in 7 years. They are living proof that it can be done. When America's economy crashed in about '08 - these two lost EVERYTHING. Businesses, rental properties, jobs, and the lady had horrible health problems. I have watched them recover since... and it is an eye opener. Their motto is 'Live simple, live free' and by the grace of God - they are doing so. They didn't suffer, they were always thankful, and worked to be cheerful and upbeat. 

If you have young adults that are struggling - these two can set them straight and on a path toward recovery, freedom and simplicity. 

As I was rudely reminded today - the best one to rely on in times of trouble is YOU. If you leave it up to the gov't... you will be at their tender mercy ... and you will deserve it!

Have a great Humpday, you guys! I gotta go... my lawn is menacing me and rain is inbound. 

Humpday Random Ignorateum And Effluvium


When I die
Bury me
Hang my balls
From a cherry tree...


When I die I want to be incinerated and blow away on the winds of my Maker. Something like this would just creep me out!

From a concert in 1990. 
Jeebus, times fly.

Abortion Is All About Rights And Freedoms


I suppose I shouldn't be so cynical....

I think I read somewhere that Dick's Sporting Goods (it would be just like them) was going to pay something like $4 grand to employees needing to travel to get abortions. Knowing what I know now about how life moves and twists and turns over time as you age, and how manipulative people exert their will on others...

I would never try to council young women on a subject like this. They have to make their own decisions and live with them. When I was young I had all the answers. Life looks a lot different when you're young. 

I do have some advice, though, on how to come to a decision on stuff like this. Look at the people trying to influence you... and look damned hard at their motivations. 

Tuesday, 28 June 2022

Retard Range Day: Speer 100gr. BTSP's

 Yesterday was the best day I have spent on the range in a long time. King Peter had two new rifles to wring out: A high end semi-custom rifle in 7x64mm Brenneke... and a chit house econo rifle - a Howa in 223. Part of my excellent day was spent enjoying Pete's misery! Sadly, this is what passes for entertainment with old stubfarts. Pete was having a rough day and it showed up on the target. He bought the Howa econo rifle not knowing that it came with a cheapo 3x9 power scope. He couldn't find factory ammo other than the cheap steel cased chicom garbage. I dipped into my stores and gave him some green tips and some of my hand made practice rounds and he couldn't shoot those either. Pete is one of those guys who is an expert but I can't be bothered fighting or arguing with him - so I just settled in behind the spotting scope and let him run, calling his shots for him. He got so rattled that he made me sight the rifles in for him. I don't like the way Pete bags up - which was part of his problem - so I dug out my own and settled in. I cut his 5" groups with the 223 in half which is certainly not something to brag about... but we know at least the rifle is not damaged. It won’t be a tack driver… but it will be an excellent candidate for a ‘build out’. I am trying to talk him into a new barrel and a Timney trigger but we’ll see how that goes.

Then he insisted I look at his high end rifle. I don't like shooting off the bench as I am not very good at it, and will only do it to evaluate new loads. I got up on my hind feet and tried a few offhand. It was a strange rifle for me: it had a 25" sporter contour barrel, a big meaty and flawlessly checkered stock, and was relatively light and oddly balanced to my hands. I threw the first shot and called it in disgust - and helped myself to two more rounds of Pete's ammunition. I could tell by the feel of the first shot that I'd thrown it... but the second two felt just right. The trigger broke like a glass rod and I knew I'd placed them well.

So I look over at Pete on the spotting scope - and he looked like he'd swallowed a turd! I punched two rounds, both bullseyes - about a half an inch apart. It was all a magnificent fluke, of course, but I couldn't help myself: I played it cool as if I did that all the time. "I could get used to a gun like that, Pete - but would have to get a decent scope on it...." Pete looked like he was ready to spit, HAR HAR HAR!!! Like I said... I was having a great day! A great day being a big dink! HAR HAR HAR! I couldn't do that again in a month of Sundays! :)

I did manage to get a few shots with my mighty 243 Win single shot though - my beloved Ruger No. 1.

