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Saturday, 11 June 2022

Dark Saturday: A Battleboon

Good work Sasqueechia!!!
Put them in jail!!!


Yesterday I watched a Viking show where half the raiders were women and blacks and chinamen. Apparently the Norse were very multicultural and relied on their women and minorities for strength and leadership. Who’da thunk it?


I think I actually read an HG Wells SF yarn like that. A Victorian era guy falls asleep, and wakes up in a dystopian future where blacks are the police! The horror!!!

It makes me think of an interesting poll I saw on Blab the other day…

Would you rather free polls


  1. I'm vote 28. When I viewed the results, I was not surprised. Father was German, mother was Portuguese. Born in '51, dad escaped Germany at end of war to Portugal? Adopted, so no family history. Tree Mike

  2. Looks like she is using medics as human shields while looking for a school shooter.

  3. I'm #40. I think German would be cathartic. I could Geisheestung and spit and holler while talking about anything. Lots of stress relief just in the language. AND, you only have to hear the end of the conversation to catch all the verbs....

  4. I remember when Disney reheated "Beauty And The Beast" for what; the third... fourth.. time? "Why?" I asked. Then I watched it. There were CLEARLY not enough black people in any of the previous versions.
    It's funny; blacks are always saying they were... and are... oppressed, and yet the "redefined" history being rammed down our throats shows blacks in every walk of life. ...So... they want "reparations" for ...what?...

    1. It's all a grift. Your average 85 IQ black moron thinks he will cash in on white guilt... but the carpetbaggers and grifters will scam anything they get and keep using the morons as cannon fodder and trying to gin up race war and violence. Just like those BLM retards...

  5. Yep. Jeez, I was reading somewhere that in rural Britain, they had a small rural town of about 750 people... and then one day, out of the blue, TPTB decided to drop 1500 pajeets on them - fresh off the boat!

    The townfolk were shocked and wondering what to do with these people. Few spoke english, most were illiterate and many were flat out criminals. I think I remain correct when I opine that in the days ahead... the preppers will not be served by 'moving out to the country and planting a garden. When this demographic time bomb blows... it is going to blow everywhere...

  6. What is she doing with a Kel-Tec?

  7. Ich kann Deutsch sprechen...aber nur ein bisschen. Unfortunately, I also live in a politically correct multi-kulti hell hole too.

    Between the two, the former has definitely been of more use.