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Sunday, 19 June 2022

Father's Day: A Homo-cidal Rant Partially Averted

 Yesterday the wife and I went to see mom and dad to drop off a present and a card for father's day. Pop was under the weather - apparently he went down with health problems and went to emergency at the hospital. Aaaaaand... I never heard a thing about it! Like - what business of it is mine, right? 

It's gonna be like that stupid Monty Python skit where John Cleese is the school teacher, reading off all the mundane school announcements to the class in the morning....and finishes up: "Oh... and... by the way: Glen Filthie! Apparently your father died last night!" 

If I start swearing now, I should be finished by sometime next week. But I played it cool, I accused Pop of faking it all to escape his chores, and mildly rebuked him for not calling. GAH - I need to go stick my head down a toilet and flush a few times or I am going to start swearing!!! I think I am getting Tourette's again!!! Please, God - grant me the wisdom and strength of character to deal with my mom and dad in a godly way and that doesn't involve a Fish Bonker...

GAH. Sadly, this is what stubfart prayers are like! 

Then I think of my own kid and my relationship with her… some fathers days are harder than others.


Boys, I hope your Father's Day involves rude jokes, mild sunburns, laughter, maybe some lawn darts and croquet or frisbee. I hope you drink one or two too many beers, and that your steak is grilled to perfection. May your  lovely wife have to drive you home while you tease and joke with the kids in the back.

These are the best days of your life, Dad. Make them last as long as possible, and try to have as many of them as you can. Remember to thank your spiritual Father for your good fortune as well. If your family walks a rocky road - its okay. There are other worlds than this, and we can all square up in the next one. God bless and keep ya corners square.




  1. He's still your dad.....and no matter how old a dad gets he doesn't want to let his kids think anything's wrong. So even REALLY old dads just shut up and tough it out.

  2. Better watch it Glen, you're starting to show some Christian values :-)

    Not in the stuffed shirt Churches sold out to the Government type BTW.

    Count your blessings, friend. My wife's Dad was long gone from dementia long before the body stopped shortly after the vaxx.

    Holding his hand and my wife's while he passed was all we could do. At least yours can hold a conversation with you.

  3. I agree with Dan - parents are often slow at internalizing that their kids are now adults when their kids have become adults. Sometimes they never internalize it. That doesn't mean that they don't care about you.

    1. And sometimes it just means that they realize that there is nothing you can do for them and they want you to live your life as free of worry about them as possible. They want to give you the gift of freedom to deal with your own issues without getting bogged down in theirs. You can't reverse time, so why worry about what is inevitable and unavoidable.

      My kids have their own lives to live without worrying about their old man. They can't rescue me from the ravages of time.

  4. Happy father's day, Glenn. I'm glad you have a dad to be concerned about. And he has a son that loves him. That is good stuff right there.

  5. I am just venting, fellas. What I want or think doesn’t matter; and I know it. All I can do is shut up and go along and be agreeable. When your number’s up it’s up and that is all there is to it. It’s between our Maker, Pop and maybe Mom. It has to run its course and it will whether I like it or not.
    I hate this. But who knows. He may yet have years and I am just panicking a bit?

  6. My daughter's childhood had some rough spot, mainly because of friction between her mother and me and she was collateral damage.

    She's grown into a great young lady and I think she gets it. She loves her mom but now knows what a mental case she was (still is - even worse). We just had a great video Duo call and things are better between us than I could've ever hoped for.

    That video, though... sheesh. Cuts.

  7. Bless you Filthie. Happy Fathers Day. Only my daughter said anything.
    Dads having a hrd time here, too. Called Sunday, first time in 3 weeks. 60 seconds in I got "gotta go, phone battery is dying, thanks for the call".
    You don't get to pick who your parents are.

  8. Great post!
    I loved going to Grandparents home during summer get-togethers.
    Lawn darts and croquet as you mention.
    Thanks for stirring up the memories.