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Wednesday, 22 June 2022

Crapcopter Debate Redux

 In the Great Crapcopter Debate, I successfully rebutted General Aesop’s idea that hobby drones could drop heavy ordnance on enemy troops. Usually when this comes up the drone is usually a DJI quad. They eventually got it aloft…but the crapcopter was on the very edge of its performance envelope, and they had to take off the cameras to make it work. 

Peter and the kids initially try to use one to lift s an action figure in the pursuit of aerodynamic malfeasance… and it doesn’t go well. How much does the action figure weigh? What kind of wing would be required to make Buzz Lightyear actually glide well? 

Stuff like this is fun even for the slower old kids. Stick around and enjoy some clean fun if you are do inclined.



  1. Here's some reality for General Aesop:

    REP & events in Donbass, Ukraine. A total of more than 1,120 Ukrainian soldiers were Killed June 22nd.

    1. Yep. In those 'cauldrons' - if the Russkies give you the chance to surrender peacefully, you either do it or hold your ground and get turned into paste. The Ukes are having massive problems with deserters now too and are shooting them if they get caught. If they somehow survive the conflict and manage to retreat safely... they get sent to some other cauldron and are ordered to commit suicide by fighting to the last man.
      I see the Uke corpses stacking up like cord wood and if I were King Of The World - Biden, Pelosi, Kerry and Mitt would hang along with their kids that are using the conflict as an ATM.

      What did the Romans do? The 'blood eagle' where they pulled their lungs out through their backs? THAT is the kind of punishment that lot warrants. I would sentence them to that and sleep well at night. It's so bad now that examples have to be made.