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Wednesday, 29 June 2022

Abortion Is All About Rights And Freedoms


I suppose I shouldn't be so cynical....

I think I read somewhere that Dick's Sporting Goods (it would be just like them) was going to pay something like $4 grand to employees needing to travel to get abortions. Knowing what I know now about how life moves and twists and turns over time as you age, and how manipulative people exert their will on others...

I would never try to council young women on a subject like this. They have to make their own decisions and live with them. When I was young I had all the answers. Life looks a lot different when you're young. 

I do have some advice, though, on how to come to a decision on stuff like this. Look at the people trying to influence you... and look damned hard at their motivations. 


  1. At the staff meeting where they announce this I interrupt and declare that "I am a woman!" As they pause to digest this unexpected declaration (probably involving mind bleach) I follow up with "And I felt I had to say that because I am pregnant."

    1. It has gone from the ridiculous to the sublime...

  2. Not only are they saving the cost of maternity leave, they are saving costs of medical coverage later. These decisions are made purly based on greed.


    Tell me again how any of this respects women.