Ammo and reloading components are getting to be a scrounger's proposition and couple weeks back I spied some of these on the shelf and bought 300 rounds - and cleaned them out. That is the Speer 100 grain Boat Tailed Soft Point bullet. They were 35 bucks/100 so I said 'what the hell' and stocked up.

I had to rush these because Pete was sad and in a snit and wanted to go home. The gun was heating up and I pulled that one flyer in group #3. If it weren't for Pete I would have spent more time and chronographed them too. Results were pretty good for cheap bullets - certainly good enough for range practice. I loaded up the rounds in increments of 38, 40, and 42 gr. of IMR 4350. 

Results are intriguing, anyways. The brass all looked fine with no signs of pressure and ejected easily. For my next trip, I will repeat the regimen only with a chronograph this time. I have room to bark up the charge weights if I have to... but why bother if you are getting the velocities? 

If you see these bullets kicking around and you are wondering if they are worthwhile... I would say that based on my limited experience... go for it! 

As for Pete - lest you be feeling sorry for him and my rude treatment of him - he got me back in spades. I was surfing for ammo deals on the net and found a supply of these at a local store. They had 700 rounds in stock. While I sat dithering about it... somebody bought the lot and cleaned them out. Guess who the culprit was on that little caper? 

I guess Pete and I are now even....   :)

Wrong Message For Wrong Times?


The warrior poet and and philosopher king has poasted another one that has bunged up my carburetors and left me vapour locked and mentally constipated. I am going to go ahead and say it, and not in a sarcastic or rancorous way. In all honesty, TB is an intellectual. Were it not so, I wouldn't give a post like this one the time of day. He wants peace, common sense, and stability. So do I, incidentally. 

I may have taken that post personally because some have accused me in the past of viewing the doings of the world as some kind of cheezy video game, who doesn't think about the ramifications of what he says. There are times when that is true; but for the most part... I don't think so.

The instability of our recent and current events are nothing new. We in the west have been sewing the seeds for increasingly erratic and chaotic relations between us. I almost fell over the other day when King Peter and Queen Mary said over coffee, "What's up with the queers? They've gone off the fricken deep end!!!" They are both shitlibs - but they are mature enough to hear other opinions. I have been saying for 25 years that they were flat out nuts, but was always written off as a homophobe or eccentric loon. Back in the late 90s I got banned from internet forums like clockwork for saying that if we let the queers out of the closet, the trannies and pedos will eventually get out too... and here they are. They are wanting their rightful place in our society - ideally as teachers in elementary school where they can teach children to question their sexuality and prey on them. Our public schools are literally moron and pervert factories that indoctrinate rather than educate. My own daughter fell victim to them. Public schools are no longer worth the time of day. Our mass media has also fallen. I remember when you paid subscriptions to them to consume their content because you could rely on it to portray a reasonable summation of current events and the players involved in them. Today they can't sell a subscription to a rational adult and serve as a propaganda arm Globohomo   Inc. If those guys tell the truth, it's either an accident, or because it is in line with their agenda. The courts...? HAR HAR HAR! Law enforcement? The real law officers started boiling  off years ago through early retirement. Most today are flunkies and affirmative action hires that are in for the cushy pensioned retirement and that's it. The medical profession destroyed its own credibility with the Covid scam.

These institutions used to be centrist in nature; they carried authority and used it to maintain stability, keep the peace, and deal with the dangerous and malevolent. Today they do nothing of the sort. Consider: in the US, the supreme court just made landmark rulings on guns and abortion. The next day, prominent politicians and hordes of shrieking lunatics were promising violent protest, non-compliance and mayhem. I make no claims of moral superiority; I will resist any immoral impositions of the state too - right up to and including violence if I am pushed to it. 

