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Thursday, 30 June 2022



I don’t care what anyone says. After the revolution, fags like this one that lay hands on a law officer going about his lawful duties, or defy their lawful orders - get flogged.

If an officer  gets hurt, or property is damaged during the altercation, the perp is doing time. Prisoners will work for their upkeep in conditions that will assure that even the dumbest one will not reoffend.

Conduct like this is not free speech. 


  1. Same thing goes for cops infringing on rights/enforcing unconstitutional laws.... Touch me and you will pull back a stub, I don't play that shit...

    1. Yep. The days of affirmative action slobs, obese donut terminators, and psychopaths would be over too...

    2. So what did he shoot him with? Something non-lethal? Looks like it hurt no matter