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Thursday, 16 June 2022

Dr. Filthie Approved

It probably has pot or kinnykinick mixed in with it...?

HACKAFFF!!! Kaff, kaff, kaff, kah!!!
Feels good, man!!!

Canada is run by fuggin pot heads, starting at the top with our Swine Minister. 

Years ago I had to laugh at poor Big Al. We had this stoner chick in the 
cal lab and he never should have hired her. She smoked so much that her eyes 
were on the side of her head like a bunny rabbit or a deer,
and she was always higher than a kite and it showed in her work.

Big Al gave her the punt - and promptly caught the very hell of it from
Canada Labour because the chick said her pot was medicinal.
Now the liberal turd brains are launching another social experiMINT 
that legalizes the harsher drugs and chemicals.
What better time to be pushing gun control citizen disarmament, eh?

Smoke if ya got 'em fellas... and FJT!


  1. My mother went to a little country school in rural Texas. One of her cousins who was her same age was smoking asthma cigarettes in the 4th grade. The teacher did not say anything. Her cousin had got them from her mom. Mom said they were marijuana laced.

    1. The stoners around here claim that pot is a harmless weed and more a miracle health herb that will cure chronic pain, cancer, ricketts, scurvy, and everything else. I think it it is bullshit in this day and age, and that it is not a 'harmless weed'. But whadda I know? If I am going to smoke, I am going to do it right with a good cigar and some bourbon.

  2. My grandmother smoked those. As a kid who was used to my parents cigarette smoke, they had a funky musty smell as I recall.

  3. I remember reading about something the old timers called rabbit tobacco. It was supposed to be smoked for asthma relief. The pot they smoke today is not the weak stuff from the 60's. It is laced with PCP or who knows what. It doesn't cure anything, just masks the symptoms. Same goes for CBD oil.

  4. I don't know about that product, but Datura leaved (Jimson weed) has long been smoked for asthma and sold over the counter for that in eastern Europe and other parts of the world.

    1. Stramonium is the Latin name. Did a quick look on the interweb and that is it. There is also clinical proof that it worked and was cheap before big pharma took us in a different more expensive direction.