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Saturday, 25 June 2022



  1. nice but I'd suggest replacing that upper stovepipe before it fails. Or if your thrifty and don't mind dealing with a failure and cleanup have one in storage.

  2. nice quiet place one could retire too. I could live my life out there
    and yes, I would replace the stove pipe as well.
    maybe put a stack of bricks behind the stove as well.
    and a brick base wouldn't be a bad idea either when doing all of the above.

  3. Nice place also, but don't know if I want to be washing dishes that close to the stove...

    1. You’re hauling water (notice the lack of plumbing fixtures on tyat sink) ehich means you’re heating it on the stovetop. Closer is better, DAMHIK. Add the conspicuous absence of electrical outlets. Shuffling hot water any distance in dim lantern light is a good way to get damaged. (again, DAMHIK). My kinda place tho; have one very similar about 90% completed.