I am not sure if I agree with myself on moderate centrism either. I hear people all the times pretending they are above all the doings of our current age, scolding both sides and making pretensions to be the voice of reason. I have nothing against preachers or idealists - but the argument can be made that these are the guys that brought us to all this. They continually preach about restraint, maintaining the peace, making conciliatory gestures and reaching a compromise. Well... what kind of compromise can I arrive at where my adversaries want to teach my child to question his or her sexuality? That want them to consider sex changes... at the age of five or six? What kind of accommodation can I arrive at with a person that wants me disarmed because they or their kids are too messed up to be trusted with a gun? How can I reconcile with a church that wants to put gays and feminists and marxists in charge of their morals and ethics? All my life, people that proclaim themselves to be my moral and intellectual superiors have told me to do just that. If we had settled with these lunatics ages ago, and stood our ground - none of this would be happening today! There is a point where preaching and idealizing becomes so much sanctimony. Shaddup and bake the cake, you Christian bigot!

Yannow what? Fuck you. 

Peaceful separation from types like that is also ludicrous. These people don't want a home or community or a family of their own - they want yours. If they can't have that, they want you to pay for whatever they cobble together for themselves. Too bad the value of your money is being inflated away for that, inninit?

I'm sorry... but empty preaching and moralizing doesn't cut it anymore. There is no high road to take that will get us out of here. If there was, Globohomo would cut it off. The last moral high road that could have taken away from what faces us was obliterated with the passing of Reagan and Thatcher.

With each deferred and forfeited fight we dodge, our choices get ever narrower. You can live in the coming world as it is - or get taken out. If it comes to that, there will be no safety in the sidelines. 

But... whadda I know? I am not a preacher or a moralist... I am a realist as much as a guy like me can be one. If you know better - leave it in the comments and educate the rest of us. 

I got expelled from the archery club
and 30 days in jail
when I did that…

There is no justice.



All At Your Fingertips Now


It makes me wonder how we ever managed to get anything done.

But then ya think about it...the info at our fingertips is thousands of times that of this library,
retrieval happens at the speed of light...
and it 10 times harder to do something now than it ever was in 

Monday, 27 June 2022

Poli's New Sniper Rifle


So Poli sent me an email the other day telling me he got a new sniper rifle. Aaaaand of course he forgot to send a pic - so I gave him the very hell of it! "For gawdsakes man - an email like this is uselsess without pics! What kind a gun? What scope? First or second focal plane???" Details like this are importand to gun geeks.

So he sent me this pic. Apparently - its a trifocal scope! Ba-dump! Tssssssssssssss! HAR HAR HAR!!!

I'm here all week - try the veal!!!

And if anyone knows what in hell is sitting on that K31... please be a sport and help us out in the comments.

Keep ya corners square and have a great Monday.

Screw You Quartermain!!!

 I was tickled pink when I got a late Easter present from Quartermain. There was even a nice card and a note with it.

Dear Filthie,

I am sorry for all the rotten things I've said about you and done to you. As a symbol of my contrition and will to make amends...  please accept the enclosed gift with my compliments.

Your BFF,

Victor Quartermain

GAH!!! These Timbits taste AWFUL!!! I ate 5 or 6 and then threw the rest away! Nice prank, fella! I'll get you for this, either in this world or the next, I will have my vengeance, I swear it!!!

Gawd... something is moving around in my guts!!! I think I'm going to hurl!!!


Much ado has been made about clueless people plugged into their cell phones,
oblivious to the real world around them.

Are they all that much different from these hatted commuters of yesteryear? 

Sunday, 26 June 2022

The Thunderbox Has Fallen

What in hell is going on??? The ablative ceramoplast toilet seat is half burned away! The pan has fallen out and spilled its stinking, reeking contents all over the control room! The finely finished wood of my throne is smoking and charred!!! Damage control to the bridge on the double!!! Chem suits and full PPE people! The rest a ya's ... Scott Packs, for the love of God - stand by to abandon ship!!! Quartermain! Vent the atmosphere!! Pete - hit the high volume fans! Gunnies! Lock and load! We are obviously under attack!!!

