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Sunday, 12 June 2022

Another Expert


Matt Bracken offers this one up about countering drone warfare. It’s the usual bullshit from the usual suspects. No, the small DJI hobby drones will not be dropping hand grenades on you, and really - and given the superlative quality of modern satellite imaging… small  surveillance drones don’t bring much new to the table. You must always assume you are being watched, and the bad guys know exactly what you’re doing. It’s been like that for 30 years now.

Much adieu has been made about “information warfare” and western dominance in it. General Aesop and other experts openly sneer at the supposed Russian deficiencies in it. Such men are not capable of learning from their mistakes, and are not worth our attention, loyalty or allegiance. Men that can think and learn are on their own.

The problem with modern information warfare is not gathering the info. It’s the tools to act on it. The Javelin missiles have been a huge disappointment. They are fragile, unreliable and the Ukes are now dropping them and leaving them for the Russians when they retreat. When the Russians take the cell phones off the dead Ukes and go through them, they find web searches for “Javelin missile not working”. Clearly, these weapons are not the Thunderbolt Of Zeus the way the media has hyped them. The Switchblade explosive drone was also a disappointment. The fact of the matter is that these weapons, with their sensitive and fragile electronics…they don’t do well in combat environments. The squaddies live in mud, rain, humidity, and they take bumps and knocks and worse every day. Those dumb old Russkies with their 1960s technology suddedont look so stupid now do they? They are not buggering around with toy drones, unreliable and fragile weapons that sell to senators and not to squaddies. None of this is to say these weapons cannot be perfected… but obviously high tech man portable weapons still leave much to be desired.

I see this with the fakes, fanboys and hysterics - and their hyperventilating about the modern battlefield: everything is a new and terrifying threat! Everything must be countered by secret wonder weapons that never fail, and always work 100% of the time. They won’t listen to the people actually fighting, even though they have valid information in real time, direct from the battlefield. The fact is that in this conflict, the Ukes threw away their modern missile systems and went back to trench warfare. The Russians are grinding them down WW2 artillery tactics. Sure, there have been some high profile information-age kills and victories with advanced weaponry… but this war will be decided by boots, rifles, and numbers.

The only real change is that the age of tactical feints and diversions is over. Hannibal will never again sneak over the mountains, Patton will never again deceive enemy strategists with battalions of inflatable fake tanks. There will be no miracle tactics in the Donbas. Both sides will see what the other is doing and know exactly what’s coming. 

The deciding factor will always be people. How will pedos like Biden, and puppets like Zelensky fare against cunning men like Putin who have ice water in their veins and nerves steel? How will grannies, hotties, and fatties fare against serious Russian troops? Well…The Guardian and BBC are now conceding the possibility of defeat. That means, in realspeak- that all is list already.

There’s a lot to be learned from what’s happening. Will anything good come of it? 


  1. What!!?? You wouldn't be telling me that the DeFense Industry has been making Mazillions developing The most cutting edge weapons at YUGELY inflated prices, the media telling us how Phabluss they are, only to discover we have been Scammed?
    I can hear Red Skelton, Waaay out in distance, exclaiming his famous sarcastic


    1. If Red was a Defense Contractor he'd reply "I dood it".

    2. This is really feeling like the Spanish Civil war, lots of outside nations involved, testing gear for future use...

    3. So, I'm thinking Skyler the Weird is old,too.

  2. I feel the same with guys buying and using those expensive electronic scopes and do-dads, that shit breaks and breaks when you need it most. Good 'ol iron sites and it would a tank running over them to fluck them up...

  3. Wouldn't a low yield EMP render all that shit worthless?

  4. And while "superweapons" are all the rage as Glen says WILLINGNESS to do the dirty bits of war generally wins the grind.

    Russians are past masters at "Find them, FIX them and F*ck them with artillery. Caldrons are their primary tactic. NOT Shock and Awe.

    There is that FUNNY little thing called Economics.

    Check our Dennings latest over at Burning Platform

    Anybody want to pass the hat for butthurt cream for some weapons, tactics, politics and what not Experts?

    The same expert I've been mentioning how Putin could win by simply outlasting the "Mighty" USA?

    However, I am deeply concerned the Morons in District of Criminals will "accidently" or false flag some canned shineshine to force Russia to "Quit".

    Some of these fools think ruling over ASHES better than defeat and prison time for crimes against everybody.

  5. The Russians have all these Orlan 10 drones which they use to bring down unlimited artillery and they are winning by grinding the Ukies up. They will do to the Ukies what they did to the Chechins and the Chechins are meaner.

    Some people simply cannot handle the truth.

    Hail Victory !!!

    Pastor Martin Lindstedt
    Church of Jesus Christ Christian / Aryan Nations of Missouri

  6. The Z man has a post up at his place that talks about just this thing. Called The Rocks of War I think.
    Ohio Guy