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Saturday, 25 June 2022

Ammo ManageMINT

Not a fan, myself...

Hmmmmm. This must be one of the elephant guns from the WL Emery Collection. Spare ammo management was never an issue for that Great White Hunter because all he ever needed was one shot - and then he was into the gin for the rest of the day. For us who were on safari with him, spare BOOZE management was more the issue of the day, HAR HAR HAR! 


For lesser marksman like, say, maybe du Toit…a well made cartridge belt from one of the better Italian leather and tweed boutiques does the trick.

But when you have a ropey mouth like mine, and you often find yourself at odds with the uppity POC servants, porters, and random poachers and jack nasties and turdies... I personally prefer the bandolier and magazine fed guns.

I wonder if these might 
come in a more tasteful and stylish plaid...? I'd get rid of that
first aid BS and put a couple flasks on.
Highland Park will cure everything from shingles and scurvy 
to Covid 19. Probly cancer and the vapours too.

How do you handle your spare ammo requirements while in the field?


  1. for my vz-58 its a chinese chest pouch, as it should be. ar's- for grab and go i use one of those bandolier pouch things that sling over your shoulder. i seldom go to the field anymore but i keep an lbe set-up for that, mix of old school and new molle type pouches. never got into the chest rig/battle belt thing. too heavy on my waist and too bulky in front for getting down low. besides, i can't see where i'm putting my feet with all that crap out front, lol.

  2. Not an elephant gun. The headstamps say 308Win. More of a deer rifle.

  3. My ammo management requires an internal combustion engine with related accessories. Hey, I'm 70+. Tree Mike