I am being challenged on my identity by blogger. I've lost a load of features and functionality. Has blogger been forked? Maybe all the food that is on and in my keyboard has shorted something out in my computer? Did the fiendish faggot faced prime minister of Canada finally take over the internet? 

Never fear! If I suddenly go dark - I am fine, all is well, and I will pop up somewhere else.  I am finer n' frog hair! As for you... fly, you fools!!!

More info to follow.  😉

We'll see how this shakes out.

Cleaning My Cranium

Ya know - I must have the cleanest medulla oblongata in the WORLD. I am so dumb, that I have been successfully brainwashed by nazis, Christian conservatives, internet conspiracy theorists, and unsavoury anti-science fringe groups with unacceptable views. But ya know... just when it turns out that me and my deplorable basket of ignoramii are actually right about something - an other Current Thing pops up... and guess what - we are all wrong about that too.

That's right, you biggoted assholes!!!
Beluga whales, baboons and the larger stinkier primates
have their own ideas about beauty and
they are just as valid as yours!

I was all wrong about The Bad Orange Man being actually being good for America, but then Biden got elected  and Covid came along, and the fact that America replaced its Orange Ogre with a literal dementia patient was lost in the frenzy of Covid Terror. I literally became a pariah in my own family because I wouldn't take my medicine. I had the gall to thrive without the vaccine, while my triple vaccinated peers came down with Covid. Sudden Adult Death Syndrome became a thing. Turned out there were 97 pages of potential harmful side effects and that they were causing problems too - but then the Disaster in the Ukraine happened - and I got brainwashed again!

Fortunately guys like General Aesop are around to keep things real, right? Those brave young Ukrainian wildflowers, the fat old babas and the old stubfarts with their AK47's will be putting the run on Vlad and his artillery and rocket launchers, and jets and tanks any day now!!! 

Oh thank goodnes!!! So is General Aesop, President Biden, and 
the US military!!! Victory is ASSURED - when you
have the moral highground, that is.

But...I wonder why Vlad flipped out in the first place though...? Must a been greed and megalomania? Or maybe he got brainwashed too...? But I better not ask such questions because that will only lead to more brainwashing right...? But still...

The line for getting snipped forms on the right, fellas!

Errr... where do these shitlib women come from?
I mean, the ones pretty enough to get laid kill their own babies, right?  And with the ugly fatties
all out on a sex-strike...?

I think the abortion issue is The Current Thing now...? I thought it might be Monkey Pox but it appears that God's wrath only strikes the colon cowboys in this way so it all got hushed up and dropped. I am being told that women are in charge of their own bodies so they can make their own choices too. Just like these same liberal women wanted me sent to a concentration camp for not taking my chinkypox needles...?  

UGH. These questions are making my brain ache. Looks like I am due for a new trip to the brainwashers! Quartermain - get out the garden hose... and WARM water this time, dammit!!! Errr - and no industrial solvents this time either!!!

The rest a ya's - have a great Sunday, and thanks for dropping in.



Saturday, 25 June 2022

One Of Pete's Ship Mates?


Didn't you say you were ex-Coast Guard, Pete?

I will bet he would have done much better in the USN.
Those guys will promote anybody and he'd
probably find himself in charge of a destroyer at least!


.Did The Russian Front Just Collapse?

What ever happened to these Ukranian wildflowers with
their AK's who promised to fertilize their gardens with
Russian corpses?

 The back channels are lighting up  with news that Sverodonetsk just fell, and that the Ukes are taking massive casualties on the order of around a 1000/day plus - and 50% of those are KIA in the cauldrons. It could be propaganda, I suppose, but some of the mass media outlets are starting to send similar signals.

If you have heard anything, let us know in the comments. It is only a matter of time of course... but I wonder what Vlad's intent is? How far into the Kraine is he going to go, I wonder...?


If You Are Oot & Aboot…

Well it looks like it might be time for more mostly peaceful demonstrations that involve murder, arson, mobs and mayhem because the American Supreme Court voted the wrong way on abortion. The usual suspects are pulling their hair out and vomiting with rage.

Who knows? I think the vast majority of lunatics prone to such hysteria are the fat old wine-soaked cat ladies and their elderly noodle armed neoliberal bug men. I don’t think the abortion issue is the hot button it was 30 years ago but admit I could be wrong.

If you are oot and aboot keeping your eye on your churches and your businesses and you mean to actively defend them … keep in mind that the Supremes may have made their ruling… but most of the judiciary is still firmly in the hands of Globohomo Inc and the Establishment. They will close ranks around the vandals, rioters, and looters and defend them. They will actively prosecute lawful citizens who lawfully defend themselves from the mobs. Remember, they did their level best to kill Kyle Rittenhouse when he clearly acted in self defence and shot his potential murderers - on video tape. That young man got very lucky.

Just hypothetically speaking… if I had to defend my turf from those types, I’d do it wearing sunglasses and a Covid mask. I’d also be aware of any security cams and fire from places of concealment. Lastly, I’d recommend not cooperating with the police in any fashion, nor would I say a word to them without a lawyer first.

But of course, that’s all hypothetical. I suppose I’d only do that if I lived in a society where the courts and law enforcement were corrupted and pozzed beyond any validity, and the institutions were all failing… I’d never advocate such things in a successful neoliberal democracy like ours! Good heavens, no!

Errrrrrm… who opened up? It’s starting to smell like Joe Biden shat himself in here…


Best of luck today, folks! 

Ammo ManageMINT

Not a fan, myself...

Hmmmmm. This must be one of the elephant guns from the WL Emery Collection. Spare ammo management was never an issue for that Great White Hunter because all he ever needed was one shot - and then he was into the gin for the rest of the day. For us who were on safari with him, spare BOOZE management was more the issue of the day, HAR HAR HAR! 


For lesser marksman like, say, maybe du Toit…a well made cartridge belt from one of the better Italian leather and tweed boutiques does the trick.

But when you have a ropey mouth like mine, and you often find yourself at odds with the uppity POC servants, porters, and random poachers and jack nasties and turdies... I personally prefer the bandolier and magazine fed guns.

I wonder if these might 
come in a more tasteful and stylish plaid...? I'd get rid of that
first aid BS and put a couple flasks on.
Highland Park will cure everything from shingles and scurvy 
to Covid 19. Probly cancer and the vapours too.

How do you handle your spare ammo requirements while in the field?

From Quartermain's Comic Book Stash


Ya'd think my theft would be petty and minor.
But nowadays with collectors... how many hundreds of dollars 
has Quatermain lost?

Only the collectors would know I suppose...

Friday, 24 June 2022

Up Your Ass, Justin...


This is why I love Americans. Well done! You certainly have the right bitches screaming on this one, HAR HAR HAR!!!

I have always been an abortion moderate. I will listen to the argument about abortion when we are talking about a true 'clump of cells' where there is no clear organ differentiation, no human or even mammilian characteristics whatsoever. But hell's bells... when you are murdering children mere minutes or hours away from a proper birth...? What the hell is that? And women that will fight to murder their own babies this way...? I get it when fat old cat ladies and pink haired she-twinks like Comrade Misfit howl about such things - they are flat out crazy, they'll never get laid or have a healthy normal relationship with a man or have a family and it drives them off the deep end. But... ortherwise healthy, attractive young women...? You have to wonder what they're thinking and how they've been raised. 

I have some advice for you Yanks to mull over too. Make divorce a completely 50/50 proposition. Make both Mom and Dad equally responsible for the children they sire. 50% visitation and guardianship should be flat out mandatory. No more dead beat dads, no more family court cash and prizes for mom. Assets get split 50/50, liabilities get split 50/50. You wanted equality for everyone, you lefty turd brains... welp, here it is. 

But - you can work on that later. I salute the Americans and their current Supreme Court. You've got that mess cleaned up - now keep it that way! We in Canada will hopefully do the same soon.


Keep screaming you little fwench faggot! It's music to my ears!

Doctor Filthie Approved





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